Lightweight Shift Centering Spring

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Just rode bike awesome shifting, smooth, smooth smooth
Mike Hoak
August 2013

Lightweight Shift Centering Spring

For when you decide that you want lighter feeling shift lever action for better feel.
A lighter foot shift pressure is less unsettling.
Decreases lever effort required to make a shift.
 Makes foot shift pressure more like other sportbikes.
Since you are not having to push so hard to move the lever, it's easier to find neutral.

Like your rearsets? But, no matter how you lube, shim, adjust the arcs, angles and lengths, it's still annoyingly stiff to shift?


 Ducati 916

Your pristine 916 doesn't run properly at full throttle/low rpm or part throttle, higher rpms?

It's not because it's a racebike - it's just mapped improperly.

Factory Pro's own
GP Gold Eprom

This is the chip that takes the mystery out of how to get a 748rs to run cleanly.
Factorini Provente
Hybrid Ceramic Pro Shift Kit

Shift quicker, miss fewer shifts, shifts better - up and down, find neutral easier Trackday bike "must have".

Shift Improvement Kit -
virtually eliminate missed shifts, shift easier and quicker - help prevent "sticking in neutral" between the upper gears.


Hybrid Ceramic MicroBearing F-Pro Detent Arm and F-Pro spring. Does not include clutch cover gasket.

1. Choose your shipping method

right under the clutch

stock arm to left, Factory Pro MicroBearing to right

Factorini Provente Shift Kit

Love the bike? Except for the shifting? Hard to find neutral? Misses downshifts on the track?


The famous Factorini Provente Shift Kit is now available for the Ducati Twins.

Factorini Provente designed and manufactured Microbearing Detent Arm and Factorini Provente designed Detent Spring will firm up the shift feel and virtually eliminates missed shifts - both upshifting and downshifting and neutral is easier to find.

Trackday and race bikes

Eliminates the need for that old, annoying "ducati trick" of removing the "really kinda necessary" neutral detent that was done to quicken up the shifting on trackday and race bikes ..... (did I mention that when I put a bike in neutral on the dyno, that I really prefer it to STAY in neutral and not "wander into 1st gear by itself? :-)

Shifts quicker.  Misses fewer shifts.
Perfect to install when working on the clutch.
Feels loads better.
Decreases Shift Kill time by 5ms to 10ms if using a quick shifter.

Remove the clutch assembly, remove the RH engine cover  - bolt in the kit.

Includes: Factorini Provente Microbearing Detent Arm and Factorini Provente Detent Spring.
(This kit does not include a clutch cover gasket)

Installation: Less than 2 hours to install with impact wrench and large socket set.

Can I install it myself?  Yes - If you can remove the clutch assembly, you can do this.

    May 23, 2013   From Leigh Thomas
Heather rode her bike for the 1st time since I put the shift kit in. I asked if she liked it, this was her response.
"Yes! Much better. Much smoother. Thank you. :)"


Factory Pro "GP Gold" series EPROM chip - the only chip that works.


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This is the 1.6 Magneti Marelli ecu that the Factory Pro chip works in.

Ducati 748r, 00-01
with 16AW ecu

This is THE only Chip that civilizes the 748r.

Tired of hearing
 "The reason the 748r runs poorly is:"
1. "It's the c****y gas we have here"
2. It's a racebike - it's not supposed to run at low rpm..."

Well - here's the story....
1. The 748r doesn't run well in:
 the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, Ireland. South Africa, Denmark, Bermuda, and even ITALY.
So - even in Italy, where the bike was originally tuned, it didn't run well.

2. Tired of hearing: "It's a racebike."

The 748r doesn't run well at low rpm AND part throttle / high rpm. Every race bike in the world has to run at part throttle - and the stock 748 chip actually cuts out at high rpm / part throttle. No wonder the teams that raced them replaced the ECU with programmable ones and hired an electronics engineer to run it.

