Teka SFI 1 (discontinued)

Teka SFI 2 with TPS display and MMT user module - click here

the dealership and AMA pro racer's......
(Factory Pro's digital Suzuki FI adjust tool to retune the STOCK Suzuki  ECU!)

Make Suzuki Fuel Injection changes in 20 seconds -
Plug in - push button - unplug - GO.

Reprogram Suzuki fuel injection rates with no add-on boxes to the bike.
Richens OR leans out mixture.

Tune 1 bike - tune 100 bikes - tune 1000 bikes
Tune your or your customers' Suzuki's like the AMA pro's!
Make the changes - then take the tool off - Not an add-on box!

The Racetrack
The most acute, time constrained element -
When at the track, it's difficult to fiddle around with laptops on the pit wall - saving files, loading files, uploading, waiting, downloading, renaming, overwriting (oops!), losing downloaded maps, laptop batteries dying, tripping over serial cables.... cracked LCD screens.... Ick.
All you wanted to do is to just try richening up the full throttle fueling a bit and try it. Too much work - Forget it - the bike runs good enough.....

Factory Pro's new Teka SFI will, simply, allow you to make fuel changes on your Suzuki in less than 20 seconds.
No laptop. No palm pilot. No hassle.
Realtime changes - even AS the bike is RUNNING.
Multiple Pro Racing Podium finishes - Mike Smith, Jimmy Moore, Tony Meiring, Team Hooters, EDR Racing and many more. 

The Shop
When customer satisfaction and good value are paramount

Before the Teka SFI came along for the Suzuki, the only realistic choices available to tune the Suzuki were either the venerable Yoshimura "421" 3 position, +/-"10" analog reprogramming box or a power commander.
One, economically cost effective per bike, the  "Yosh box", worked acceptably and reliably for some bikes, but is limited in throttle position resolution and absolute fuel adjustment range. In other words - it worked on a some bikes, allowing enough tuning range for clean and strong running - and worked at well enough to tune several AMA Supersport 750's all the way to podium finishes. At any rate - the "Yosh Box" (still available from Yoshimura), could provide a good running bike on a percentage of Suzuki's. Total tuning cost for shop was labor only. Same for the customer. No parts to buy and install - no warranty issues - no mystery map loss, etc... 

The other tuning scheme possibility was to buy a pc and subscribe to the dream that you could download the perfect map off the internet for your bike and pipe and experience magical perfection in performance. Wow. Cool....  So - now that pretty much everybody in the industry knows that is a sales marketer's dream (selling the sizzle, as they say...)  - we pretty much know that if a downloaded map happens to work perfectly on the bike that you are working on, it's good luck. A Las Vegas gamble, as they say.
So - since the ~$300 - $400 power commander purchase gamble may or may not work really well, depending on how lucky one is, it leaves the pc owner open to only 3 options - ride the bike as is and complain about it (most common), download more maps and keep trying to find a map that works (maybe 5% to 10% of owners) or give up and pay someone else $200 - $500 to make a custom map for his or her bike.
Now, we are talking about a possible $500 to $1000 investment instead of using the Teka SFI to reprogram the stock Suzuki ECU......

For the customer, the Teka SFI provides the means to properly tune, to a fine degree, the original Suzuki Fuel Injection system. The cost per bike? Only the labor time invested.
The Teka SFI has the range of about the equivalent of "4-5 main jets" (it's actually more because the Suzuki ECU accommodates some changes automatically).

SFI remembers and displays the changes you've made (so you can remember what you've already done!)
SFI changes FI mapping when you press the button - so you can hear the idle change while the engine is running - better or worse?
As far as that goes - the idle quality (for some reason) will always be better with the SFI over a Suzuki with a pc installed. Starting, too, is better with the TEKA SFI tuned bike over a pc3r equipped bike.
It's pretty nice when you take off a pc3 and use the SFI to tune the bike - the customer touches the starter button and the bike doesn't grind and maybe backfire before it starts - the drama is gone and the customer is happy...... "Starts just like it did when it was stock! - Thank you!"
SFI will change mixture as the bike is running - as in road testing and richening up the 10% throttle range - no need to stop - change and try - change and try...
All done? Take the SFI off and take off!

