Tim from just north off Niagra Falls after Carb Rebuild

Suzuki VL1500 Needle Jet Rebuild Service

Factory Pro was the first to seriously address the needs of the VL1500 community -
From the first:
Config 30 K&N/BMC air filtered kit - to the first
VL1500 Carb needle jet replacement service (and still the Only HDJ needle jet source)
toll free tech support - talking to a real person - not just email - 800 869-0497.

We always endeavor to provide complete service and tuning help.


We try to charge a fair price for the service and product we provide - So - a Config 30 kit with air filter is priced at about $130,  as it should be -  and the VL1500 Carb Needle Jet rebuild with HDJ (multi disperse jet) style needle jet should be about  $280.

- Rebuilding includes new needles, new HDJ needle jets, new pilot jets, new main jets, float height adj., allen screws for the float bowls and carb tops, internal cleaning and so on.

Now - as compared? We don't charge $250 for the jet kit + air filter  and we don't really condone installing supposed copies of stock needle jets (not the HDJ style) and allowing people to think that it's the "same" as what we designed, patented and provide as our normal service.
The Factory Pro HDJ System allows leaner jetting without surging than the stock style needle jet for best mileage and the "others" can't claim that. That's why mileage after the HDJ rebuild may be better than stock.

Also - If we've rebuilt your carbs to HDJ specs AND you own the bike long enough to wear them out again - we will replace them for $140 + shipping and handling -

Extended Fuel Screws Shift Kits
Shift better than a new bike.
Carb Recalibration kits
Float Height gauge

Extended length Fuel Screws for easier adjust.

Long Boy Fuel Screw Kit

pn: fuel screw set,VL1500

$44.95 / set of 2

1. Choose your shipping method


"Long Boy"
 VL1500 Extended Fuel Screws

Frustrated with trying to find an "almost 90 degree"  screwdriver to fine adjust your fuel screws for best idle and cruise?
Use Factory Pro's new "finger adjustable" fuel screws to adjust fuel screws for best throttle response. Traveling to high altitude? It's easy to lean out the lowend temporarily.

Make your life easier.

Remove old short stock fuel screws, old o-rings, old washers and old spring. The o-ring might be stuck in the carb, so, take a light and make sure it's really out if it didn't come out with the screw (or you can't find it after you took out the screw)
Use a small bent wire to pull it out if it doesn't drop out. Keep the old parts for "spares".

1 VL1500 Kit comes with:
2 Long Boy fuel screws
2 new o-rings
2 new washers
2 new springs


  I received my Long Boys for my 1500LC and installed them. I adjusted them to my liking and they are great - Thank you  Bob Meloche

Factory Pro VL1500 Carb Rebuild Service - the most experienced rebuilders in the world

Carb Rebuild Feedback

Good morning, just letting you know the carbs you repaired work great .
Thank you for a job well done.
Have A Great Day!

Sandy B.  Orono, ME

Carb Needle Jet Rebuild
featuring the patented HDJ Needle Jet

Also - needle jets wear out.- How to diagnose and repair...

  1. I used to get 40+ mpg and now, I get 25 mpg.........

    1. If that's true for you, you will need to rebuild the carb needle jets - It's not necessary to replace the carb bodies for $800 a set.

    2. We will rebuild your carbs' needle jet orifices by replacing the original worn-out needle jets (they aren't normally replaceable) with our new plated and patented HDJ (High Dispersal Jet) system.

    3. This Factory Pro developed and patented HDJ system will both replace the worn needle jets and improve and upgrade Mikuni's traditional method of delivering fuel through the needle / needle jet area.

  2. How special is the patented HDJ fuel delivery system?

    1. It's patented, and it IS different - if you didn't know what you were looking for in the carb - you'd never see it. It atomizes the fuel better than any other needle jet concept.
      But you'd feel the difference.

