Honda CBR900rr Fireblade


Famous Factory Shift kit

SHFT-EVO-H21/cbr900rr-KT      $239.95

inc: star, arm and spring and 11393-MV9-670 clutch cover gasket.

Add $20 for Hybrid Ceramic microbearing

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2012 #1 Formula USA
University of Kansas - Lawrence

Factory Pro Shift Star
equipped for quickest and most consistent shifting.

EVO Shift STAR kit

Virtually eliminate missed shifts (on an undamaged transmission)


The Star, Arm, Spring and clutch cover gasket kit.

The pro rider's "Night and Day" shifting Advantage 

You want easier and quicker upshifts, decreased shift lever travel, fewer missed shifts and wickedly quick downshifts?

We all do -

This is the kit that makes the difference.
Track and street.

Install directions page


Note about quickshifters
You must set your quickshifter kill time 5mm to 10ms quicker or the shifting will be clucky on the track.


Kit includes: a new Factory Pro detent arm with a low friction microbearing roller, a new Factory Pro shift spring, the NEW Factory Pro EVO Detent Star. and clutch cover gasket.
Make shifting MUCH quicker. MUCH easier, MUCH lighter and virtually eliminate missed shifts.

Marc  800 869-0497

Carburetor Rebuild - Replace worn non-replaceable stock cbr900rr needle jets with Factory Pro HDJ style needle jets

$280  + shipping and handling

to replace worn stock needle jets with new nickel plated Factory Pro needle jets.
Call 415 883-5620

cbr900rr Needle jets worn out?

High mileage on bike?    Poor fuel mileage?

 Bike runs too rich at low rpm because of worn needle jets?
Send in your carbs and we can replace your worn stock needle jets with nickel plated Factory Pro needle jets.

415 491 5920

Let  Factory Pro replace your worn "non-replaceable" needle jets.

Better throttle response - potentially better mileage  - augmented part throttle response.


Nov 2021
Hey Marc, just wanted to let you know. Carbs are running great on the CBR900RR.
The famous Factory Pro "APK - Airbox Plus" airbox kit.


The famous
 "APK Kit"


2 Special Air Filters
you modify the stock air filer

Matched Factory Pro Carb kit

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2. Most Power

h21grph.gif (33533 bytes)
A stock, restricted camshaft model to unrestricted cams, +4 Ignition Advance, AirBox PLUS KIT and competition exhaust

HP figures are
  True Rear Wheel HP Scale

This is the largest selling CBR900RR kit.

Adds up to 3-4 True Rear Wheel HP at high rpm over a properly jetted bike. (over a standard C-10 carb recal kit)
A must with ported heads or aftermarket cams. Allows more air at 7.5k+ rpm.
Replace the restrictive stock/aftermarket air filter AND KEEP the stock airbox exterior.
Perfect for Germany and other areas that do not allow airbox removal.
Produce Best Power - THROUGH all rpm's as compared with standard carb tuning. Unmatched Top-end Power. Makes more HP and COSTS LESS than other non pressurized airbox kit combinations.
Compare to BMC or K&N replacement filter and carb kit? Costs less and makes more power!
Add the RTR-HON-8-04 for very improved part throttle power, with the APK Kit. Wheelies better (at least until you get the clutch to slip!)

Requires internal airbox modification. Click here.

Available For 1993-1999 CBR900RR only.
When used with restricted camshafts, as in CA, France, Switzerland and others - use 2-3 sizes smaller main jets.

Ask D and D, Hindle, Kerker, M4, Mick Hone Motorcycles, Two Brothers Racing, Vance and Hines and Yoshimura for a recommendation about Factory Pro Products!

RTR-HON-8-04 $99.95
(this is what I'd use, Marc)

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Ignition Advance Rotor
This kit advances the timing 4 degrees. Increases part throttle power - what you'd call snap!
Decrease rotating engine mass - Lightest weight advance available.
Other fixed advancers / retarders available, too.

