Jeff Immoor's FZ1 - New York

Yamaha FZ-1  01-05

The FZ-1 is Yamaha's unique naked liter monster!

With little fanfare, no religious fervor, no Iman or Pope of Yamaha FZ1 attitude, Factory Pro simply does the job right the first time in tuning. It helps to have been tuning for 35+ years.

The infidels have well tuned, smooth running bikes and the zealots riot in the streets (aka  rabidly "flame" on the internet).

If I can't have the most popular jet kit, at least we can have some fun, ok?  :-)
(signed, politically incorrectly, and in good humor, Marc)



  FZ-1 " Long Boy" 4030M Fuel Screw Set
(a set of 4 screws, 4 orings, 4 springs, 4 special washers)

Set of 4 for $99.95

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Long Boy extended Fuel Screw Set

Having a hard time fine adjusting your fuel screws?
Don't have a multi-bent twisty windy screwdriver to find that "all important for cruise"  Fuel Screw adjustment?

Factory Pro's 4 pc. "Long Boy" Fuel Screw Set for the FZ-1 allows the owner to reach in and quickly adjust the fuel screws for best cruise and idle quality.

4 each Factory Pro 4030M "Long Boy" FZ-1 fuel screws
4 new fuel screw springs
4 new special fuel screw washers
4 new fuel screw orings
4 fuel screw shipping protection sleeves







including carb kit BUT NOT INCLUDED:  K&N RU-0984 filters


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FZ1's benefit from the Ignition Advance.

 The FZ1 Stage 3 kit that worked GREAT in 2001.
And STILL works.
No expensive v stack bandaids required - and no loss of lowend.

This properly designed Intake System adds more low-end / midrange and more top-end power than a stock airbox kit.

It doesn't lose lowend and midrange - like the Jersey jet kit, "4th gear whack", guy.

Easy to install and tune - no slide or carb body drilling.
The Factory Pro carb kit is designed to be the smoothest running, most controllable aftermarket Carb Recal Kit tm for the FZ1.
When properly tuned, the kit will increase part throttle "snap" response and improve engine smoothness at cruise.

This Config 30 kit LOSES NO LOWEND or MIDRANGE like other "Stage 3" kits.

Carb Recal Kit

CRB-Y69-1.0  $159.95

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all FZ1's benefit from the Ignition Advance!

Adds more low-end / midrange
and if the proper main jet is selected, more top-end power.  Banished the 4k Buzz in December 2000!!
Easy to install and tune - no slide or carb body drilling like other kits that often end up with poor fuel mileage and no place to turn to to fix.

1. Bikes with Factory's FZ1 kits have never had fuel leakage problems, like some others, as we have always stressed the importance of setting fuel levels (float heights) to proper tuning and mechanical specifications from day one. No magic - just good engineering from the start.

2.Factory kits smooth out the 4000 rpm buzz - the larger pilot, in conjunction with the proper needle base diameter, simply erases the buzz - In fact - we never even thought of the FZ1 as a particularly "buzzy" bike, as we never had a buzz after we tuned the bike -
The EC997 dynes will actually display "engine smoothness" in realtime.

3. Factory Pro's Y69 kit specifies staggered main jets -  Why? Because the EC997 Low Inertia dyne systems CAN see the power difference in only 1 jet size change on only 2 carbs - and common, dealership level dynes just can't function at that detail level - You'd be surprised at who uses a dealership level dyno to "design" products......

4. It took some time to develop the kit - but we didn't have to make 35 different needles or anything like that - Proper dyne test equipment allows pertinent information that guides the kit designer in the proper direction - without flailing and jetting by "luck" and then bragging about how hard it was -

5. Conserving fuel mileage is a normal Factory Pro goal - The Y69 Series kit can deliver the best performance while retaining the best mileage possible when properly tuned.