  3. HDJ needle jet Benefits include:

    1. Better mileage (commonly up to 39+ if the fuel level is adjusted for best mileage, even without the airbox)

    2. Smoother running at cruise

    3. Better "snap" throttle response

    4. Better fuel atomization = reduced emissions = more power = potentially better mileage

    5. Better throttle response = fuel is atomized better = more power

    6. Better, more consistent idle

    7. Plated needle jets = last longer

    8. Patented HDJ fuel delivery system - not cheap round inserts w/o HDJ.


  4. The carbs must be sent to Factory Pro at Factory Pro Tuning
    101 Roblar Drive
    Suite C
    Novato, CA

    1. Normal in house turnaround time is ~2-3 working days. (Removing stripped fuel screws takes a few days extra.)

    2. Cost: $280 for HDJ and carb kit + shipping (as of 01/1/16) including:

      1. 2 new HDJ needle jets AND

      2. new CRB-S77-3.0  or 1.0 carb Recal Kit installed to base settings.

      3. Add $40 for 2 #4030 Long Boy Extended Fuel Screws

      4. Add $10 for 2 Viton versions of the little carb top orings equiv to 13295-33010.

      5. Add $40 for vapour blast carb exterior.

      6. Add $20 for Rush service (subject to our work load).

      7. We will contact you when we are done.

      8. Questions? Call 415 883-5620
        M-F, 9-4 Pacific time or email info@factorypro.com

    3. With a note describing:
      your intake and exhaust setup
      Services desired - HDJ, vapour blast, Rush, etc.
      Your return shipping address
      Your phone number and email address
      Severely wrap carbs in a least 2" of bubble wrap

      Ship to:
      Factory Pro HDJ Rebuild
      101 Roblar Drive
      Ste C
      Novato, CA


  5. AND - if the original owner ever wears out the HDJ needle jets again?  We will replace them again for $140 + S&H.

    1. Call 415 491 5920 before sending.   Thanks - Marc

I sent my carbs to your by overnight delivery.  You had them by the next day (overnight actually works!!!).  Within about 3 days, you had them done.  You sent them back via ground and since I live in Canada, it took a couple of extra days to clear customs.  I had them back in about a week to 10 days.  I only had to pay taxes on the value of the work and a flat $50 brokerage fee from UPS - not as bad as I feared.
The carbs have been reinstalled on my bike.
When I bought the bike used a few years ago, I would get 100 miles before the gas warning light would come on.  Two years ago this gradually reduced to 75 miles before the light came on.  The last half of last season, I was down to 70 miles and lots of backfiring, unless I maintained speeds of 70 mph, which is hard to do when driving through a city.
Yesterday, I took the bike on the first long trip since getting the carbs done.  The bike went on, and on, and on.   I was beginning to think that the fuel warning light was burned out or not working when it finally came on at 125 miles.  The second fill-up was 121 miles, and the third time the light came on, I made it 128 miles.  This is a 25% increase in fuel mileage from the best that the bike has ever worked for me, and an 87% increase from what it was doing just before sending them in to you!!!!
I still have a mild cough or backfire when changing from first into second, and second into third.  I know that it is a minor adjustment, just that I have to tear everything apart to get at the adjustment screws, so I might just live with it.
It is as if I have a new bike.  No longer do I want to sell it.  Thank you very, very much, and I will recommend you to everyone I come in contact with in the biking circles.
Tim, from near
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Carburetor Recalibration kits

For when you remove the airbox and use an ru-2990 K&N pod filter

That's the air filter  AND the carb recalibration kit.

Why spend $250 for a copy of the first Config 30 kit for the VL1500?

CRB-S77-3.0-AFK    $189.95
C30, Config 30 Carb Recalibration Kit and ru-2990 air filter.

1. Choose your shipping method


Removes the airbox.
 Proof that a properly designed jet kit works - for maximum power and the same or better lowend and midrange.

Aluminum needles

Removes the airbox. adds 3-4 True HP.
includes Filter and Carb Recal Kit.

This kit was designed within a couple of months of the release of the 1500 Intruder. Sigh - so we were the first...
It's simple - remove the airbox and install the supplied BMC or K&N air filter. Either filter flows virtually the same - so there's no drama there.
The kit was then duplicated in concept by "T. Products" and Barons.
The difference from our kit is that our kit was developed on the 4 Gas EC997 Low Inertia Eddy Current dyno - and not a dynojet dyno.
What that means to you is that, as commonly happens,  the Factory Pro kit contains the properly sized jets required to tune your VL1500. The needle profile is a lot different, also, without the problems of too rich running at low speed like some other kits.
Also, the jets that we supply are either genuine Mikuni or exact duplicates of Mikuni sizes (that WE make)  - so, if you need to use a main jet that isn't supplied, you can either order larger or smaller jets from us - or simply visit your local dealer or tuner and get some more Genuine Mikuni jets - and you are on your way. No hassle waiting for oddly calibrated dj main jets or unmarked ones either.

