TDM 850, 99-02 (all with Mikuni BDSR38 carb)

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Carb Jetting Kits

Float Height Setting Tool

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Nickel plated Emulsion Tubes


Carb Jetting Kits


We don't have the bike in the States -

If we have a set of carburetors, we can make prototype parts



Emulsion Tubes (needle jets)


Factory Pro
Needle Jets / emulsion tubes
 (for bikes with 38mm downdraft Mikuni carbs)

TDM 850, 91, 92, 93
with Mikuni carbs

TRX 850, 96 and all other years with Mikuni carbs

XTZ 750, all years with Mikuni carbs

Factory Pro manufactures stock replacement needle jets / emulsion tubes) to better than original factory specs. The needle jet orifice will wear oblong in as little as 10,000 miles and is particularly aggravated by "in town", low rpm operation. The result is excessive richness at low rpm that can only be partially compensated for by lowering the fuel level.
This is a direct replacement for worn, original items. Accepts standard Mikuni main jets, stock jets or our Factory Pro Carb Recal Kits. Fits TDM (with Mikuni carbs, TRX (with Mikuni carbs), XTZ (with Mikuni carbs), Ducati, YZF750 and FZR1000's.

This the THE famous nickel plated Factory Pro replacement.



Ignition Advance Kit
Not available for the TDM, TRX series. The ignition trigger coil is triggered by holes milled into the crankshaft and not easily modifiable.

Factory Pro Shift Kit

Trans Detent Arm Kit
SHFT-PRO-YAM-4   $99.95

replaces arm 36Y-18140-00-00 and


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Want your 30,000km bike to shift better than it did when it was new?

Put your gearbox on a diet.?

No - you can't loose unsightly gear weight, but you CAN snappen up the somewhat lazy TDM gearbox with the new Pro Shift Kit.

Look at it this way - your foot "initiates the shift"  and the shift mechanism completes the shift. The Pro Shift kit improves the shift mechanism's function and takes away the clunk between the gears when riding and virtually eliminates missed shifts. It's even easier to move the lever and the minimum amount of lever travel required to make a shift is decreased.

Installation requires clutch basket removal - no case splitting required. Perfect to do when replacing clutch plates. Suggested that an air or electric impact wrench be used (for the large clutch basket nut)

This kit does not include a TDM clutch cover gasket  You will need to supply your own. The instructions are for an fzr1000, which has the same shift mechanism as the TDM / TRX / XTZ.

Makes shifting MUCH quicker and virtually eliminate missed shifts. This is exactly the same spring kit that USA's Yamaha Racing used "back in the day" in the 750.

Helps prevent additional damage caused by missed shifts to second gear and second gear shift forks. The kit won't fix a worn gearbox, but it will almost the eliminate missed shifts that cause the damage in the first place.

Carb Float Setting Tools

Tool page

TL-float height gauge   $59.95

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The best tool to accurately measure float heights. Works on nearly every carburetor.

Required to set the 38mm Mikuni carb sets.


Info about the"
"Slide Step / Notch / Ledge"
The 1/3 width step, built into the slide, where the needle sits, is designed to lessen the "rattling" that the needle does in the needle jet (you, know.... the hole that eventually wears out in every carburetor with a slide and causes the bike to run rich over time).
It tries to keep the needle leaning up against one side of the hole , instead of letting it rattle and beat both sides of the orifice oval.....
That step is in most Yamaha Mikuni carbs for the last decade or two -
The needle jet still wears, but at a slightly slower rate.

Factory Pro makes a tougher than stock, nickel plated stock type replacement needle jet (commonly called an "emulsion tube"). It's easy to replace and if you can do a "jet kit", you can replace the "tubes".
See above to buy a new set!

Float height setting, importance of..

Fuel level, importance of..

Low rpm, excess richness on bikes with over 5,000 miles.

Emulsion tubes / needle jets, Mikuni, worn, cause of low rpm richness.

True Rear Wheel Horsepower,   Factory EC997a Eddy Current Dynamometer.



UK trx850 forum

TDM Gallery

TRX streetfighter from steve stuttard
ohlins rear  shock, r1 forks and brakes r1 rear  bodywork and factory pro carb bits  2009 Feb 27

TRX850 Mick White of API Impreza in UK    06 12 06

Katherine Becker's TDM    -   2006 March 15

Katherine Becker's TDM    -   2006 March 15
Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA

Katherine Becker's TDM    -   2006 March 15

Dennis  Tasmania  Australia
Hi Marc, I recently bought the CRB-Y85-1.1-TNJ carbie kit off you for my Yamaha TRX850. After putting a lot of time into getting the correct float heights and also needle clip position the bike is going the best it ever has since I bought it ( had to pull the carbies off three times! ). The black sludge that was in the mufflers has gone and is now running clean.Went for a ride up into the mountains on Sunday,great ride with plenty of power over the whole rev range.
     Thanks, Dennis  Tasmania  Australia

Darcy Murphine, San Diego, CA June 2006

Darcy Murphine, San Diego, CA June 2006

Have a picture or two of your TDM? Send us a copy, your name and city and we might get it up in the gallery!



Float Height Setting Trick for 38mm "Mik's"
One of the problems with setting the float height on the 38mm downdraft Mikuni's that come on Ducati's, yzf 750's, tdm 850's and fzr1000's, is that the golldern white plastic "float cage" keeps popping out of the carb body unless you hold it in.

When you hold it in with your fingers, you always flex the cage frame and distort the reading that you are setting the float height at..... Aaarrggghhh!!  :-)

After spending 45 minutes setting some yzf750 carbs in the sweltering Mid Ohio heat of summer (there's a funny egocentric dynojet story to tell, here, btw), I decided to make a float cage holder and sell 'em! I'd make a million  $$!!

When I got back to work, I set up and made a pile of cute little flat braces.

As I was sitting there, admiring my cleverness...... one of my parts guys wandered by and asked what was I making? I showed him that you could just take my clever little piece of aluminum and hold those float cages right tightly up into their seated position - so you could get consistent float height readings.

He says.....
It looks like you could just put the float bowl on with the front holes on the bowl lined up with the rear holes on the carb body and slap some screws in and it would do the same thing...........
I bought him lunch with the million $$ I didn't make....



Hello.  Here’s the pics you asked for!  Thanks for the help, the bike runs BEAUTIFULLY now, lots more power!  The front end now comes up on the throttle – whereas it didn’t before!  There’s another pic in there too where I used a bar code to measure the bowls.  I found this a lot easier than using a ruler.  I measured the bar next to the number “8” on my barcode to be the recommended height on my bike – 14mm.

-Mike Beary

Thanks Mike, for the pics!
Marc Salvisberg




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