DL650 V Strom

All power products developed and tested on the EC997 Eddy Current Dynamometer using the
True Rear Wheel HP Scale
(That's the only dyno that can honestly see more real air fuel ratios and 4 Gas information and graph them properly - others can provide patently wrong tuning information.)

Factory Pro's
Superflare Billet Velocity Stacks

Factory Pro's
Ignition Advance Kit
100% reliable advance method. NOT an add-on ignition module

Factory Pro's
Teka SFI
Suzuki FI programming tool



Factory Pro's
wicked good shifting!
Factory Pro's
Adjustable Centering Stud
An elegant part of blueprinting the shifting


Roy's Wee Package Special
Read Test Report post

reg price 219.90

Save 19.95


Billet Velocity Stacks and Ignition Advancer Kit

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Marc's Wee Package Special

reg price 419.85

Save 39.95

Billet Velocity Stacks, Ignition Advancer Kit and EVO Shift STAR kit

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Superflare Velocity Stacks - EC997 Dyno Developed

VEL-S64-3535   $189.95
(suggested 35/35 length for the DL for midrange and topend)

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Jan 2008

Hi to all -
I received the DL650 Billet Superflare Velocity Stacks - 

what more can I say no more surging no more hiccup when opening the throttle

money well spent

Shane (Australia)


 NEW for the V Strom 650

Another great power product from the only mc focused company in the world that produces a large variety of tuning products AND supports good product development by producing the most sensitive of chassis dynamometers, the EC997 Low Inertia Dyne Systems - the same dyno system that F-USA and ASRA use to police power levels in HP limited race classes.

DL650 Billet Superflare Velocity Stacks

In just 45 minutes and regular hand tools, these new Factory Pro designed Superflare billet stacks will provide 2-3 True HP, generally even without retuning.
That's what we got when we did R&D on a stock engined DL650.
We'd expect about the same results with an DL with a street exhaust system or even a comp exhaust system.

The DL650 uses the 35/35 combination for best midrange - It's different from the SV which uses a 35/70 combination for best midrange.
The 35/35 combo on the DL gives the best midrange AND also best topend.

In other words, in the DL650, I tried longer and shorter and this is the combination that gave the best midrange. And it also gave the best topend, too.

How these stacks came into being.

There are dl650 owners who yearn for 3rd gear wheelies and enjoy a good smoky burnout - but our DL650 market research finds trending towards recreational touring and transportation usage. Since the potential market for DL650 performance might be rather small, we couldn't afford to invest in a full fledged R&D stack development program, so, when we ran into a DL650 guy with a bent towards higher performance, we went over the parts bins and found an existing rubber that would mount up to the airbox, the throttle bodies and a series of stacks that we could select lengths from. 

Load dyno testing determined that "35mm" length added 2-3 hp above 6k and lost nothing below 6k.

So, that's how Factory Pro ended up with high perf parts for the DL650.

The VEL-S64-3535 stacks work well. If we invested a huge amount of money for a new series of stack that only fit DL650's, a new adapter rubber and more days of testing, we might be able to find another horsepower.

Concerning modified engines with different cams, porting or displacement.
As normal, you can't predict what length stack will work the best.... I can guess by looking at a
loaded hp dyno test, but, don't send in dynojet hp runs, as inertia loading distorts the shape of the power curve, eliminating usefulness for optimal tuning.

TRUE HP HP scale
 (for approximate dynojet hp, inflate True hp by 15%)


Do they fit?

August 2014

stock DL650 stacks

Factory Pro Stacks

Stock clamp on Factory Pro rubber. The supplied rubber is larger than the od of the DL650 throttle body, but seals when the boot clamp is tightened.

Slightly larger 45.3mm id of F-Pro stack mounted on slightly smaller DL650 throttle body.  This is exactly how our testing was done.


Hybrid Ceramic Wheel Bearings


2 bearing kit

front wheel only

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Hybrid Ceramic Wheel  Bearings

2 front wheel bearings

Tough 52100 steel races, rubber seals and lightweight, almost  friction free, silicon nitride ceramic balls.

Bearings are pregreased and ready to use.
Bearings have rubber seals that are easy to remove if desired.



Can ride while installed,
then, remove and settings stay!


set each cylinder's idle and adjust running
throttle positions!