Biggest HP increase for the least amount of money. Runs well at low rpm and part throttle.
Uses individual K&N or BMC air filter, for general exhaust applications, stock and aftermarket, inc. Cobra, VHR, TBR, Samson, Muzzy, YRD, etc...


Suggest adding the above Long Boy Fuel Screw Set for easier fuel screw tuning.

gsxr600, 98, stk exhaust, stock vs. RaceKit carbs

CRB-S77-1.0  $89.95


1. Choose your shipping method


Suggest adding the above Long Boy Fuel Screw Set for easier fuel screw tuning.


General exhaust applications, stock ansd aftermarket, inc. Cobra, VHR, TBR, Samson, Muzzy, YRD, etc...

Aluminum needles

adds power and snap to throttle response.  Improves and smoothes power delivery at all rpms.
The best kits for Cobra, Samson, Porker, etc...

~+3.1 hp or ~6% increase w/  exh. and carb kit.
Warms up quicker.
No backfiring when pilot circuit tuned properly

Factory Pro Dyno Tuning Center - Redwood City
 A great VL1500 before and after EC997 dyno tests!

gsxr600, 98, stk exhaust, stock vs. RaceKit carbs


2007 July 4
Installed a CRB-S77-1.0 Config 10 in my Suzuki 1500 today and it seems to have fixed my lean surge problem at part throttle. More miles will confirm the fix: seems like a different bike with the lean surge problem gone. I set everything to recommended start points and it seems great!
Thanks for producing a good product!!
         27694  670th Ave.
     Saint James, MN 56081

Pro Shift  kit for smoother and quicker shifting with fewer missed shifts


(sample spring  picture - not for ID purposes)

F-Pro Shift Spring


(NO F-Pro microbearing 24b00detent arm,

YES z95-13e-0501 F-Pro shift spring,

DOES NOT include pn: 11485-10F10 shift cover gasket)
(replaces  13E10 and 13E20 spring)

1. Choose your shipping method

Stage 1

 Pro Shift Kit
(do first)


F-Pro Shift Spring


DOES NOT INCLUDE Shift cover gasket

SHFT-STAR-S77-star only


fits 98-08 VL1500 and 97-04 VZ800
(shift star only, does not include shift cover gasket)
(replaces  10F01 star)

1. Choose your shipping method

Stage 2
Shift STAR upgrade for Pro Kit.

Banish the "Boot Shift" shift forever.

Includes Factory Pro's AWESOME Marc Salvisberg designed Detent Star kit - Changes the rough shifting the M90's are well known for into the sweetest, smoothest shifting bike in town AND the quickest non-airshifting bike at the strip - you'll think you bought a different bike.

Better / quicker 1-2 shifts.
Virtually eliminate missed shifts - up and down.
Quicker 3rd through top gear shifts.
Helps prevent gear and fork damage caused by missed shifts.

Perfect for drag racing and street!
You can decrease your "shift kill" time for better ET's

It makes a "foot" shift an extremely quick event - Almost eliminate a missed 2nd gear shift (though if you try, you can still miss it...)

 In fact, I'd try the Factory Pro Shift STAR Kit before I pulled the engine down to  "fix" the gear dogs - as long as the gears aren't damaged so much that the gears engage and then pop out at high rpm  - that's symptom of rounded gear dogs.

Factory Pro designed, refined, CNC machined, heat treated DETENT STAR, Factory Pro's own heavy duty detent spring but NOT a new M90 clutch cover gasket. Makes shifting quicker and more positive - "virtually" eliminating missed shifts. The stronger detent spring rotates the shift drum quicker and the gears are more likely to engage under quick shift conditions - and "lazy" shifts work well, too -
The Factory Pro Microbearing removes shift drum friction for the quickest shifting and fewest missed shifts.


We do not have detailed install instructions - use a Suzuki Service Manual to aid in clutch removal.


