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Wheelsmith Racing has been tuning long before 1980 and on a National Level, since the 1986 / 1987 Suzuki Cup Series when our own Iain Pero won and placed 2nd on both the National 750 and 1100 Suzuki Cup classes held at Riverside Raceway.
In the late 80's, Wheelsmith Racing helped build and tune as many as 7 of the top 10 AFM championship bikes.

Wheelsmith Racing / Factory Pro has provided technical services / tuning components for every large Japanese motorcycle USA importer at one time or another and have had the good luck to have been able to  provide  technical services and / or dyno work with the EC997 dyne systems to others,  including

Derek Powell 2018
Mark Junge's #1 Vesrah Racing (EC997 dyno),
#1 Jordan Racing (EC997 dyno, 2002-2012)
#1 Rich Oliver Racing,
Anthony Lupo,
#1 John Fryer, AFM #1 1989
Jason DiSalvo,
#1 Chuck Sorrensen,
#1 Mert Lawwill, Harley Davidson Streettracker
Tray Batey,
John Jacobi,
#1 Colin Edwards,
Lenny Hale, AFM
Cory West, we started helping Cory when he was riding a tz250,
Austin Ducati,
#1 Belgarda Yamaha World 600 Supersport, we made their velocity stacks and supplied our CRB-Y78-1.7-RK Race Kit,
Al Saliveria,
Attack Racing, with Mark Miller's R1 and their R6 Yamaha,
Team Kinkos Kawasaki and Yamaha (EC997 dyno), The fastest yzf600's and ysf750's around and we all figured out why the 95 zx6's flooded under hard braking (from frame flex...... Email Marc marc@factorypro.com)
Hall and Still Racing,
Swine Dudes Racing,
Muzzy's, 6r, 7r carb and shift parts
Hooters Racing, 
Aaron Yates, even back in the day of Pro Thunder HD and 750 Supersport days
Geoff May,
Steve Rapp,
Mike Smith,
Kaz Yashima,
Jim Doer of Megacycle Cams,
Full Spectrum Racing (EC997 dyno),
Over Racing, Hindle Exhaust, D&D Exhaust
Dick Suarez (EC997),
Kent Kunitsugo (we made the first set of downdraft Keihin "CR" carbs in the world - Keihin used our concept when they designed the downdraft "FCR")
Barry Seevers (who used our, hand made in northern California, "downdraft" Keihin CR carbs on a cbr600f)
Evans Brassfield,
David Sadowski,
Dave Deveau, #1 Winner AMA Sears Point 600 Superstreet, 1989
Mark McDaniel, top AMA, WERA  and AFM
Joe Brett Williams,
Jimmy Randolph,
Jimmy Felice, zx6r and tz250
Mike Velasco,
Jason Pridmore,
Tom Wilson, winner A Superstock WERA
Canada's Blackfoot Racing
Chuck Downey and
Jamie Barkley,
Scott Grey,
Dave Stanton,
Jeff Hagan,
Dennis Zickrick.
Mike Velasco,
Vance and Hines Yamaha,
Yoshimura Suzuki,
a bunch of Haydens, and some of the "originally local" Bostrom clan.
Dynamometer testing and horsepower articles have appeared Motorcycle Consumer News, Cycle Canada, Sport Rider and Motorcyclist magazines, some ghost written and some as the main fact provider.

Wheelsmith's 30+ years of understanding fuel injection and carburetor tuning for the rider is part the result of the founder, Marc Salvisberg's, background in racing. (I  was about "almost good enough" a rider, but  -. Marc :-)
In the early 80's, he was swapping wins in middleweight production, winning lightweight production and top 2-3 in Open Superbike at Sears Point / Infineon Raceway. He and Kenny Roberts did the testing for Fox Racing's early roadrace and flat track suspension.
Understanding what works best for a rider is far from "tuning to an air fuel ratio" and requires a special high speed. low inertia dyno to perfectly tune that part throttle smoothness that is absolutely required for quick riding (and smooth cruise in town :-)

As far as tuning, not only is fine tuning required for smoothest running, the high speed EC997 dynos feature a 4 or 5 gas EGA for highly accurate analysis of exhaust gases. This allows the tuner to not only tune for best smoothness, it also allows the tuner to pick out the throttle positions and rpms that  one uses on the highway and gently lean just those areas for maximum mileage. We've retuned a fair amount of bikes that the owner's only complaint was poor mileage - and delivered back a bike that improved mileage as much as 10% along with significantly better power and response.
So, if you've already had your bike "custom tuned" to an AFR, and your mileage is less than desired,  maybe we can retune it beyond "AFR" tuning standards and get you better mileage and better performance.
All it takes is a $80 diagnostic dyno run with our  5 gas EGA to see if we can help.

Listed in Rates and Applications are some tuning systems that we have used. The pricing is dependant, to a large part, on the ease of fine tuning and software usability.

It is assumed that the "tuning device" is installed and running.

Contact  415 472 4962, 9-5, M-F and Sat by appointment.

Email Marc marc@factorypro.com


Rates and Applications
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