ZX10r  04-05


Superflare Billet Velocity Stacks
patented 2 piece, quick change design)
EVO Shift STAR kit
(Factory Pro's own copyrighted design)

Billet Factory Pro design Velocity Stacks


ZX10r Velocity Stacks 04-05
(does not fit 06-07)

VEL-K95-1560  $399.95
(4 adapter rubbers, 4 billet stacks, patented)

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September 2006

How's everything? Hope all is well. I loaded a map from Brock racing in my PC3 and went to the Dyno (I'm not sure what make/model the dyno is @ Racers Edge Las Vegas) I installed a PC3, full Hindle (Stepped)  BDE Exhaust, the Velocity stacks, BCE and 17 tooth CS sprocket. It dynoed at 145.5 they said they didn't know where to hook up the tach for rpm so they could display torque. I figured you measure torque at the wheel as well, but I might be retarded. I had more Mid than any of the other bikes he had stored in the computer. I took it home removed the stacks and BCE went back wasted another $25.00 just to prove what I thought. Your Stacks work like a champ. Peak stayed the same but I lost the mid range advantage I had with the Factory Pro stacks. Well now I need advice, do you have any tricks on pulling more peak HP out of this thing? Please let me know. I'm still willing to paint my bike in Factory-Pro colors!




Add 3 to 5 True hp to lower and upper midrange with these finely machined V Stacks.
This is
TRUE HP - not dynojet hp.

Product designers:
Factory Pro designed these in just 8 different dyno runs - That's what you can do with the Factory Pro EC997 dyno and Marc Salvisberg designed Test Routines - and what you couldn't do without 'em.......
(also - note that this picture doesn't show the final stack sizes.)

Additional info: Running 4 short stacks (as the originals are on 1 and 4) are about 1-2 True HP better than the stock arrangement of stacks,  but aren't as good as the new Billet Factory Pro stack set - The Factory Pro stacks are about 3 True HP better than 4 short stacks and 4-5 better than the stock stack set -

Our testing was done with:
stock camshafts, stock pistons and stock valves and cylinder head and an aftermarket exhaust system.
and using the Factory Pro BMC RACE filter.

Additional mods suggested:
It appears that the mighty "10", especially with the V Stacks, could do with a bit of cam timing work. The
EC997 dyno is displaying information that the intake cam could be advanced 2-4 degrees and pick up a fair amount of low-end snap and midrange punch. There is a distinct possibility that the maximum power could increase by 1% to 3%, also.

The shifting can also be improved - It's relatively notchy and stubborn, as compared to a "sweet' shifting bike - The EVO Shift STAR kit (below) will sweeten the clunkiness at low rpm in town and when "bangin' it" through the gears on the track - Virtually eliminates missed shifts, too!

Factory Pro Dyno Centers  F-USA HP leaders!
Tuning to Best Power
The way we were, the way we are, the way we will be.
Because we're right.

email here
800 869-0497 or 415 883-5620

9-5 pac time M-F

Dear Factory Pro,
I wish to thank you for the velocity stacks for the Kawasaki ZX10r.
On my retarded DJ dyno I measured a healthy 3 to 4 hp increase from 8500 to 11500 rpm.
My customer Danny Imberg remarked " can't get cheap horse power like this very often!"
Thank you Factory Pro.
Final output is 167 djhp, Factory pro velocity stacks, MHP full system, stock engine after 2 seasons racing!
Can't wait for you to do a R6 2006 ;)
Regards,  Mark  MHP Exhaust systems 01932 336883
Additional dyno tests


Another ZX10. This one with Jardine slipon and stock air filter.

RED = Superflare Stacks, stock air filter


BLUE = 4 stock short stacks, stock air filter

Additional information concerning:

"4 short Kawasaki stacks"

 BLUE line
stock 04/05 ZX10 stacks

(2 short outer stacks and 2 long inner stacks)

as compared to:

RED line
 4 short, stock ZX10 rubber velocity stacks


4 short stock rubber stacks are very slightly better than stock (2 short, 2 long) rubber stacks and from user reports, the 4 short's  lose some lowend (although we didn't).

4 short 04/05 zx10 stacks are as "wrong" as the stock 2 short and stock 2 long stacks

Factory Pro's EVO Shift STAR kit - Fix the zx10 shift mechanism, don't sell the bike.

(sample pic only - not actual zx10r parts)

SHFT-EVO-K95-KT/zx10r  $199.95

Kit includes:
F-Pro Shift Star
F-Pro Shift Spring

Kit does NOT include:
11061-0065 gasket, oil pan
11061-0049 gasket, clutch cover

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July 7, 2006

I just want to thank you for developing the shift star for my ZX10R.

Like your ad says: "Don't sell it, fix it!"
I am very impressed with the results, the shifter now feels like the rest of the controls.
It no longer feels like a toy that you are hurting when you are shifting.
Squire Tomasie

Shift STAR kit

Don't sell your clunky shifting "10".
Just FIX the shifting.

If you have a 2004 or 2005 zx10 and notice the notchy, clunky shifting - Install Factory Pro's copyrighted design Shift STAR kit and breath a sigh of relief - Finally, smooth and Quick shifting on your "10".

Takes about 1.5-2.5 hours for initial STAR install (good enough to stop the immediate complaining for the "beginning of spring" riding!) and another, optional, 2-4 hours for Detent arm install (remove exhaust system, oil pan and clutch cover again to remove shift shaft circlip - a weekend or shop project.