The +4 advance is a MUST DO with drop-in Erion cams in a stock engine, adding 1-2 True HP throughout the powerband. That's power measured under load - just like the Real World!


I bought the RTR-HON-8-04 for my Honda CBR 900RR. This is simply the best thing and easiest thing I have ever done to my bike! Everybody I ride with wants to know what I did to make my 9RR so much more snappy in the mid range. And I gladly tell them about your timing advance kits. And next on my list is your evo shift kit! I was wondering if I could get some stickers to put on my track day plastics. If needed I can send a SASE to you. My address is Sylvia Kansas. Thank you very much!

Justin Strausberg



The best combination - is the AirBox Plus Kit and the +4 advancer

The APK Filter Kit will add 3-4 top the upper mid and peak rpm power.

CRB-H38-1.1-TI   $159.95

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The premium "Ti ProKit". Easy to install and tune - no slide drilling.
Same great performance as the standard 1.0 kit above, but includes the best material available for needles - Titanium.
Stainless steel allen screws for the float bowls complete the "Ti ProKit" upgrade.
Adds more low-end / midrange, if the proper main jet is selected, more top-end power.
This is one of the kits that we made our reputation on.


CRB-H38-1.0     $139.95
Power and Drivability

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Standard drop-in carb kit
Easy to install and tune - no slide drilling! Well known in the States as the smoothest performing kit available.
Adds more low-end / midrange, if the proper main jet is selected, more top-end power.
This is one of the kits that we made our reputation on.

Cover Info

COV-H21-RH-KT    $149.95
(right  side only)

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RH Cover for the 92 - 99 900.

Absolutely the strongest cover you can buy - and has the highest strength / weight ratio available! Individual replacement cover parts available direct from Factory.

Complete LH cover no longer available.

Replacement LH outer cover
H38 - outer:



TL-HONDA "D" WRENCH     $19.95

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Fuel Screw / Mixture Screw Wrench, "D" type

(as used on most modern Honda Keihin CV carbs)

Lost yours? Didn't get one en your "off brand" carb kit? (should have bought a Factory Pro carb kit in the first place - they are included free)

TL-float height gauge     $59.95

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The only way to accurately measure float heights. Works on nearly every carburetor.

Accurately and easily set your floats to adjust the lower end of the carburetion.

Big Kahuna


Andrew Pranck, Netherlands   -   CBR900RR



cbr900rr,Trevor Bredereck UK May 2013
full two bro system stainless. I have the +4 adv with the star shift dent arm and spring I love the shift smoothness my next order to go with my race Exhaust is the Airbox kit and jet kit combo I am ordering it Friday. I have a full dyna 2000 ignition. Coils wires. and high quality stator and reg. With a 1.5lb shortie battery
-1 tooth front +1 tooth back. Bridgestone battle ax 016

Trevor Bredereck    97 cbr900rr

hello, you guys have my bike on the web site, i have since done a few things, to her,  its got the +4 rotor, and  star shift kit, dent arm and spring,  and new clutch kit from ebc, with the stronger springs, what a diff the bike really pulls hard and i m not afraid to miss second  either, full tilt throttle, she is a rocket, i am going to install the airbox and jets, when i get my full D&D exhaust  

Subject: Thanks!!! Airbox Plus Kit
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 19:30:57 +0100
Organization: Eircom Net (
To: "factory" <>

Dear Factory Pro!!!,

Well what can I say, Thank you Thank you Thank you.
I recently fitted one of your kits to my Fireblade (CBR 900RRS 1995 model) it was like getting a new bike! I have had the bike for about 2 years now and I was starting to get bored with it, then on with the kit and what do you know its fun again. I fitted the +4° timing advancer, did the air box conversion and went with the 140 jets and the needle’s on the 3rd notch (down from top). It worked flawlessly, even with the standard pipe. I fitted a full race can (Art Full race) and the bike really purrs like a cat (a big one!) now.

