Kawasaki ZX-9R, 1994-1997
(Factory Pro "K27" Series)

USA, Canadian    94097

Euro  94095 (not 96) 96 uses k28 kit

Swiss, Austria,, France 94-96


Needle Jet Replacement - Convert to zx9r Supercarb set

side view HDJ emulsion tube

I only wish that we had the HDJ needle jets when we were racing them back in the mid to late 90's with Team Kinkos and Muzzy's.

I'd estimate 4 to 8 hp gain on top -  that would make it def stronger than the later model zx9r!
Lowend and midrange are improved by about the same percentage.

HDJ showing 6 peripheral micro fuel passageways.


Do three tasks - replace worn needle jets - upgrade to  HDJ needle jets - upgrade to the best jet kit ever made for the zx9r.

includes new HDJ style needle jets, jet kit and labor

4 F-Pro HDJ needle jets
HDJ needle jet conversion labor
1 CRB-K27-1.7-RK Race Carb Kit
carb kit installation labor

Call 415 883-5620
, m-f, 9-5 (pacific time, -7 or -8 gmt)
or email  marc@factorypro.com

Let Factory Pro replace your worn "non-replaceable" needle jets and convert your carbs into HDJ (High Dispersment Jet) style needle jet carbs.

Better throttle response - potentially better mileage - 2% to 4% more power  - augmented part throttle response.
HDJ needle jets and install labor
crb-k27-1.7-rk carb kit
Extended finger adj Fuel screws
derestrict UK slides
$32 USA
$75 International
Shipping & Handling
crb-k27-1.0 carb kit


HDJ install $280.00
crb-k27-1.0  $139.95
USA shipping $32.00

total $451.95  - add $43 for EU

HDJ install $280.00
crb-k27-1.7-rk  $199.95
Extended Fuel Screws $89.95
USA shipping $32.00

total $591.90 - add $43 for EU

415 883-5620
zx9r, 94-97, 98-99 and 02-03, all countries       K67-09

UK Feedback July 2014
HDJ + derestrict
Hi Marc just to let u know I finally got carbs from UK customs on Wednesday 23rd they sat on them for 10 days then had the cheek to charge me 70.00 pounds import duty bloody UK - any way, when I put the carbs back on bike it started first time and bike now goes so much better thank you and your team for their work - very pleased and it now idles which it had never done before. Thank you very much.
It's just much better the whole way through the rev range but especially higher revs - just really impressed - thank you.
Karl Rouse  UK

Ignition advancer for better part throttle power

RTR-KAW-31-06   $109.95
1. Choose your shipping method



Ignition Advance Rotor. Adds beaucoup power at ALL part throttle positions. That equates to more "snap" in throttle response for you!

CRB-K27-1.7-RK    $199.95
(for bikes with USA std 5mm threaded "393" series main jets)
EU bikes use K28 jet kit.

1. Choose your shipping method

This is the famous "1.7-RK RACE KIT"!

Willing to do a bit of carb machining (drill and tap w/ supplied taps)?
What if you could have an additional 4-8 True Rear Wheel HP after 10,000 rpm over ANY OTHER CARB KIT?
Want more power than the 98-99 zx9r??
It took the EC997 Low Inertia Eddy Current dynamometer WITH the Integrated 4 Gas Analyzer to map the fuel curve to develop this kit.
This is far, far superior than a Flo-Commander.
Contact your nearest 4 Gas Exhaust Gas Analyzer equipped Factory Pro Tuning Center for best tuning quality - click here.


CRB-K27-1.1-TI   $159.95
(for bikes with USA std 5mm threaded "393" series main jets)
EU bikes use K28 jet kit.

1. Choose your shipping method

Same as 1.0 kit, but with Titanium needles, also a drop-in kit. No slide drilling required.

CRB-K27-1.0    $139.95
(for bikes with USA std 5mm threaded "393" series main jets)
EU bikes use K28 jet kit.

1. Choose your shipping method
Best "drop-in" carb kit available.
Boosts power a bit at full throttle, improves throttle response and wheelie ability. Definitely pulls harder out of 2nd and 3rd gear corners.
No slide drilling required!
Kaw CARB Float  Valve TECH NOTES: Most Kaws tune well and easily with the Factory Pro kits - however, some Kaws have a problem with low speed operation -
If that's the case, and you've adjusted and reset the float height leaner and 18mm still isn't lean enough at cruise, and especially if the problem is on 1, 2 or 3 cylinders, please inspect the float valves for the dreaded  rubber tip shrinkage.
Some fuel additives attack the float valve rubber tip and cause it to shrink and distort. Now, nobody needs a shrunken, distorted rubber and, being non-round, will allow not shut off fuel in the carbs with the bad float valves and cause very rough low speed running (as the fuel level keeps rising in the carb bowl).
It's not a "common problem", but if the normal tuning stuff doesn't work...........
Thanks for the tip from Mikee at Seaside Superbikes, Seaside, CA 831 760 2701

Billet Engine Cover

SPECIAL!   $69.95!

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Factory Pro RH Cover, Billet

For race or street use. Absolutely the strongest cover you can buy. Highest strength / weight ratio available!
More clearance and cover thickness than stock on RH side covers.
Visible on both sides.
Can be show polished to a mirror finish!
Includes: gaskets, if required, and replacement stainless steel allen screws, as required.