Be SURE to check that the shift  detent arm does not bind when tightened up. If you shift into an upper gear, and the bike pops out of gear, consistently - That's an indicator of a binding shift arm. Some occasional stock bikes are so afflicted.
If consistently, no matter how you shift, the bike pops out of 3rd, 4th or 5th gear, that's an indicator of the detent mechanism binding.
If it pops out of only 2nd, and not any other gear, that's an indicator, not of a binding shift arm, but a sign of worn gear dogs on 2nd gear and the gear it mates with and the 2nd gear shift fork.

You'll find the binding detent arm problem of you follow the Golden Rule of shift mechanisms:
1. Turning the clutch shaft (so that the gear dogs can line up)  (except Kawasakis)
2. Shift through all gears, up and down.
3.The shift star should snap into each gear with some purposefulness (when the gear dogs line up as you turn the clutch shaft).
4. If the arm doesn't follow the star properly or anything binds, STOP. Recheck your work and the shift mechanism's mechanicals.
5. If it doesn't shift NOW, it won't shift LATER, after you put everything else back together.
6. It won't fix itself.


1. Choose your shipping method


F-Pro Shift Spring for above EVO Shift star and or Microbearing Detent Arm.

Crispen up lazy shifting.


pn: 11485-10F10 GASKET, GEAR SHIFT COVER      $12.95

VL1500 98-04 only

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery

1. Choose your shipping method


114585-10F00 and 11485-10F10 --- GASKET, GEAR SHIFT COVER VL1400 98-04 only





Its been many months now since Raul (Wheelsmith / Factory 415 472-4962) rebuilt the carburetors from my 99
Suzuki LC1500. The emulsion tubes were to the point where I rarely got better than 22 mpg.
The fact that Raul does outstanding work was expected and appreciated however this is where the expectations stopped.
Once I received the carburetors I had hundreds of questions. Raul had the patience to go over every one until I understood, although Raul wouldn't accept I understood as good enough. He made sure he knew I understood and could apply the information he was giving me.

On a late Friday afternoon during the tuning process I was having some difficulty and calling it a day. Raul gave me a number to call him on Saturday for any assistance he could lend. I called him that Saturday and used a lot of his time yet he never wavered in trying to help me.

His attention to detail and commitment to customer service are second to none!

Lastly I wanted to relay to you that several thousand miles later the bike still runs great. I often get twice the mileage I was getting prior to the repairs and I'm very pleased with the performance.

Thank you and Raul for an outstanding product and a level of customer service that truly is outstanding.

Joseph Steinberger

Postscript about stock needle jet life:
The people on the Vl1500 site are aware of the work performed on my bike by your shop. I know many of the people on that site, most of which have far greater mechanical abilities than I will ever be. As a matter of fact some of them are quite gifted when it comes to these machines. (yes, there is! Marc)

In answering your questions I would have to say most of my driving is around town, beach cruises etc.
The bike had aftermarket needles installed somewhere around 10,000 miles and the mileage started dropping off rapidly around 25,000 If I remember correctly. 
I presently have close to 37,000 miles on the bike.


carb,fuelsc,S77.JPG (59064 bytes)

fuel screw locations


Main Air Jet location for "1.7-RK" Race kits

Orange is the main air jet

06/24/2005   .1025 stkemuid



Absolutely NO carb parts sold in California.

New and improved Suzuki Teka SFI  2

with new TPS display and "MMT" Memory Module Tuner

Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
Suzuki cruisers and sportbikes

Please click here for more info

Contact Factory Pro
M-F, 9am - 5pm, Pacific time, -7 or -8 GMT

800 869-0497
 USA and Canada

415 883-5620

parts information

EC997 dynamometer information

Product Support /Tech SECTION
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Mailing / Shipping address:

Factory Pro
101c Roblar Drive
Novato, CA

And most importantly
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EFI and Carb Tuning - Most all FI and carb tuning

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The extension of the laboratory for engines of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology was completed in about 1935. Its architect was Rudolf Otto Salvisberg (1882-1940). He had a successful career in Berlin but returned to Switzerland after the advent of the Nazis. His architectural style was somewhat similar to that of Erich Mendelsohn. The staircase of the laboratory is in normal use but well preserved.
Edited to the tunes of Chemical Residue by Herbie Hancock.