Full details: ~

Honda CBR 900 RRS (1995 Irish market model)
Stock cam
Stock pipe
Art Full race can (Muffler?)
Filter ~Factory Pro 2*Unifilter (as in Kit)
Pilot~ Stock
Needle clips~ 3rd notch
Main Jet ~ #140.
Ave Temp.~ 10-15°C
Humidity ~40 to 60%
Altitude ~Sea Level.

Location~ Dublin, Ireland

Did all the work myself, it is no problem (I am an engineer by trade!).

I am now in the process of building a race bike, I hope to race the Irish Clubman’s Super Sport 400cc next season. The bike that I have is an NC-30 (VFR 400 R3N 1994 model) Honda, and I would like to know if you make jet kits, timing advancers and air box conversion kits for this bike, if you do can you give me the details and let me know how I can get one.

Yours gratefully,

Dave Reddy

Ireland (Full Postal Address: ~ 18 Seapark, Malahide, Co. Dublin, Ireland)


Subject: CBR 900 list
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 09:01:05 -0500
From: "Firth, Ian" <>
To: "'Marc'" <>

Just want to add to FJ's message. I got a CBR 9 this Spring with a full TBR and a Factory Jet kit. I have asked a few questions on the list and am more a lurker since I get the Digest and much of the mail is answered before I see it. However, I have always found your answers helpful and enjoy reading them. You helped me with my float setup and the list answers, including yours over the year, set my jetting up well according to my seat-of-the-pants dyno. So thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge, all the best business wise in 1999 and have a merry Christmas.

Cheers, Ian

Subject: cbr900rr APK Airbox Plus Kit recommendation


I had my 96 RR done with Two Bros full system, Air Box Plus kit, and put in 49 state cams. Stock CA, my 900 had 98hp on a Dynojet Dyno. After, it made 117hp, and unbelievably increased midrange. You will not believe the improvement!

Good luck,

Mikey Rosenblum

Subject: cbr900rr RTR-ADJ-HON-8 Adjustable Ignition Rotor setting

I have the RTR-ADJ-HON-8 advancer set at 2 degrees of  retard. The guys at Marietta Motorsports here in Atlanta say that  seems to be the hot setup. What do you think?

Umm, -2 on a silly dj dyno, maybe that works under that dyno's light load condition.  I suggest that you set it where it feels strongest to you in your  operating condition. Then do it -2 and try it. See what works best under real world load. Use that setting.
BTW - the guys at Marietta are pretty cool, but they need a Factory Pro EC997 Low Inertia 4 Gas Eddy Current dyno so they can help people even more!


Final setting of +4 on the advancer. The minor loss at high RPM is offset by the HUGE power anywhere else. Besides, I rarely run it to redline on the street.

Now that I've had some time to play, I've noticed that the bike inhales my friends' bikes at will. (except for that damned R1). And with the filters,  the motor sounds like it wants to suck the gas tank through the carbs in the process!!

Thanks again for your help!

Subject:  My Shift Kit Experience
Date:  Tue, 9 Jan 2001 19:44:34 -0800
From:  "John Falb" <>
To: <>

Marc and Raul,

I just wanted to write you guys to say THANK YOU.

I ordered a shift kit for my '95 900RR and installed it with no problems. I thought.

When I started it up the engine made a horrible knocking sound. I sxxt a brick right then, I knew I fxxxxxd it up. The sound came from the head and the clutch. So after disassembly and reinstallation with no change I called Factory and talked to Raul.

He was very helpful and walked me through the steps to see where I want wrong. After two phone calls and return call back I realized that my screwdriver had been where is shouldn't have. When I first tried to take off the nut for the outer clutch basket I stuck my screwdriver into the crank/clutch gears to keep the clutch from spinning. BAD IDEA! I had bent the outside edge of a couple of teeth. I filled the offenders down and now she is better than new.

The shift kit works awesome. The feel is totally different and each shift seems solid. I know when it goes into gear.

Anyway, everyone has always been very helpful at FactoryPro.

Thank you.

John Falb





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