6. Even though great results are obtained by simply dropping in the kit as per suggested settings, Factory Pro's Y69 Series kit contains several different main jet sizes to allow a discriminating tuner/owner to obtain the BEST performance - regardless of the temperature, humidity, elevation, local fuel type - It ridiculous to assume that every FZ1 will take the same size main jet.

7. For best performance,  the RTR-YAM-68-02 Ignition Advance will absolutely improve part throttle power (snap and wheelie) and has improved full throttle power on every FZ1 that's been properly tuned.

8. Part throttle power? It's improved - as is Throttle Linearity - Cutting springs and opening up slide damping holes decreases the "control" that the rider has when "riding the twisties" esp. when riding "2-up".
Cutting springs is great for Wednesday night at Dairy Queen, in neutral, though.

The Factory Pro carb kit is designed to be the smoothest running, most controllable aftermarket Carb Recal Kit tm for the FZ1.


Ignition Timing Rotors

(or +06)

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Ignition Advance Rotor

+4 degrees advance adds power at ALL part throttle positions. That equates to more "snap" in throttle response for you! Makes full throttle, 1st gear, when properly jetted, silly. (as if it wasn't already....)
Most bikes will gain 1-2hp at full throttle at various rpms when measured on the Low Inertia EC997 Eddy Current Dynamometer and when ridden in the real world. Picks up some of the power that is lost at low rpm / full throttle when the "EXUP" system is removed.

Air Filters, Street and Race series

BMC STREET air  filter system


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 Adding the BMC Street filter will add ~1hp at high rpm when properly jetted (~1mj increase) and will "clean up" low-end richness when fully warmed upon stock carbureted bike otherwise.

 Suggest cleanable BMC air  filter system (avail. direct from Factory) for more power - click here / there for more information.

 The picture shows 2 FZ1 filters for detail - The bike uses only one.

Billet Alloy Engine Covers - now with integrated frame "sliders"!

Left side $279.95

Right side

Billet Engine Covers
COV-Y68-RH and LH

cov_y68_Nestor.jpg (116349 bytes)

RH and LH Billet Engine Covers.
Absolutely the strongest covers you can buy - and has the highest strength / weight ratio available!
Hi Tech fly-cut surfaces can be polished to a brilliant sheen for the ultimate in show! Includes gaskets and stainless steel allen screws.
New for 2000 - Integrated frame "sliders".

wpe24.jpg (116132 bytes)
wpe25.jpg (103847 bytes)
Click on images for full size.
Thanks to Andy Costello, John Irish Jeep Sales of San Rafael, CA at (415) 453-7020 for the use of his R1!

Tools: test and setup

TL-float height gauge
$59.95 USD

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The only way to accurately measure float heights in mm. Works on nearly every carburetor.


April 2003

Just installed the Factory Pro Carb Kit - 1st impressions

Well, for the impressions now... I took the bike for a short ride and it worked very well "out of the box", even before the carb sync. It seems a tad weak below 2000rpm (big deal..) but really takes off from 3500 rpm (i.e. the front feels real light) with a beautiful linear feel.

The engine is not rough anymore, almost silky.

I'll take it for another spin tonight when traffic is lighter and will let you know should anything else comes to my mind. Note that the oem bike, despite its 20K miles, was working well before the install and had been tuned up recently.

But nothing compared to now.

Bottom line: when faced with the task of installing the kit yesterday evening, and wondering whether it would work well once put back together, I had second thoughts. But now I wonder why I did not buy this kit earlier. Great investment, and cheaper than a new bike.

Now, for those without a carb kit: what are you waiting for ?



Absolutely NO carb parts sold in California.

New and improved
Suzuki Teka SFI 2
with new TPS display and "MMT" Memory Module Tuner feature

Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
Suzuki cruisers and sportbikes

Please click here for more info

Contact Factory Pro
M-F, 9am - 5pm, Pacific time, -7 or -8 GMT

800 869-0497
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415 883-5620

no fax

Factory Pro
101c Roblar Drive
Novato, CA

If it's
4pm at Factory Pro it's 9am in eastern Australia.

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