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Velocity Stacks

Yamaha R6 03-04-05

$159.95 set of 4 2 pc Superflares

out of stock

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+3 to +4 high rpm power, no loss of low and mid.

Ultra SuperFlare V Stacks
These are different and better than any other v stack for your R6.

EVEN MORE airflow.  EVEN BETTER power.   EVEN BETTER intake sound.

Slip these new Factory Pro designed 2 piece intake stacks into your airbox - no cutting or drilling - just a small #1 Phillips screwdriver and normal hand tools required -

Factory Pro's SuperFlare R6 Stacks have a patented 2 piece design that allows for a full radius, airflow increasing flare - unlike the standard Factory Pro "XS" ,Graves and GYT stacks.

I'm not sure why they couldn't make aftermarket stacks for the 05. The stacks work exactly the same on the later 05 bikes as they do on the 03-04 bikes, even though the throttle body bellmouths are very slightly larger than the early bike (maybe the throttle bodies are a teeny bit too large, as EC997 dyno testing indicates) -
We don't use dealership level dynos for R&D.

 VEL-Y80-SF0  Superflares!
3-4 True HP in the upper mid and overrun and even more topend than the 1 pc Graves or GYT or the below STD stacks

2007 December 6

I installed the Superflares on  my 04 r6 and they kick some awesome tail.
Feels like my bike gets to redline a lot quicker and smoother. I run my bike pretty hard and often through the entire rpm. I had wanted to know what would be the best spot to set my shift light indicator so that I don't lose power by revving to high before shifting. below is what I have done to my bike (if that makes any difference :)

1-k&n filter
2-new spark plugs (forgot what kind)
3-micron high mount exhaust (slip on)
4-15/48 gear setup 520 chain

  Thank you very much    Anthony
again sweet work on that creating these stacks!!!!

And also, we still make... The ORIGINAL design one piece Factory Pro stacks for a $100. See below.


2-3 TRUE HP  

   4 stacks / $99.95

fits: 03-04-05 models

IN STOCK soon feb 28,2023

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Factory Pro STD V-Stacks

+1  True HP at 13k, +5  True HP at 14k, +4  True HP at 15k

 Red = Factory Pro's V Stacks  Blue = Stock Yamaha stacks

Peak power increase even w/ stock exhaust -
2 to 3 PEAK True HP

From Factory Pro - designer of more MC Performance V-Stacks than anybody in the world - No copies - no imitations - no real usable factory hints.

With aftermarket exhaust, the differences are even "more better", as in 7-8
True HP (as tested at AMA Fontana race, verified at San Rafael Factory Pro Tuning Center #1 in Dec 02, 2003 and at AMA Sears Point / Infineon Raceway.

Easy to get, quick to install  -  a straighter power curve + a big triangle of upper rpm power that wasn't there before.

Recommended to use all 4 for drag racing or road racing or street.....
Anybody who says different is, well... ummmm....   wrong. The stock stacks don't really add anything significant to the STOCK powerband - (yes - that's a redumbnent statement) and the billet stacks don't hurt an untuned or properly tuned R6.... So.... if the billet stacks don't hurt the stock v stack powerband.... how could a bike with 2 stock stacks be better in the midrange than a bike with 4 billet stacks? Sigh... some manufacturer's claims baffle me......

30 minutes to install.

My buddy (with the R1), is also now attributing your velocity stacks to me passing him.  Of course, it has nothing to do with rider ability ;).
He, along with the rest of the guys that ride with us, are now interested in the stacks - yours in particular.   He was wondering if you have stacks for his
04-05 Suzuki GSX-R 600 in addition to those you have for the R6.
Anyways, just asking.  Let me know.  Thanks!

I was at Buttonwillow this last Monday... you can definitely feel a difference!
Down-low, not sure, but it really opens it up on the top end especially past 12k.  I'll attribute the fact that I passed up my buddy on his R1 for the first time because of your stacks!   :P
When I get a chance, I do want to head up there to see if I can get my bike tuned up on the dyno.  Hopefully, I'll be able to combine it with some sort of track day excursion.  I'll let ya know. Thanks again!

C~Office  Arcadia, CA

Hashiriya Division
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April 14 2006

Shift Improvement

pn: shft-pro-Y5SL-CER
Hybrid Ceramic microbearing arm and heat treated shift spring

replaces oem: 5SL-18140-00 arm and 90506-14003 spring

w / hybrid ceramic bearing
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Upgrade your stock detent arm to our F-Pro Hybrid Ceramic Microbearing Detent Arm.

Helps eliminate missed shifts and false neutrals.

Shifts quicker. More power delivered per lap.

Helps quick shifts and overly lazy shifts.

Proven concept in AMA roadracing and off road racing.

Installs on the left side, just  above the shifter.

Hybrid Ceramic Wheel Bearing kit

intro special

reg $325

4 bearing kit
2 front and 1 left rear wheel + 1 sprocket carrier
pn: BE-HYCER-Y82-03-05
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Hybrid Ceramic Wheel  Bearing kit

4 bearing set

2 front wheel bearings
1 left rear wheel bearing (use the stock right bearing)
1 sprocket carrier bearing

Tough steel races and almost  friction free ceramic balls.

