Shift STAR Kits   

Nothing simple about designing this copyrighted kit.
Oodles and oodles of different STAR arcs, angles, radii, major and minor diameters were tried on multiple bikes to get the best feeling, best performing design for each bike. In the end, it's what Marc (yes, the "World's Fastest Vegetarian" roadracer (west coast division) demanded in "shifting feel" and response.
The EVO STAR kit does the impossible - it makes shifting quicker, virtually eliminates missed shifts, removes clunkiness AND is easier and more reliable to shift than stock.
Fixes notchy zx10's, 12's and 14's  and lazy shifting ducs, Aprilia's, Kaws, cbr's and gixxers and M109's. Hayabusa's stop shifting like a truck and now shift like a dream on street and track, with or without the clutch - at 2nd gear, in-town "cruise" and when "bangin' downshifts" into that 160 to 20 mph corner or "trying for that last 10th, "bang into second" shift at the drags........ The M109 shifts more like a sportbike ("more like").........
Prices range:starting at $139.95


Price varies as parts required in the kits.
Some bike require a STAR, arm, spring and gasket and some bikes have a good arm and or spring already.

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Shift STAR kits

These 1-2 hour installation kits totally change the feel of your bike.
Quicker, easier, shifting - A "twitch" on the lever and the throttle and you are in the next gear. Perfect for track use and road riding for effortless downshifts into a corner.

Makes shifting almost effortless, whether and easy shift in town or a rapid series of wild downshifts going into a tight corner on a racetrack.
The "secret" of many AMA, CCS and WERA Teams, including #1 USA National Endurance Vesrah Racing.

Virtually eliminates missed shifts, upshifting or downshifting.

The speed at which the gears actually engage is dramatically improved and the transmission gears and shift forks are more protected from damage caused by missed shifts.

Factory Pro designed, refined and manufactured SHIFT STAR, Factory Pro Microbearing Detent Arm (as required) and heavy duty detent spring (as required) and in most kits, the appropriate gaskets (as required). Contents may vary depending on the kit, call 800 869 0497 for details.

Installation requires clutch assembly removal (perfect to install when replacing clutch plates) or chain removal and maybe water pump on some bikes that have the shift mechanism below the countershaft sprocket.

The closest to a "paddle shifter" for a motorcycle that you'll ever find!!




EVO Shift STAR Kit benefits?
Easier upshifts under hard use. A "tap" and it's done. Awesome for race, track days and street.
Since it's quicker and easier to upshift, the bike is less unsettled when shiftin' and driftin'.
Effortless downshifting - cram all the downshifts as fast as you want. One less thing to think about.
Smoother shifting in town - a tap and a big gsxr1000 or ZX10 snicks into 3rd as easily as a 125!
Driving in flip-flops? The STAR is a "must have"!


Hi Marc,

I want you to know that I was really impressed with the shift kit in my Kawasaki 636 ZX 6R.

The bike (not me) has missed shifts before and once I got the kit in it not only didn't miss
anymore but felt smooth and positive and actually easier all around to shift it. The best part
of it was I just didn't have any attention on it at all.

Thank you for making such a fine product. It WORKS.

Keith Code
California Superbike School

Ever wonder what goes on when you move the shift lever?
Click pic for movie. This is the Aprilia.
EVO Shift STAR Kits

If it's not listed below,
click "here" and look up the individual bike to check if we make it



Aprilia RSV1000, SL1000, etc.

Ducati's (most all of them, Not Star, Pro Kit only)


nsr50, 04
RC51 / SP-1 / SP-2 (star, yes!)
vtr1000, all years (star, yes!)
cbr600rr, 03-15 (star, yes!)
cbr600 f4/f4i (star, yes!)
vfr750, 90-93
(star, yes!)
vfr750, 94-97 
(star, yes!)
RC30, all years
(star, yes!)
vfr800, all years
(star, yes!)
cbr900rr, all years (star, yes!)

cbr929rr, all years (star, yes!)
cbr954rr, all years (star, yes!)
cbr1000rr 08-15

ZX6r, 95-97
ZX6r, 98-02
zx6rr / 636, 03-04
zx6rr / 636, 05-06
zx6r 07-15
z1000, all
zx10, 04-05 (star, yes!)
zx10,06-07 (star, yes!)

zx10r, 08-10
zx10r 11-15


ZZR1200, 02-05



KTM models
1190 and 1290

gsxr600, 01-15
gsxr750, 00-15
gsxr1000, 01-15
dl650 and dl1000
sv650 and sv1000
m109r c109
TL1000r/s, all years
Hayabusa, till 07

