Dynamometer Tech

Shipping, uncrating and assembly
  • Dyno shipping, weights and dimensions
  • Assembly
  • Dyno grease - Mobilith AW2
  • EGA, 4/5 gas, high speed, continuous duty
  • EGA care and maintenance
  • EGA tuning
  • EGA: o2 sensor, is mine dead?
  • EGA: Calibrate with Bar 97 High cal gas
  • Calibration, sensor
  • Dyno Calibration, load cell (uses supplied calibration weight)
  • Dyno Calibration, speed sensor (uses optional Factory Pro SCU unit)
  • Dyno Calibration, Speed calibration and Load calibration
  • Dyno Calibration, PAU, KBMM, MDST-6
  • Dyno Calibration, Speed calibration and Load calibration
  • Testing / Software Operation
  • Dyno Test Procedures
  • Dyno Test Procedures, click by click....
  • Tuning, How to (what makes Factory Pro different and better)
  • Dyno engine break-in, tz250, rs250, rgv250 and similar 125 / 250 / 350 two strokes and 4 strokes. Like Rich Oliver!
  • Dyno how to derive best cam timing settings and how Sweep Tests are not good for setting cam timing
  • Dyno power commander tuning, TEKA 4 and other mappable devices like Honda, Kaw, Suzuki "kit", EFI BRD/EFI Tech, Motec, Mag Mar, Sagem, Tuneboy, DirectLink, etc....... tuning.
  • Dyno use, proper  Effect of incorrect stagger, diagnosis of with EC997 w/ 4 Gas EGA
  • Information
  • Dyno tire creep Rate, controlled slippage is "creepage", and "uncontrolled creepage" is slippage.
  • Optional Equipment Tech

    Tech Support
  • Toll free Tech Support: 800 869 0497 (USA and Canada) 9am to 5pm Pacific time, 415 491 5920 (all times -8 ZULU/GMT)
  • Tech Support email: info@factorypro.com
  • Live online computer Tech support - provided with Windows XP Remote Desktop or Symantec PC Anywhere
  • Troubleshooting, Dyne system
  • Dyno software extra files for
  • Dyno support new - needs update
  • Dyno Tach Ratio, older dyne software
  • Dyno Test Procedures, ERROR messages
  • Dyno 4 gas vs. wideband O2 / af ratio tuning
  • Dyno - Sensor signal interference
  • Information
  • Dyno brand compare in progress, needs update
  • Dyno error in different testing equipment
  • Dyno locations
  • Adam Wade's "Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook" masterpiece!



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