TL1000s / TL1000r

Factory Pro Series "S91"

Factory Pro
Teka SFI
Suzuki FI programming tool

Factory Pro
Ignition Advance Kit
100% reliable advance method. NO add-on ignition module
Factory Pro
wicked good shifting
BMC gsx1300r.JPG (330377 bytes) BMC filters
Factory Pro
SV / TL Alloy Tank Risers
wicked good air! + True 1hp
  52mm throttle bodies

DL1000 stacks DO NOT fit the TL1000.


Teka SFI - Suzuki Fuel Injection Adjusting Tool

base unit - accessories extra

 for dealers who want their new bikes to run well BEFORE they leave with their new owners!


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Teka SFI FI TuningTool
(Factory Pro's digital Suzuki FI adjust tool to retune the STOCK ECU!)

Make National Winning quality Suzuki Fuel Injection changes in 20 seconds!!  
 Tune 1 bike - tune 100 bikes - tune 1000 bikes  Tune your or your customers' Suzuki's like the AMA pro's!
Make the changes - then take the tool off - Not an add-on box!

Mike Smith, Robert Jensen, Hooters Racing, Alan Schmidt, JJ, Jake and Brian, too!
2nd and 7th 750 Superstock
TEKA SFI fuel injected and the "others" with EC997 dyno tuned maps in their pc's and ems's.....
Factory Pro EC997 dyno tuned Suzuki 750's

Order now - 800 869-0497

Can ride while installed,
then, remove and settings stay!

set each cylinder's idle and adjust running
throttle positions!

Adjust both Idle and Run

Adjust all these throttle ranges  -
then remove the Teka SFI tool!


Hybrid Ceramic Wheel Bearings


2 bearing kit

front wheel only

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Hybrid Ceramic Wheel  Bearings

2 front wheel bearings

Tough 52100 steel races, rubber seals and lightweight, almost  friction free, silicon nitride ceramic balls.

Bearings are pregreased and ready to use.
Bearings have rubber seals that are easy to remove if desired.

Teka MMT Module
EZ tune MMT (adj. memory module) Power Tube

1 MMT module + shipping
Additional notes for seller



MMT Power Tuner

After tuning with a Teka SFI 2,
you can use this optional module to fine fine adjust fueling with a screwdriver adjustable rotary switch.

MMT plugs right in to the bikes tuning port (same as the SFI).

If tuning with the SFI 2 / MMT combination:
The MMT is plugged into the bike, the SFI 2 is plugged into the MMT and all tuning settings from the SFI 2 are stored in the MMT and automatically transferred to the bike.
After SFI tuning, the SFI is removed and the MMT is left on the bike.
Then, for any fine tuning or adjusting after you maybe change air filters or similar or high altitude or a lot of freeway riding, you can just tweak the MMT Power Select Switch to a different number.
"5" = "as tuned with the SFI 2
"6" to "9" = incrementally richer
"4" to "1" = incrementally richer
"0" = "All zero ECU settings

If tuning with the MMT only (without custom SFI tuning):
If just installing an MMT without SFI custom  retuning, just installing the MMT will allow you to adjust, globally, incrementally richer or leaner with the Power Select rotary switch.

If you first install an MMT and decide the have it custom tuned with the SFI 2,  no problem.
Just plug the SFI 2 into the MMT's Tuning port and tune that perfect map.

Then, you still have the ability to "trim" map for conditions with the Power Select Switch - and you even have, by setting it at "0", to recheck how the "zero" map was in comparison to your "SFI Tuned Map". 

EZ install - all stock connectors, no splicing.

Evo Shift STAR kit - Kit for shift improvement (maybe like a "night and day" improvement?)

SHFT-EVO-S91-KT  $199.95

contains: EVO Shift STAR, Factory Pro Spring and
11485-02F10 shift cover gasket

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Evo Shift STAR
Includes Factory Pro's AWESOME Evo Shift STAR - Totally changes the rough in town shifting the Suzuki's are known for into the sweetest shifting bike - The one you've always wanted!
In town shifting is effortless and slick - on track or when high speed - a shift is a light tap and it's done. No bike "unsettling".

 last lap, last corner, 110 mph, two wheel drift... passing on the outside, bike carefully controlled by just the subtlest of weight transfer and just a "fingers touch" on the throttle... you run out of rpm and need to upshift to complete the pass.... you need to shift.... it's ok.... a tap and you are in the 4th, still in a drift....... you keep slightly pulling... around.... slowly win...... 

