The Factory Pro
Teka SFI 2 Suzuki Tuning System
2008, October 11, 900pm (existing backorders will be filled first, later next week))
(link to original Teka SFI page)

The most cost effective Suzuki tuning system

Available as a "Full Package" with TPS read out, Battery Pack and 1 MMT Memory Module Tuner
(pn: TEKA-SFI-2-AA )
or as
 "Bare Bones" Teka SFI.

Teka SFI 2 tuning reprogrammer


Pull the seat, connect the SFI 2, make tuning changes, remove the SFI 2. Done.

Built on the success of the original Factory Pro Teka SFI, this is the new and improved SFI 2 tuner's tool.
pn: TEKA-SFI-2-PGM  Bare Bones Teka SFI 2

MMT Memory Modules
$50 ea

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Teka SFI 2 Professional Tuner's Kit
(w/ case, 1 MMT Module, TPS harness, Battery Pack)
  • Best for professional race and cost effective dealership use.
  • 1 Teka SFI 2 tuner tool w/ TPS and MMT support
  • 1 Universal TPS Harness
  • 1 starter MMT Memory Module Tuner (additional units available below)
  • 1 Battery Pack (for use in universal TPS and remote MMT module tuning)
  • 1 foam lined storage case
  • $895 / Teka SFI w/ above accessories with case
  • additional MMT modules available below

($1100 value)

(the BEST deal)

Teka SFI + Shipping destination

Teka SFI 2 "bare bones" tuner only
(with case but w/ no accessories)
pn: TEKA-SFI-2-PGM Bare Bones
  • 1 Teka SFI 2 tuner tool only (works like the original SFI)
  • Great for private use
  • does not do TPS or enhanced TH % resolution w/o below accessories
  • 1 foam lined storage case
  • optional MMT module available below
  • $695 / bare SFI 2 tuner with case only
spn: TEKA-SFI-2-PGM Bare Bone

Bare Bones
Teka SFI only + shipping destination

MMT Memory Module Tuner

To allow user incremental tuneability after tuning with the SFI 2.

Program the MMT - plug it into the bike and have 10 screwdriver adjustable positions of richer and leaner + a position for "all stock" setting

Always easy to return to the unmodified SFI tuned map if confused!

MMT Memory Modules
$50 ea

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TPS Harness

To activate the Throttle Position readout on the SFI 2 screen - You can see TH% when tuning.

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Battery Pack
To allow remote tuning of the MMT Memory Module Tuner (without a bike).
pn:  TEKA-SFI-2-BP9 $59.95

Teka SFI 2  "Advanced Mode" additional features include
(accessible when used with the MMT Memory Module Tuner and, optionally,  the TPS harness ) Teka SFI 2 Universal TPS opening reader
(advanced SFI 2 mode - requires TPS harness and hookup))
works on.50-5 / .5-12 vdc TPS or similar potentiometers


SFI 2 Bare Bones and Accessories

extra MMT Memory Module Tuner units
(1 is required for user tuneability and enhanced TH % resolution -  not required for "Classic Mode" SFI 2 Tuning)
pn: TEKA-SFI-2-MM2
  • Install the small, new lightweight Teka MMT module - watch the enhanced Teka SFI 2 tuner resolution features come alive!
  • Less than 1/2 the weight and size of a PC3
  • Use to access Teka SFI 2 MMT map's "hi-res" programming
  • Provides easy access user fine tuning feature
  • Accessing enhanced SFI 2 tuning features and resolution
  • Use 1 per bike as a suggested option


additional MMT module + shipping


Battery Pack
(included in Tuner's Kit, additional for the "bare bones" kit)
pn:  TEKA-SFI-2-BP9
  • To power the SFI 2 for "Universal TPS" or voltmeter use
  • Uses 9 vdc battery
  • Will not work on the original Teka SFI
Teka SFI 2 Battery Pack + shipping
TPS harness
(included in Tuner's Kit, additional for the "bare bones" kit)
  • for activating SFI 2 "TPS % Display" and .5 to 12vdc voltmeter on Teka SFI 2 screen
  • Add to Bare Bones SFI 2 unit
  • Will not work on the original Teka SFI
  • One required for the SFI 2
Teka SFI 2 TPS harness + shipping
Probes, wire piercing
(for quick, easy TPS connections, an option for the TPS harness)
pn: TEKA-PROBE-5913
  • Clamping and piercing wire probes
    • make temp wire (TPS) connections without having to strip wires
TEKA-Probe-Pomona-5913 + shipping

Instruction link - here