Superflare Velocity Stacks

Factory Pro's race winning Honda designs

Factory Pro -

The guys who work hardest to create bolt-on performance on the already finely honed Hondas.

Some of the strongest Honda 600's that we've tuned had a properly tuned HRC ECU (EC997 Tuning Centers - Tune to Best Power like Vesrah, Xxxxx not "AFR"), A decent pipe, BMC Race air filter and Factory Pro V Stacks.

The power developed by intake tract resonance optimization and the sharp, crisp sound of 4 properly tuned intake ports - Goosebumps!  :-)     Without major retuning.......

Factory Pro! The world's largest producer of aftermarket velocity stacks for CV carbs.

Honda V Stack application links

cbr600rr, 07-09   NEW!
More lowend, mid, upper mid, peak and 500 higher rpm powerband.
cbr600rr, 03-06 click here
WERA National Champion
More lowend, mid, upper mid, peak and 500 higher rpm powerband.
cbr929, 00-01
more low, mid and topend
cbr954, 02-03
more low, mid and topend


600rr Stack Feedback
August 4, 2005
holy **** marc,,, finally i rode the bike tonight,,, with no traffic,,, had a chance to see if your stacks made a difference,,,,,hell yeah they did,,,,found my-self trying to hang on to the bike more than riding it.....excellent product.....just got to get my mid-range balanced out,, then it will be a rocket-ship.....thanks again...

Hey Marc
I installed these things and WOW what a diff i love em
and have been recommending them often
Now i have a buddy with a 03 Kawi 636
wondering if you guys make me for his bike and if so how much ??
Thanks man


What is it?
There's something that makes the susceptible ones of us to instinctually react to the sound of an engine at high rpm, running as perfectly as possible - on each and every cylinder -
It's that sound like Roger described as - "The sound of "rippin' sheets" going down a straight."

Something that makes a "not just good, but perfectly tuned" race engine sound that causes the hair on the back of your arms to rise up.......

First step it getting the intake tract lengths correct....... Then, intake cam set perfectly for that engine, then a matching exhaust for the cam settings, getting the ignition timing perfect at every rpm, eliminating ignition scatter, then, finally, providing the correct amount of fuel on each cylinder, at each rpm point...

That eliminates, except by luck, "Tuning to an A/F Ratio" as the final answer to tuning...
True HP

It's not that easy to make that sound...... 98% of engines at a racetrack won't even do that.
Kudos to the tuners who can consistently pull that off!
The are the stars in the industry.

Take the first step with as set of these power adding
Factory Pro V-Stax!

EC997 Eddy Current Dyno Developed  4 Gas EGA!
The dyno makes the difference!



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