SHFT-PRO-KAW-31     $139.95

1. Choose your shipping method


Pro Shift Kit

This is exactly the same kit as we developed for Team Kinko's Kawasaki for the AMA 750 Supersport Series.

Make shifting MUCH quicker and virtually eliminate missed shifts when it's done.

This is the exact same kit that Team Kinko's Kawasaki used in their mighty 750 (same in 750 and 900) used in their highly competitive Kawasaki AMA 750 Supersport bike to make shifting quicker and miss fewer shifts.

This kit will not fix a broken transmission ("rounded dogs, bent forks"), but it WILL make the shift selector mechanism get the shift start where it's supposed to be - and on most bikes, them means quicker shift, slicker shifts and fewer missed shifts, including the "1-2" shift.

1. Choose your shipping method


Absolutely the BEST way to measure float heights.


Measures in MM.


This Carb Recal Kit developed on the same EC997a Eddy Current dyno that developed the
K59-1.7-RK ZX-6R
 RaceKit (Muzzy and Kinko's choice), the Y73-1.7-RK YZF750 (Vance and Hines choice), S37-1.7-RK GSXR750,
 Suzuki of France and most of America's privateer racers choice)...

General Technical Support




Hi James -

Glad it runs better -

The way jetting actually works (and fuel injection is the same way), is that each bike is potentially different - and temperatures, barometric pressure and humidity are localized influences on what jetting (or fuel injection mapping) works the best.

1. "Fine tuning" is the process in which you slightly tweak the settings to get the absolute best settings for best performance..
2. "Ok settings" are settings that don't produce any misfiring or surging.
3. "Starting settings" are the settings that we give you that we "hope" are at least "#2"......... They are not "recommended", they are "starting" settings.

Whether the "starting settings" are close enough for most people depends on how well the original kit was designed -
On the EC997 dyne systems, it's actually pretty tough to develop a poor jet kit.
On the dynojet side, their dealership level dynos (all of their dynos) would say that what you had before, was "right".

Use EC997 dynos and don't use dynojet dynos.

james ward wrote:
The bike runs great.  It pulls hard, and has excellent top end.  It does not even feel like same bike.  I will try using the choke very little and see what happens.  I would rather not mess with your recommend settings.  I hope to spend some time with the bike this weekend to try the fine tuning.  I did sync the carb also right before the jet kit, and set the float height to the factory setting according the book. 13mm.  What do you mean by fine tuning?   Thank you for helping.  James

Marc Salvisberg <factory2@ix.netcom.com> wrote:
If you want the bike to maybe idle with the choke on, you'll have to turn the fuel screw in.
Try a 1/4, and even more in.

You are balancing good running performance vs. "making the choke work". Your choice.

You haven't really done any tuning. We'd spend 1-3 hours on fine tuning.

You haven't mentioned how the bike ran?


james ward wrote:
I have not tried any other settings.  I had a dynojet kit in my other zx9r with the pilot 3.5 turns out.  and it would start and run with no choke ever.  Should I turn the pilot back in one half or a quarter turn? 

Marc Salvisberg <factory2@ix.netcom.com> wrote:
You richened up the idle mixture - The choke still thinks it needs to richen enough to work with the "too lean" stock pilot mixture.
The richer pilot circuit mixture + the choke mixture = too rich to "idle high".

You can either lean out the pilot circuit (so it's too lean again) and the choke will idle high, like it used to. Or, (like most everybody else) just start it, then, turn the choke off (as soon as possible) and keep the engine running by hand (which is usual).
I would sit there with the choke on, keeping the engine running > turn the choke off.
You won't hurt the engine by turning the choke off earlier than before;.
Just keep the engine running till it's warm enough to ride safely.

Remember, this is a carbureted bike - not a fuel injected vehicle.

You didn't mention trying any other settings?
Did you?

Thanks -


james ward wrote:
I just installed a factory 1.0 jet kit in my 1995 Kawasaki ZX-9R.  I followed all instructions.  I have done this before, and work on my own bikes all of the time.  This time I'm having bad idle problems.  The first night the bike started right up, smooth idle, great cruising, and mid, and top end.  Power is excellent.  But now every time I go to start the bike with choke on it will not idle.  I have to keep reving it up until warm then it idles.  It will puff out some black smoke also.  carbs were stock before jet kit. Thank you for any help you can provide.
James Ward
Settings are as follows.
Needle third from top
Two washers above needle
Supplied springs used
Pilot 2.5 turns out
Stock 190 Keihin Main jet
Vance and Hines 4-1 header with ss2r pipe
K&N filter.  Its clean
Float bowl vents are clean.
Carbs have been cleaned with Pilot screws removed and circuit cleaned.
Stock Ignition advancer
New wires, and new plugs.
Bike has 20k Miles.  Always runs pretty good
Compression is good Just checked.


--    "An Open Mind is Terrible Thing to waste"   C. Grebsivlas




New and improved
Suzuki Teka SFI 2
with new TPS display and "MMT" Memory Module Tuner feature

Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
Suzuki cruisers and sportbikes

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415 883-5620

fax 415 492-8803

parts information

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