Well - we figured out the chip programming issue and custom tuned many, many AMA Pro Thunder Ducatis, (including Debi Venega's Ducati) - stock and modified on our EC997 dyno facility at many AMA National Roadraces. Talk about acid test.

FIX part throttle operation, removes 3k stumbling, 4k-5.5k flat spot, pulls harder through midrange and topend, runs right at part throttle - even at 9k - even in neutral!!
Cruises better -  much nicer bike, now.

feedback report

Custom Trackday 916 Chip Tune


San Francisco Bay Area

Custom Chip Tuning by Marc Salvisberg

When your bike is modified or "just different" and you know that it could run better on the track.

Fuel and ignition settings are carefully adjusted so that  you can cruise without surging or burbling, open up the throttle at any realistic rpm and rev out with the best midrange and topend that your engine package can deliver.

Out of state customers welcome - takes 2-3 days.

415 472 4962

Email Marc

Date:  Sept 2008
location: Denmark

Hi again Marc


I just want to thank you for the new chip. All the problems I had with my bike are gone. It's running just like you promised on your site.

I had many thoughts abut if it was overkill for me to by the 748r with no experience in driving a motorcycle. But with your chip I know it was the right thing for me. What a great bike.


Jens Peter Sorensen


Custom Tune

Anybody who purchases one of our standard chips, as listed above, is eligible for chip credit as applied towards a custom mapset as done on our Low Inertia EC997 dyno  with 4 Gas EGA in San Rafael, CA.

 I don't really care who you bought it through or how much  you paid or even when you bought it.
 I'll take our current listed chip price and apply it towards our current custom mapset charges. Example: $1200 - $380 = $820 custom charge

Note - our custom mapset is NOT what people with dealership level dynojet dynos purport to do. All fuel and ignition settings are optimized for best power - not a fictitious, mythical, smoke and mirrors "A/F Ratio"  -

That's probably why the only dyno that Ducati's USA SBK team ever used at AMA races was the EC997 -

Call 800 869-0497 to order
email here

You'd think that if you had developed a chip that fixed a particular bike's major issues that would sell like hotcakes - wouldn't you? Maybe everybody just accepts the 748r's poor drivability?

The 748rs IS pretty and is one of the BEST sounding internal combustion engines ever made!

A power commander is a waste of time and energy, if you want the best performance.

It took the Low Inertia EC997 Eddy Current dynamometer system to be able to develop this multi faceted (main fuel, fuel offset, coolant temp., air temp., ignition, idle ignition, full throttle ignition) chip.
EC997 dynos are simply the best dynos for fuel injection work. Other dynos are incapable of pile of little realtime .1 and .2 hp increments "seeing" the detail required to produce elegant maps and rely on their extremely coarse, Chef Boyardee dealership level "Auto tuning" no experience required, just push the buttons, "sell the dream" scheme.


It's pretty disconcerting to buy one of the most expensive (and prettiest and best handling) 750's around and then have to hear:
"It's a "racebike replica" - of course it doesn't run at part throttle.."
"It's the gas we have" is what I've heard.
Well, after some research, it seems that the gas in the US, UK, France, Germany, Norway, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and even Italy, was all "substandard" and "that's why" the bikes run poorly.  Don't blame the dealer - they can only go by what the manufacturer tells them.

"Huh?"  "Say what??" asks Factory Pro, surprised.... "But why?"  asks I (Marc - and that's how a tuning project starts......)

From the tuners with more (successful) mc Fuel Injection tuning experience than just about any other single USA company.....
(we tune TEKA EMS, Bosch, Denso, Magneti-Marelli, Suzuki oem, (and pc's - as well as possible, anyway)

FULL THROTTLE at 3000 rpm

We fixed the bogging.

FULL THROTTLE at 5000 to 6000 rpm

We fixed the flatness.

Part throttle Cruise

We fixed the surging and bucking.

A 748R chip that works.  At full and part throttle.

These chips deliver smooth running at cruise, full throttle AND at part throttle - even at 3k and 9k rpm!
Smooth. Silk. More power - everywhere.
That's about it. Simple.