Teka SFI fuel injection tuning tool

Teka SFI Suzuki Fuel Injection Tool
(Factory Pro's digital Suzuki FI adjust tool to retune the STOCK ECU!)

Make National Winning quality Suzuki Fuel Injection changes in 20 seconds!!   Tune 1 bike - tune 100 bikes - tune 1000 bikes  Tune your or your customers' Suzuki's like the AMA pro's!
Make the changes - then take the tool off -
Not an add-on box!

$695 / basic unit
No ignition scatter like most add-on boxes!!

EXCELLENT for dealers who want their new bikes to run well BEFORE they leave!

Mike Smith, Robert Jensen, Hooters Racing, Alan Schmidt, JJ, Jake and Brian, too!
2nd and 7th 750 Superstock
TEKA SFI fuel injected and the "others" with EC997 dyno tuned maps in their pc's and ems's.....
Factory Pro EC997 dyno tuned Suzuki 750's

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Adjust both Idle and Run

Adjust all these throttle ranges  -
then remove the Teka SFI tool!


Evo Shift STAR kit, Adjustable Centering Stud, shift kit dl650 / sv650

EVO Detent Star Kit - Improved indexing.

SHFT-EVO-S59-KT   $199.95

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Evo Shift STAR kit, STAR, Spring and no gasket

It's everything that I ever wanted to do to a shift mechanism -
Slightly stronger detent spring - a new MicroBearing detent arm and the final piece... A completely redesigned, empirically refined, multi angled, variable radii, repeaked and valleyed:

NEW IMPROVED SV Shift STAR (it's about 1/4" different from stock)
Much better neutral finding and shift precision.

EVO Shift STAR Kit
This part will totally change the feel of the bike. The shifting effort is about the same - but the speed at which the gears actually engage is dramatically improved - Quicker, easier, shifting - A "twitch" on the lever and the throttle and you are in the next gear! Perfect for track use and road riding for effortless downshifts into a corner and just a "tap" to upshift without any more than a "twitch" off the throttle - That's not even mentioning that missed shifts virtually disappear.
It is a significant improvement over the "05" and later shift star.
In town? Low rpm cruise in second - shift to third? So quick and smooth that it will surprise and amaze - NO more clunky, lazy shifting in town - As I said - it's totally different and improved -
Proven concept - Virtually all the Factory Pro Support riders in the AMA and WERA multi- Champions Vesrah Racing tested and proved the EVO-7 Stars in 2003.
Stock shift performance that everybody used to take as a "given" will be regarded as "slow and lazy" after riding a bike with this kit -
Kit includes a new detent arm with a low friction microbearing roller, a performance shift spring and the NEW Factory Pro EVO Detent Star.
Make shifting MUCH quicker and virtually eliminate missed shifts.
It is a significant improvement over the "05" and later shift star.



I received the parts yesterday, and got them installed. The shifting on this bike is monumentally improved. More positive engagement, not vague feeling anymore like it was. I have 10 bikes, and this was the only o e I had shift problems with. I am a soft shifter. I think my problems might be over. Shift star, detent roller with heavier spring, and the adjustable shift stud are a fantastic improvement. Well worth the wait!!!!


2012 DL650 L2

Hey, I just had the shift star installed at Factory Pro. I let Marc talk me into it after he heard me lamenting about false neutrals and how "ratchity" I thought the shifter was on my Glee. Yes, I keep the linkage clean and lubed but I've never been happy with it. Well, I must tell you, the Factory Pro shift star mod works. I wear work boots during the week and touring boots on the weekend so I was always adjusting my shift lever. Now I leave it in the "touring" position and all is good. The shifting is now smooth and concise no matter which position the shift lever is in. Tick, tick, tick go the shifts. Thanx Marc
FactoryPro.com EVO Shift STAR Kit ??? - in the V-Strom Modifications and Performance forum of Stromtrooper Forum : Suzuki V-Strom Motorcycle Forums.

Adjustable Center Shift Stud, DL/SV650        $24.95

(and possibly others that use 8x12.5mm threaded "fixed" stud)

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November 2006

I got the new star and stud.  Put it in and adjusted it all up.  Now everything works great, great feel just like I would expect.  I might just have to get one for my new SV1000 superbike race project!

