Typical feedback from REAL USERS

These engine covers are one of the best investments I have put into my bike. I low-sided last weekend and the cover itself doesn’t have a scratch on it at all… the puck was pretty much ground in half.
I'm buying a new $30 puck.

 Hey Marc -
Thanks for getting back to me.  I've gone down four times with the cases on my 05 Gixxer 1K.  The right slider is currently ground-up a bit, but not bad.  Gonna replace it anyway.  I've replaced it once before. I don't recall replacing the left side but I'm pretty sure I have. I believe I've ordered all my stuff directly through you guys, so you can probably look up how many sliders I've gone through.
I have your engine cases on my (now retired) '02 R1 race bike as well.  Beat the hell outta those things and they never did me wrong.   Great stuff, I tell ya!!! I'll order the sliders online, shortly.  (I just might go with the shorter 1"er). 
Thanks again.
Josh Convy  
November 28, 2006

The choice is:
With Factory Pro Billet Covers: Spend a bit more, get unlucky and be a REAL USER or spend less and be a real non-winner (they told me not to write "LOSER") with plain billet engine covers.
(Factory Pro patented slider equipped engine covers)

You aren't a Real user
 till you really use 'em!

Here they are! Hidden at The End of the Internet! - These are "the covers with the frame sliders"!

Factory Pro designed and patented - these covers are the ultimate in street and race protection.

Factory Pro, USA leaders in quality tuning products and manufacturer of the famous
F-USA rated EC997 Eddy Current chassis dynamometer.


6000 series aircraft alloy - CNC machined
Radiused and beveled corners for increased corner clearance
Optimum strength / weight ratio - lighter than most other billet covers.
 Maximum protection - Much tougher than stock cast engine covers.
Polishes to a brilliant sheen!
Countersunk stainless steel allen screws to prevent shearing.
includes gaskets and stainless steel allen screws when required.

Factory Pro can license the frame slider design. Please contact us for information.


   Factory Pro's Billet Engine Covers w/ integrated frame sliders

As used by Suzuki Cup World Champion Robert Jenson and Team Vesrah - 2005 #1 USA Endurance.


zx6rr / 636, 05-06

No fairing cutting required!



gsxr1000, 05-06

No fairing cutting required with slotted slider!

COV-S53-LH   $289.95

COV-S51-RH    $99.95

  • 6000 series aircraft alloy

  • CNC machined

  • Radiused corners!

  • Optimum strength / weight ratio.

  •  Maximum protection.

  • Polishes to a brilliant sheen!

  • Much tougher than stock cast engine covers.

  • The most detailed cover made for mc use -

  • Countersunk stainless steel allen screws to prevent shearing when required

  • includes gaskets and stainless allen screws when required.

  • The only patented motorcycle cover in the world!

  •  Patent #6,637,787

Dear Marc,

Just thought I'd write to tell you I "used" the SV clutch cover I bought from you.
Lowside at about 80 mph into the runoff at a trackday. Your product took some abuse but held up beautifully.

Kept me going throughout the weekend. Good stuff, thanks!

Thanks, Alan Paryzek
June 26, 2004

.25, 1.0, 1.375  inch available (no 1.75) >>>>>

Replacement sliders: $50
w/ new stainless steel screws
415 883-5620

1. Choose your shipping method

 2. slider length desired   >>>  


cbr 929, Fireblade, 00-01

No fairing cutting required!


no right side cover available
cbr900, 96-98

No fairing cutting required!




cbr600f4, 98-00
cbr600f4i, 01-03

No fairing cutting required!


no right side clutch cover available
cbr600f2, 91-94
cbr600f3, 95-97
cbr900, 92-95

No fairing cutting required!



zx6rr / 636, 0-06, Buy here

No fairing cutting required!



zx6rr / 636, 03-04 Buy here

No fairing cutting required!



zx6r, 95-97

No fairing cutting required!

not available


zx7r, 96-03, Buy here

No fairing cutting required!



zx9r, 98-03, Buy here
zx9r, 96-97, Buy here

No fairing cutting required!



covk67rb.gif (54287 bytes)
zx9r, 94-97 only, Buy here
zx7/7r, 89-95 only, Buy here

No fairing cutting required!




gsxr1000, 05-06 Buy here

No fairing cutting required with slotted slider!

COV-S53-LH   $289.95

COV-S51-RH    $99.95

gsxr1000, 03-04 only
(not 05)
gsxr750, 04-05
gsxr600, 04-05

No fairing cutting required with slotted slider!