Got something unique? Ported? Cammed? Bored throttle bodies? $775 - (for custom programming)
at selected Factory Pro Tuning Centers
(~1 week turnaround)
(and a power commander will never, never, never, ever reach the potential performance of a professionally developed chip - that's NOT sour grapes - it's just a fact - anybody who says differently hasn't compared custom tuned chip to custom tune pc. Period.)

(for information)

How did WE do it - and not the others?
You would need a
4 Gas EGA EC997 Low Inertia Eddy Current Dyno to know.
We developed the FLUX Factor to show engine smoothness - and NOBODY else has that on their dyno!
We designed the dyne system around it.
We use the same dyne system that we sell.

No other dyno will provide the dyno power and engine smoothness information required to fix the 748r map.

We take trade-ins on competing dyno systems.

Still tuning by luck? Stop.


What does it take to design a map for a fuel injection system? A few things.

An exquisite low inertia dyno, the Realtime 4 Gas EGA and an EC997 dyne system, that can measure part throttle engine smoothness (State of the Art dyno feature - and not a dj feature)
A willing customer or 2 or 3.....
30 years of experience performance tuning for power and tuning street motorcycles for low speed / part throttle drivability - We don't have to mention Aprilia, Yoshimura, Muzzy, Honda, Yamaha as historical users of EC997 developed technology and  ....
Software to find maps and index maps. Realtime Emulators, EPROM burners, UV EPROM Erasers, lots and lots of chips.....

Lot's of test rides....... (Gee - that's a "bummer"! :-))

Patience. Patience. Patience. Dedication. A desire to do the best.

The Magneti-Marelli ECU's and "shower type" 748r injector setup used on the Ducati has unique issues, among other things.
If you're a tuner, and one has the desire to properly tune (not just slap "stuff" together" and shove it out the door, one can fine tune to perfection - if you have the time and a
4 Gas EC997 dyno - the only dyno produced that measures and displays REALTIME engine smoothness for absolutely the BEST cruise tuning and
You'd have to tune by "luck" on another brand of dyno with a 900# drum and an eddy current brake hug on the side of it and an o2 sensor that provides fake "A/F Ratios" . And that's pretty darned impossible.

Factory Pro EC997 dyno Power and Drivability to the 748r and 996! The Most and the Best.

Call. Get one. It's good for you and your Ducati!
Call 800 869-0497 to order or see your progressive dealer.

Email about the Power Commander Trade-in Upgrade Program and the competitive EPROM upgrade program.
Trade-in info request

More customer feedback on the 748r as reports come in!

Email us with feedback! We will post them here!


Idle quality and cruise smoothness after installing the Factory Pro D748 chip

After installing the Factory Pro Eprom or any Eprom, you may find, due to the differences in each and every individual bike, that the idle quality will change - sometimes for the better - sometimes, not..... Idle pot setting also affects the fueling at idle and at cruise.

If you install a different Eprom, and the idle quality or cruise quality changes, (and, actually, it should - as a general rule), you should adjust the Idle mixture.  How?
Pretty easy -

Locate the small potentiometer IN the ecu, just to the side of the chip socket ECU (uses a very small flat bladed screwdriver to adjust) and, as the bike is warmed up and running at idle, turn the adjusting screw either way till you find the setting that produces the highest rpm idle. Done?

Congratulations - you have just tuned the idle circuit! Back down the idle speed to desired speed and recheck your "pot" setting .

Don't fret about which way on the "pot" is leaner and which way is richer - it makes no difference - just find the "happy" place.

"Blip" the throttle a bit and verify that the bike comes back down to a stable idle without "hanging up". If it "hangs up" on it's way down, it's slightly lean. If it "blips", then drops below the set idle, then slowly rise back up, it's too rich.

Put everything back together and go for a ride.

Final trim the pot to smoothest cruise.


Customer Feedback on Ducati's  with FI systems tuned on the 4 Gas EGA EC997 Dyno.

Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2007
From - Sun Nov 25 00:22:59 2007
From: "Barry Mccarthy" <>
To: <>
Subject: Eprom for 748r


A quick note to say thanks....have fitted one of your eproms to my 02 748R and it is fantastic.

This has changed a great performing an ever better performing Ducati by eliminating the low down surging problems...


Once again thanks...

Regards  Barry.


Date: Wed, 19 May 2004
From: Dr. Michael Morris <>
To: "Marc W. Salvisberg" <>
Subject: Re:
748 R Chip

I just picked up your Factory Pro drop in chip for my 2000 748R.

Although I expected an improvement I really didn't expect my 748R to become a seriously streetable bike.

All I can say is WOW!!!

The bike no longer stalls, idles perfectly, pulls smooth and strong from 3k to redline without hesitation anywhere, the lack of any throttle between 4-6k rpms is completely gone, and throttle response is now instant.

I'm almost afraid of what you could do with this bike if I were able to get it to you for a custom mapping!

I don't know who I have to thank for their devoted work on this but please pass along my EXTREME gratitude and excitement.

Best regards,

Dr. Michael Morris
Higley, AZ


Customer Feedback on Ducati's  with FI systems tuned on the 4 Gas EGA EC997 Dyno.

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 14:26:50 -0500
From: Brian Leitner <>
To: "Marc W. Salvisberg" <>
Subject: Re: GSF400 Kit

Thanks Marc.  BTW, the Factory Pro chip for my 748R still rocks out--thanks for putting it on the market.
You have a good Christmas, also.


Marc W. Salvisberg wrote:

There's 2 options, but it depends on the t-stat that you bike has - Sometimes and F3, if I remember, was a match to some 
Suzuki's - It's a ~185f, and just fine.
Best idea is to bring yours down to a good auto parts store that caters to professionals and match it up - pretty cheap.
Have a Merry Christmas!

 Brian Leitner wrote:

I've recently purchased a kit from Factory Pro for my GSF400.  No  problems.  Your site says, however, the bike will run best and would 
be best dialed in with a 190F thermostat.  Does Factory Pro sell such  a thermostat?  If not, where does Factory Pro get'em?  
THANKS MUCH and have a great one.

Brian Leitner

Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 19:28:05
Subject: Re: Re: 748r chip
From: <>     To: Marc Salvisberg <

The work you have done on the 748r chip is fantastic!
The bike pulls cleanly from 3000 to redline with no stumbles or flat spots.
I have ridden a 996 with an Arrow 50mm half system and an FIM chip and it almost bucks you out of the seat below 5000.
Hats off to you for all of your hard work in taming the R.

rob blue

Subject: Re: 748 Chip    Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 13:11:57 -0600
From: "Chris Curnen" <>   To: "Marc Salvisberg" <>

The 748R is a wonderful piece that stumbles so hard below 6000 RPM you think it is out of gas. With the Factory R chip installed the bike pulls harder everywhere with no stumbles.

I have a 50 mm intermediate Arrow pipe and the chip and it will run with new 600's.

Would recommend this chip to anyone with a R.

Chris Curnen
Sprocket Specialists

Sprocket Specialists Site    for high quality sprockets, chains, Arrow exhaust, Excel rims


Subject:  my 748R
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 21:15:28 -0400  From: "" <>
To: "" <>

Sorry for not emailing you sooner, I've been too busy riding my bike!
The chip you developed for my 748R is simply awesome. I still can't believe the improvement in low/midrange power and throttle response. I was getting tired of hearing all the reasons other tuning experts were giving about not being able to fix the 1500 rpm wide flatspot from 4K to 5.5K. The bike now pulls hard from any rpm and from any throttle position.
I can't thank you enough!


Gary Milcheck



True Rear Wheel Horsepower -  Factory EC997a Eddy Current Dynamometer

TECH and links injector pics
pics of shower injectors


New and improved Suzuki Teka SFI  2

with new TPS display and "MMT" Memory Module Tuner

Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
Suzuki cruisers and sportbikes

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Contact Factory Pro
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Mailing / Shipping address:

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