Hayabusa, 08-15
B-King, 08

XVZ1800, "m109r"

Triumph 675 and others


yzf600r 94-96(not R6)
yzf600r, 97-07(at least)
fz750, fzr1000, yzf750, yzf1000

It's everything that I ever wanted to do to a shift mechanism -
Nothing much more can be done. Expect that it will take the manufacturers about 2 years to copy it - so wait 2 years and buy a new bike - or have it all now.
One already tried to buy one. Geez!
Slightly stronger detent spring - a new MicroBearing detent arm and the final piece... A completely redesigned, empirically refined, multi angled, variable radii, repeaked and valleyed:
This part will totally change the feel of the bike as a whole. The shifting effort is about the same - but the speed at which the gears actually engage is dramatically improved - Quicker, easier, shifting - A "twitch" on the lever and the throttle and you are in the next gear! Perfect for track use and road riding for effortless downshifts into a corner and just a "tap" to upshift without any more than a "twitch" off the throttle -
That's not even mentioning that missed shifts virtually disappear!

In town? Low rpm cruise in second - shift to third? So quick and smooth that it will surprise and amaze - NO more clunky, lazy shifting in town - As I said - it's totally different and improved -

Proven concept - Virtually all the Factory Pro Support riders in the AMA and WERA multi- Champions Vesrah Racing tested and proved the EVO-7 Stars in 2003-2005.
Stock shift performance that everybody used to take as a "given" will be regarded as "slow and lazy" after riding a bike with this kit -
Foot stomping, "Hayabusa" shifting disappears..... Honda's and Suzuki's lose their clunky in town shifting..... Suzuki's stars stop falling off, Kawasaki's lose their, well, err.. Kawasaki shifting "feel". Hey and even ZX12's stop shedding pins off the stock star!
Kit includes a new detent arm with a low friction microbearing roller, a performance shift spring and the NEW Factory Pro EVO-7 Detent Star.
Make shifting MUCH quicker. MUCH easier, MUCH lighter and virtually eliminate missed shifts.


800 869-0497


March 2, 2007

Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 20:40:11 -0500
From: dpein <>
Subject: Re: VFR Shift Kit Order

Your timing is perfect - I just rode it today for the first time since installing the vfr750 Shift Kit. Outstanding! I had read posts on the VFR sites about how it was so stiff and much tighter than stock, so I was expecting a difficult transition. I found it much more positive than the stock, I did not get any false neutrals downshifting to first, and It felt butter smooth in all gears. I have been wrenching for years and I followed your very detailed instructions carefully. I will admit that shifting through the gears with my hand on the shifter was more difficult than using my boot! Thanks for a great product!
Dave Peins

Comment: My experience is that the VFR owners who used our microbearing detent arm but decided to not use the supplied spring and, instead, used the stock spring were often the guys who rode in cloth-topped athletic shoes. That's ok, because, even with the stock spring, it will still be better than stock shifting. Marc


October 10, 2006

 To: Marc Salvisberg
Subject: Re: Hayabusa - Star shift kit to NZ

Nice talking to you and all that a couple of weeks ago.
I have done a few hundred km's with this now and I have to say it is a rather pleasant improvement.
I have always thought that the shift on a Busa is a pretty good thing when compared to earlier big bikes like the ZZR1100 and even earlier still the VF1000 but it is still a much meatier affair when compared to modern bikes of smaller capacity.
This changes that somewhat. Not quite as sweet as say a CBR600 but along those lines.
I like the way that you can do lazy up changes around town without the clutch and it slips through as smooth as silk.
Also it is not that difficult to install either as long as you have the gear to get the front sprocket nut undone (a rattle gun is handy) and you are prepared to bend up a ring spanner so as to get that one gearshift housing cover bolt that is a bit hard to get at.

Rob Hookway


Hi Marc,
Just wanted to let you know that your EVO-7 Shift Star 
Kit ROCKS! I've been having problems getting a lot of
missed shifts between 3 & 4th gears in my 636 and
after installing your kit, the problem is 100% GONE. I
raced out at Streets of Willow this past weekend and
didn't have one single missed shift anywhere and the
positive engagement feel is perfect.
Thanks for making my 636 an even better bike!
Gary Milcheck
Phoenix, AZ


I got the Pro shift kit installed, and it works like a charm.

Bob Reynolds

Thanks Marc... I got the parts and they are already installed into my bike.
  It was amazing what a difference the shift star made into the bike!!! :)
I'm waiting to get the bike tuned on the dyno to see what is the affect of velocity stacks. :)
   Regards, Jarkko
PS. If you're looking team to sponsor, there is always our fabulous team:    ;)


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