Using a "quickshifter"
Because the shift is completed quicker, please decrease "shift kill time" by ~10 ms.

This kit will speed up the shift mechanism. It doesn't make any difference if you use "manual shifting", an air or electric  shifter, have undercut gear dogs or not undercut gear dogs - It's the shift drum gear selector mechanism that we are rotating quicker and more accurately. 


Additional oem Kawasaki required parts (not supplied in kit)
1 11061-0065   GASKET, OIL PAN




Low Friction Hybrid Ceramic Wheel Bearings 

intro special

reg $340.20

5 bearing kit
front and rear wheel + sprocket carrier
pn: BE-HYCER-K73-04-05
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Hybrid Ceramic Wheel  Bearings

5 bearing set

2 front wheel bearings
2 rear wheel bearings
1 sprocket carrier bearing

Tough steel races and almost  friction free ceramic balls.

Bearings have rubber seals that are easy to remove if desired.

side orders.....

BMC RACE filter


2.5 to 3.0 TRUE, Loaded, real HP
(no misleading dealership level inertia dynos used in testing!)

800 869-0497

On the graph (click on it), you can even see that the fuel delivery was a bit leaner with the BMC - as evidenced by the lower red CO% line -
CO% is a much better way to derive estimated A/F Ratios as compared to wideband O2 sensors.

FIB-KAW-37619 S
BMC Street filter


Street filter = Same as stock HP
(no misleading dealership level dynos used in testing, either!)

800 869-0497


KRT Software
 FI Tuning for Kawasaki zx10r
(Wire harness diagrams are for the 600/636)
using 4 gas EC997 Dynamometer Systems




Just wanted to say "Thanks", again. I'm really impressed by your calling me to give me the info on the advance rotor. That, in my book, is "Going the extra mile."  That's what makes a company succeed.

Steve ...in Kennesaw

Feb. 19, 2003

HI Marc,

Received the items on the 03Nov, fitted items on the 06Nov with Meng Tong. Enclosed is a picture for your information, or maybe you want post it out on the net. Also I used Loctite 243-Threadlocker and Loctite 7471 Activator for your information on the nut of the roller bearing and onto the allen screw holding the star.

I hope you fine the pictures use full.

Yours Humbly,

David Isaac 

-----Original Message-----
From: marc@factorypro.com [mailto: marc@factorypro.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 5:22 AM
To: david.isaac@dlh.de
Subject: Re: Shift Star Kit for Kawasaki ZX10-R (04)

Hi Marc,

Received the items on the 03Nov, fitted items on the 06Nov with Meng Tong at Looi's Motor in Singapore.
Enclosed is a picture for your information, or maybe you want post it out on the net. Also I used Loctite 243-Threadlocker and Loctite 7471 Activator for your information on the nut of the roller bearing and onto the allen screw holding the star.

I hope you fine the pictures use full.

Yours Humbly,

David Isaac

-----Original Message-----
From: marc@factorypro.com [mailto: marc@factorypro.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 5:22 AM
To: david.isaac@dlh.de
Subject: Re: Shift Star Kit for Kawasaki ZX10-R (04)

Hello David -
Received details - Shipping USPS Global Express tomorrow.
Should be about a week -
Snow, yet?

david.isaac@dlh.de wrote:

Dear Mr. Leigh,

Good morning to you, I am very interested to purchase your SHFT-EVO-K95-KT which consist of one Star + Spring and Detent Arm. I have had purchase your Velocity Stacks previously.

The Shift Star Kit is for my ZX10-R (04).

Please confirm total cost and approximate date I should receive items. Special discount would be very much appreciated. For your information Loois Motor, Meng Tong will fit these items for me as we are good friends. Upon confirmation, I will e-mail you my payment details.


Do I need to Loctite the screw for the Star and the Detent Arm?

 Yours Sincerely,

David Isaac

Shift STAR Installation pics ZX10

These are ROUGH and GENERAL and VERY abbreviated clues - NOT to be used without a genuine Kawasaki Service manual for proper assembly.

Tools, Partial list
5mm allen wrench
3/8" ratchet and socket set
1/2" air or electric impact wrench (for the clutch nut)
30mm  1/2" drive socket  ( 1 3/16" in a pinch) (if 30mm is wrong, please
email here with correct size.
external circlip pliers (90 degree bend is easiest) small / medium size pliers
Pliers, needle nose and regular hand tools
Genuine Kawasaki Service Manual

1. On the 10, you must remove the oil, exhaust system and the oil pan to remove the circlip that holds the shift shaft in.
2. You must remove the clutch assembly to get to the STAR and the detent arm.

(thanks David Isaac, Singapore for the pictures)

You've already removed the clutch assembly and removed the oil pan using your Kawasaki manual.

Remove the shift shaft circlip so you can pull the shift shaft out towards you. (you'll need to remove the shift lever from the left side of the bike, too)

(Note: this bike already has the kit installed)

Remove and replace the Factory Pro Shift STAR.

Remove and replace the Factory Pro  Detent arm.

Installed STAR and ARM.
Use a drop of Loctite type threadlocker on the arm and STAR mounting bolts.

Reassemble stock shift shaft back into the engine. Replace the shift shaft circlip in the oil pan.

Replace shift lever.

Reassemble the clutch assembly, oil pan and add OIL as per Kawasaki Shop Manual.





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