Or just remember how clunky the shifting is around town.......

Factory Pro designed, refined and manufactured Shift STAR, heavy duty detent spring and gasket. Makes shifting quicker and more positive - "virtually" eliminating those nasty missed shifts, upshifts and downshifts. The stronger detent spring rotates the shift drum quicker, so the gears are more likely to engage under quick shift conditions - and those occasional "lazy" ones we all do sometimes, too -
The EVO STAR? Makes it AWESOMELY nice.
The closest to a "paddle shifter" for a motorcycle that you will ever find!!

Great Product!
I just installed my Detent Star & wanted you to know it transformed how my TL shifted! no more miss-shifts. 
Thanks - Brian Kirner

Daniel Garza wrote:

DAM!!!!!  my hats off to the people who did the R&D on the star man it shifts awesome.  Billy said my stock piece was already loose so it worked out great.  he says hi back at you.  anyways great product
thanx - danny

Ignition Advance Kit / Ignition Advance "rotor"

 RTR-SUZ-36-04    $99.95

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 Ignition Advance Kit

Use this simple kit to advance the ignition timing 4 degrees for more power at part throttle and at full throttle.
Install the key with offset to the LEFT to advance the timing!
For easiest, quickest install - we suggest that you have access to an air or electric 1/2"  impact wrench - That makes it simple to remove the rotor bolt --
Kit includes special key AND Factory Pro's own heat treated, tool steel, plated rotor puller.
Replaces OEM key #09420-04008
TL1000s all / TL1000r all
SV1000 till at least 07
SV650 till at least 2020
Hayabusa 1300 till at least 2020

Takes about 1/2 hour to install and adds 1-2 True HP.



Yes, Factory Pro does make a ignition advancer for our bikes.

I installed it at the same time as the shift kit.

It was another mod worth doing as I already was using a pc11 and even the dyno operator was surprised by  the results.

it gave me another 2bhp and 1lbs torque on top of the pc11 output.

So my 97 tls runs with pc11 + factory pro 4 degree ignition advancer kit, K&N and full Akrapovic system. Total Rear wheel HP on a very cold day was 131 hp and 82lbs torque so normal conditions should see a true 125-126 hp.



Tank Risers, SV 650 / TL 1000

Now!  $34.95
  for a pair

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When the first SV's came out, we discovered that the fuel tank was too close to the air inlet for the airbox and it blocked some valuable air flow - hurting peak power (and the 1000 needs all it can get!!)

So - In our old premium SV650 carb kits, we provided 17mm risers (16mm wasn't enough and 19mm was awkwardly high and did little more than 17mm) -

So - the "magic" size of 17mm was born!

+1 True HP in 5 minutes!!!

OK - You can get a longer screws and stack up "fender" washers or you can get these cool alloy machined tank risers and stainless steel allen screws and be COOL!!!

Shifting Tech - gearbox secrets
(or Marc Salvisberg gives it up......)

So.... you've looked at gearboxes for years and  inside the cases, they look pretty much the same.
Every brand's transmissions feel and work differently, model to model and even specifically, bike to specific bike.
One reason?

Check this part out -
If the Arms are centered, the trans tends to shift equally well, up or down.

If the fingers are closer to the pin that the shift shaft arm needs to grab to downshift, downshifts will be "quicker" and vice versa.

This is good.

The pins are centered between fingers when the shift shaft is at rest.

If you look closely at the LH picture, you can see that I shimmed up the shift shaft centering stud with a folded business card, ~.024" offset made the difference.

This is not so good.

The pins are not centered between fingers when the shift shaft is at rest.

If they don't drop down fully, beyond the "pins", that prevents the "fingers" from dropping down and getting ready for the next shift.

If you've got issues - check.



Adjustable Center Shift Stud, 8mm       $24.95

(and possibly others that use 8x125mm threaded "fixed" stud)

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If the shift shaft fingers aren't centered on the shift shaft, Factory Pro has the fix.