Bearings have rubber seals that are easy to remove if desired.

415 883-5620
Ignition Timing Rotor

RTR-YAM-80-02    $109.96
original 5SL-81673-00-00  marked F7T563

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Ignition Advance Rotor.

advance adds power at ALL part throttle positions.

That equates to more "snap" in throttle response for you! Makes full throttle, 1st gear, when properly jetted, silly. (as if it wasn't already....)

Most bikes will gain 1-2hp at full throttle at various rpms when measured on the Low Inertia EC997 Eddy Current Dynamometer and when ridden in the real world.

MUST DO - Picks up some of the power that is lost at low rpm / full throttle when the "EXUP" system is removed.

Maximum benefit is gained with a properly tuned FI bike.

For best results - tune to BEST POWER - not "A/F Ratio" power losing settings on "dealership level" dynos.


Protective Products

03-04-05 models


 Left side

right side

Factory Pro Billet Engine Covers
Factory Pro's exclusive, patented, replaceable, Integrated Sliders!


Simply the BEST single protection item for your R6's engine and chassis!

Billet Engine Covers
Replaceable Integrated Sliders!
patent # 6,637,787

Hi Marc,
I ran Factory Pro engine covers on my rookie season in 2005 as a Novice rider with the CMRA.  As you know us rookies tend to crash a bit more than others.  I'm sure I'm not the first to say the covers and sliders ROCK!  On several lowsides throughout the season the bike slid on the sliders and never once tumbled.  I contribute this to the position on the slider on the bike.  Friends with conventional sliders found the slider digging in and flipping the bike causing much damage. Needless to say, my season ended in one Championship and two 3rd places.  CMRA seen fit to bump me to expert in 2006.  I purchased two brand new GSXR's and have already installed Factory Pro covers on the one through RaceworX in Dallas.  Unfortunately I had the chance once again on December 20th  at MSR Houston to test them out.  Once again they performed great!!!! The bike slid on the slider.  Beside a few scrapes on the plastic the bike was not damaged. 
With this said I feel like I could represent your product with much confidence! If you offer a support program I would be glad to participate.  As I said, I have already purchased a set for the Superbike.  I'm only in need of a left side stator cover for the 06 GSXR 1000.  Attached is a copy of my resume along with a rendering on the new paint scheme for the 2006 season.
I feel the your product has saved me a ton of $$$$ in crash repairs over the past season.
Thanks again,

Marv Esterly
CMRA #496 Expert
Fuel Injector Blueprinting


Factory Pro
R6 Injector Sets


It's "What the other guys"

$120 / 4 set: 2%

$180 / 4 set: 1%
(subject to availability)

FI page


Ever wonder why some bikes are quicker that others? Why are some just SLOW?

I guess we could tell a secret.... We've found that even clean injectors can be 2% to 5% different in flow rates on brand new bikes.... and the awful example that I used on the FI page was 11%.

To get a scale - 11% funkiness = 5 TRUE HP improvement when fixed.

The different flow rates can be OK if you happen to have the fat one on the cylinder with higher intake tract pressure during open time period.... but - that's probably just a dream that you or I would be so lucky....

What has been very common over the last few years (even into 2005...) is that race fuels have contained a material that forms a unique compound that blocks and distorts fuel flow patterns and flow rates - It's suggested that a team has a spare set of matched injectors on hand in case their bikes' power mysteriously drops by a few HP... We do......

Factory Pro will blueprint and supply a matched set of injectors - That usually makes the bikes idle better - run smoother at cruise and achieve a higher HP output on an EC997 or even a dynojet dyno.

It's what the "other guys" have been doing for years.....

Spark Plugs

 Denso Iridium

$14.99 each


The ultimate power spark plug! Denso Iridiums take less power from your overworked ignition system - ensuring that you aren't losing power because of weak spark - We've seen a 10 TRUE hp improvement when a weak system is improved! Yes - that IS rare! But - these are the spark plug of choice and a little insurance can be a good thing!


All stock bike with stock exhaust system(!) - FI settings were OK. No PC required!

W/ aftermarket exhaust, results were even better -  Like 7-8 True HP at 14k rpm.  The test results are on the AMA dyno and I forgot to grab them before we packed up and left Fontana last month -

OH YA!!!
 Almost forgot, I heard from my pals out in the UK regarding the velocity stacks...they said that
they're ef'in' brilliant and the bike is a missile
and to let you know that you boys at Factory Pro are
doing a bang up job and to keep making things that
make HP!!!

Nice job  ;-)


Install instructions are below.


V Stack Installation (std XS and Superflare "SFO")

1. Remove tank
2. Remove airbox - take off lid and air filter.
3. Turn over airbox base.
4. Remove screws that hold down the metal plate that retains the intake rubbers and stock stacks.
5. Remove plate.
6. Remove intake rubbers and stock v stacks
7. Place Factory Pro XS V Stacks and intake rubbers back in place. (SFO's, take them apart and install flare "inside" and the base "outside".
8. Reinstall stock v stack retaining plate and screws.
9. Install airbox base back on bike.
10. Reinstall hoses and clamps to original locations.
11. Replace filter and airbox top.
12. Replace tank.

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Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
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