-Michael Schmidt

If the shift shaft fingers aren't centered on the shift shaft, Factory Pro has the fix.
(see bottom of page for tech)

It's a special adjustable offset "centering" stud, adjustable by almost 1mm. For visual example, the difference in the below example was only .31mm/.024"!
More mature (lol!) experienced mechanics will recall when almost all transmissions were equipped with a part like this. That allowed the engine builder to set the shift shaft to exactly in the center for the best possible shift performance. That part, along with shimming and clearancing gear spacing, is what "blueprinting" a transmission is all about.

Install the stud with enough threads exposed for the locknut.
Turn stud till shift shaft "fingers" are centered on detent STAR pins.
Tighten down the locknut.
Recheck indexing.

CHECK!!! For things that may interfere with the taller stud!!

This fits all the SV and DL 650's, (and probably the 1000's) at least up to 06 and you may find other applications that it could be used in.

Sigh..... In the "old days", a good mechanic would center everything, grind special shims, clearance and reshim gears on the shafts, move gears closer to get quicker gear engagement and reprofile and polish shift star pins and ramps for the slickest working trans.......
Luckily, it's not 100% mandatory to do all that anymore, but - when it's all done - you'll get the slickest shifting transmission, ever.
I still do all that as a project, though - I kind alike doing it in the evenings and weekends.

Requires pulling the clutch assembly to install (no case splitting required), so it's perfect to install when installing a Shift STAR.

SV650 and SV1000 Shifting Tech

Ignition Advance Kit, DL650, ignition advancer, rotor timing

RTR-SUZ-36-04     $89.95

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Ignition Advance Kit

Use this kit to advance the ignition timing 4 degrees for more power at part throttle and at full throttle.
Install the key with offset to the LEFT to advance the timing!
For easiest, quickest install - we suggest that you have access to an air or electric impact  impact wrench -
That makes it simple to remove the rotor bolt --
Kit includes special 4mm offset woodruff key AND Factory Pro's own heat treated, tool steel, plated rotor puller.

November, 2006

I notice you have an advancer for the '03-'06 SV650. Will it fit the Suzuki DL650 VStrom? From what I understand the engine is very similar. I put one of your advancers on an '01 SV650 and loved the results. If the advancer works on the VStrom, can I expect similar results?
Thanks, Kurt Larson



Mike Solis - Race winner - SV650!

Race winning engine:
 2 stock, unmodified, std. bore SV650 pistons
2 stock intake and 2 stock exhaust cams
stock sized valves
Factory Pro ported heads
milled and decked, S36-3.7-RK Carb Recal Kit.

Race winning tuning:
 Tuned on the EC997 Low Inertia Eddy Current Dyno with 4-GAS - THAT's the power difference.
Race winning cost:
Porting, milling and carb kit and a set of filters.
Less than $2,000.
Race winning talent:
Either born with it or not!

NOTE! Shifting Tech!

Some shifting issues with SV650's are random - some people were installing shift STARS and getting great shifting - and some people still having problems.....

We finally got an 05 that has a problem - It is the centering on the shift shaft that aggravates either upshifting or downshifting, but not both.


This is good.

The detent star pins are centered between 2 fingers when the shift shaft is at rest.

bad spacing

bad spacing
This is not so good.

The pins are not centered between fingers when the shift shaft is at rest.

If they don't drop down fully, beyond the "pins", that prevents the "fingers" from dropping down and getting ready for the next shift.

If you've got issues - check!

Adjustable Center Shift Stud, SV650
(and possibly others)


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If the shift shaft fingers aren't centered on the shift shaft, Factory Pro has the fix.

It's a special adjustable offset "centering" stud, adjustable by almost 1mm. For example, the difference in the above example was only .31mm/.024".
More experienced mechanics will recall when almost all transmissions were equipped with parts like these. That allowed the engine builder to set the shift shaft to exactly in the center for the best possible shift performance.

Install the stud with enough threads exposed for the locknut.
Turn stud till shift shaft "fingers" are centered on detent STAR pins.
Tighten down the locknut.
Recheck indexing.

CHECK!!! For things that may interfere with the taller stud!!

This fits all the SV650's, (and probably the 1000's) at least up to 06.


General Technical Support







Absolutely NO carb parts sold in California.

New and improved Suzuki Teka SFI  2

with new TPS display and "MMT" Memory Module Tuner

Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
Suzuki cruisers and sportbikes

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