And - no. The ECU will NOT lose the map if the battery power is disconnected. Whoever says that doesn't have enough experience to state that (obviously true, because they are wrong). And no, a power commander will still work just fine if the stock Suzuki ECU is not zeroed out. (it's painful to listen to a poor customer who has decided that they are going to try a pc after Teka SFI and the guy who "sold them on the pc" and tells them that the pc "won't work" if the ecu isn't zero.
It's not uncommon to see a Suzuki race team with a semi-tuned Suzuki ecu, with a pc added (because they don't have the ability to  tune the kit ecu and their dynojet dyno can "tune to an af ratio") fine adjusting the fueling with a Teka SFI to make the "tuned to an af ratio" pc mapping work on the track....... for example.

What if there is something really odd in the fuel curve of a highly modified bike and the Teka SFI can't adjust the ECU enough? No big matter - you only have some labor invested and you don't have to deal with a parts return or a disgruntled customer. You tried and it couldn't be done - they must buy an aftermarket "add-on" box  and deal with that cost. 
Better to start with the cost effective SFI method - rather than selling everybody add-on boxes that still need additional tuning anyway.


The Teka SFI can be used to tune with:

1. EC997 Low Inertia Dynos (EC997's natively tune to best power settings - not so-called "A/F Ratio") - quick and easy and most accurate with best customer satisfaction.
2. Dynojet 100, 150, 200 and 250: For best customer satisfaction, don't make the product look bad - please tune for best power - not a/f ratio! - use 6th gear to tune. Do not use 4th gear except on small bikes.
Unlike other Suzuki add-on boxes (like pc's and Teka EMS's) requirements, the TEKA SFI is PERFECT for FI tuning on simple inertia dynos, like the dj 100, 150 and 200.
When it's time to upgrade from a common dj dyno - it's probably a good time to trade-in your old dj dyno on a new Low Inertia
EC997 Eddy Current dyno - there's not much sense in upgrading a dj dyno into a heavy, slow reacting, sloppy rpm holding, over-heat producing, brake shutting off 250i behemoth when you can have a quick reacting, self cooling, easy to use EC997 - now with patented Slotted Drive Roller for 33% better traction with less downforce required and decreased slippage! No smoke from the tire..... 
Remember - the same people who brought you jet kits that work and FI tuning products (finally!) that are cost effective - designed and built the first, and still the only easy to use AND reliable eddy current motorcycle chassis dyne! 
Imagine! The eddy current brake doesn't overheat and shut off like the others! Rocket Science??
Nah... Normal, good design concepts.
3. Fuchs: Same as dj dyno - tune for best power, use 6th gear to tune, all the time - The Fuchs has very little inertial mass - even less / worse than dj dynos.
4. Track or Road testing - Follow enclosed instructions and you'll be able to provide better drivability, customer satisfaction and power quicker than any autolinked anything!
(Remember - it's REALTIME, instant changes - no engine stop and restart!)

Sample SFI Tuning Instructions, click here

This Teka SFI (Suzuki Fuel Injection) box of magic works on:
gsxr  600, 01-08
gsxr  750, 98-08
gsxr1000, 01-08
gsx1300r Busa, all years
sv650, 03-08
sv1000, 03-08
TL1000r, all years
TL1000s, all years
DL's all years

$695 / base price for bare bones tuner


Subject: Thanks / att. Marc
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 21:51:06 -0400
From: "Gregory L. Sullivan" <info@sxxxxxxntransmission.com>
To: <info@factorypro.com>

I just wanted to say thanks for the Teka box for my Suzuki is killer. Set up per instructions and have smooth stable power to 13000. pcIII good bye ,no more -  kind of good. Also want to apologize for cutting u off when my parts came but when the cat comes back the rat must work.

Gregory L. Sullivan








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New and improved Suzuki Teka SFI  2

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Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
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