It's a special 8mm thread, offset "centering" stud, adjustable by almost 1mm. For example, the difference in the above example was only .31mm/.024".

More experienced mechanics will recall when almost all transmissions were equipped with parts like these. That allowed the engine builder to set the shift shaft to exactly in the center for the best possible shift performance. We'd all like to think that the original engineers never make mistakes, but then we wouldn't need warranties, yes?

Install the stud with enough threads exposed for the locknut.
Turn stud till shift shaft "fingers" are centered on detent STAR pins.
Tighten down the locknut.
Recheck indexing.

This fits all the  DL650 / SV650 / SV TL DL 1000 and others.




TECH Information:

TL1000s, early models

surging at cruise, EFI, ECU,

The early TL1000s' went through a trying debut. The bike's commonly had a fairly significant surge and Suzuki warranteed a large number of ECU's, trying to get the fueling right. Eventually, (ecu #3?) they sorted it out.

In 97, we ran an S on an EC997 dyno and immediately picked up that there was a lot of oxygen in the exhaust during and
EC997 dyno test and I think that somebody at Suzuki was thinking that the bike was too lean

(oh... the dreaded "tune to an af ratio" myth strikes again and costs Suzuki hundreds of thousands of dollars).... and they reprogrammed the ecu's richer, unequally.. or equally, but he bike didn't want whatever they originally did on ecu 1 and 2.....

You can tune even the original, non-warranteed, 1000S ecu's. (we just an original ecu on in Jan, 2006!)

Teka SFI.

Make best idle mixture, on each cylinder, while the bike is running.

Then, tune the 10%, as the Teka SFI instructions say.

THEN....... (and this is not a required proceed on 99.9% of other model bikes), in NEUTRAL, bring the bike up to 2000 - 3000 rpm (wherever the roughest running parts is) and adjust the IDLE settings, cylinder by cylinder till it runs smooth.
The IDLE setting actually offsets the 10% TEKA fueling, too....... so you are tuning each cylinder's cruise fueling individually.

Instant smooth at cruise!   :-)


Thermostat The coolant thermostat controls the minimum coolant temperature.

It doesn't raise the maximum coolant temperature, only the lowest temperature allowed by the thermostat.

The TL's that we've worked with had a running range of ~40f - from 165f-170f cruising down the highway on a cool day to 200f-205f in ~25mph traffic at <3000rpm. At that spread of temperatures, the TL's FI system didn't correct adequately, allowing rich and lean problems to appear and disappear as the coolant temp changed.

There are several solutions if there is are tuning problems caused by excessive coolant temp range.

Replacing the thermostat with a higher minimum temp unit, perhaps 185f. Easy to do.

The water pump doesn't pump much below 3000rpm, so "blipping" the throttle above 3k occasionally when in traffic helps move the coolant through the radiator and lower the temp - decreasing the coolant temperature.

Backfire under Decel (persistent) Air cannot be allowed to enter the exhaust port. If there are ports that bleed air through the head into the port, plug them.
Gear Indicator Resistance So, you heard something about "Big Pink"? As measured on 1998 TL1000R, in-house unit: Gear and indicator resistances as follows:
1st: 567 ohms
2nd: 827 ohms
3rd: 1.5k ohms
4th: 2.7k ohms
5th: 6.81k ohms
6th: 14.97k ohms
If you want to fool the ECU into thinking it's in one gear or another, you could jump a resistor across the 2 wires on the main harness that would normally go to the gear indicator unit at the end of the shift drum.
As an example. If you wanted to trick the ECU into thinking that the bike was in, say 4th gear, you would place a 2.7k ohm between the appropriate wires. Don't call us and ask any more about it - it's up to you to use this information as based on facts, rumor, intuition, wishes and desires......
Also, the resistance values seem to be identical to the 98-99 GSXR750 - and the 00-02 gsxr750 and the gsxr1000's....









Absolutely NO carb parts sold in California.

New and improved Suzuki Teka SFI  2

with new TPS display and "MMT" Memory Module Tuner

Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
Suzuki cruisers and sportbikes

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