COV-S52-LH   $289.95

COV-S51-RH    $99.95

gsxr1000, 01-02 only
gsxr750, 01-03
gsxr600, 00-03

COV-S51-LH  $289.95

COV-S51-RH  $99.95

gsxr750, 01-03
gsxr600, 00-03

COV-S33-LH  (superceded to S51)

COV-S33-RH  (superceded to S51)

gsxr750, 96-99 Buy here
gsxr600, 97-00 only



gsxr1100, 93-98 Buy here
gsxr750, 93-95 Buy here
gsxr600, 92-93 Buy here

No fairing cutting required!



sv650, till 02 Buy Here

No fairing cutting required!



wpe25.jpg (103847 bytes)
gsf 1200 Bandit 96-00 Buy Here

gsxr1100, 89-02 Buy Here

No fairing cutting required!

wpe1.jpg (137832 bytes)



wpe2.jpg (138799 bytes)

gsf 600f Katana, to 98
gsx 750f Katana  90-00 Buy Here
gsxr 750, 86-92 only

No fairing cutting required!



wpe2.jpg (138799 bytes)
yzf600 R6, 99-02 Buy here

No fairing cutting required!



yzf600 R6, 03-04-05 Buy here

No fairing cutting required!



yzf1000 R1, 98-01

yzf1000 R1, 02-03

FZ-1, 01-05

No fairing cutting required!




wpe24.jpg (116132 bytes)
yzf600 Thundercat, 98-04 LH not available

Not avail.


wpe24.jpg (116132 bytes)
Hi Marc,
I ran Factory Pro engine covers on my rookie season in 2005 as a Novice rider with the CMRA.  As you know us rookies tend to crash a bit more than others.  I'm sure I'm not the first to say the covers and sliders ROCK!  On several lowsides throughout the season the bike slid on the sliders and never once tumbled.  I contribute this to the position on the slider on the bike.  Friends with conventional sliders found the slider digging in and flipping the bike causing much damage. Needless to say, my season ended in one Championship and two 3rd places.  CMRA seen fit to bump me to expert in 2006.  I purchased two brand new GSXR's and have already installed Factory Pro covers on the one through RaceworX in Dallas.  Unfortunately I had the chance once again on December 20th  at MSR Houston to test them out.  Once again they performed great!!!! The bike slid on the slider.  Beside a few scrapes on the plastic the bike was not damaged. 
With this said I feel like I could represent your product with much confidence! If you offer a support program I would be glad to participate.  As I said, I have already purchased a set for the Superbike.  I'm only in need of a left side stator cover for the 06 GSXR 1000.  Attached is a copy of my resume along with a rendering on the new paint scheme for the 2006 season.
I feel the your product has saved me a ton of $$$$ in crash repairs over the past season.
Thanks again,

Marv Esterly
CMRA #496 Expert


Subject: Thanks for your support
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 12:15:09 -0600
From: "John Wendl" <jlwendl@xxxxx.com>
To: "'Marc Salvisberg'" <factory2@ix.netcom.com>

Hi Marc,

I have been on racer support with Factory Pro Tuning for 2 years now. I wanted to personally thank you again for the support you have given me for the 2001 season and also to inform you how well your products perform.

I just completed the opening round of the CCS Midwest season at Gateway International Raceway. Unfortunately I had a get off at a little over 100mph. I had just installed the Factory Pro R6 engine covers with built in frame savers and they performed better than I would have ever thought possible.
The only damage my R6 sustained was a slightly tweaked shift lever. Not a broken lever, bodywork, or anything. I rode the bike back to the pits and made my next session. I have already ordered a replacement bumper since mine was almost completely worn down. I will continue to recommend your products to anyone who will listen but have a new found appreciation for the incredible functionality of your products.

Thanks again,

John Wendl
CCS Midwest Expert #40
AMA 600 Supersport #40
Director Midwest Operations-NESBA (Northeast Sportbike Association)

Subject: 2001 GSXR1000 LH
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 18:39:59 -0500
From: "Bob & Jennifer Cronin" <jcronin@houston.xx.com>
To: <factory2@ix.netcom.com>

Marc Salvisberg,

I am in need of LH cover w/ slider for a 2001 GSXR1000 race bike.

Back to the purpose of the email.
I need a LH cover for a 2001 GSXR1000 w/ slider. It is for our race bike that we run in WERA/RPM here in
Texas/Oklahoma/ Louisiana area. Please send me a price on the cover and the lead time that I may expect once the order is placed. Do you have a racer discount or a Racer Support Program at this time?

Please give me a shout when you get this.
Thank you in advance.


Bob Cronin
Working Class Racing
WERA ID #70267

Billet Engine Covers

Factory Pro engine covers are the premier direct replacement for original brittle cast engine covers.

Machined from solid billet aluminum for durability, then flycut to a gleaming finish.

For racers - mandatory at many racetracks because they will help prevent oil leakage from all but the gnarliest of get offs!

For street - absolutely beautiful addition to your engine - so nice you'll want to run without your fairing lowers!

  • Kawasaki zx7, 89-99, LH/RH cover; zx9, 94-99, RH cover

  • Suzuki gsx600 Katana, all to 98, gsxr750, 86-92, gsxr1100, 86-92, RH cover

Are Factory Pro billet engine covers really that tough?

Ask Bloomington Powersports / Rayce Team's CBR600 after endo -

"Only the Factory covers remained..."




Absolutely NO carb parts sold in California.

New and improved Suzuki Teka SFI  2

with new TPS display and "MMT" Memory Module Tuner

Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
Suzuki cruisers and sportbikes

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Contact Factory Pro
M-F, 9am - 5pm, Pacific time, -7 or -8 GMT

800 869-0497
 USA and Canada

415 883-5620

parts information

EC997 dynamometer information

Product Support /Tech SECTION
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Mailing / Shipping address:

Factory Pro
101c Roblar Drive
Novato, CA

And most importantly
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