400 Ninja

Pro Shift Kit and race prep clutch plates.
Hey man. Just thought I'd update you. The bike is doing really really well. Thanks again for your tips. The bike feels really good
Archit Kumar
New Delhi, India

Factory Pro

  Ceramic Wheel Bearings 
  Virtually Eliminate Missed Shifts
false neutrals  -  fix in an hour.
(works with quickshifters, too)
8 ABEC-7 Skateboard Bearings:Nylon Cage:Open: Bearings And ... Low Friction
Mini Hybrid Ceramic

Clutch Throwout Bearing

Unleash your bike's power and control

Factory Pro
Race bike ECU Reflash

  • adjust IAP Fuel Maps for better race part throttle
  • adjust TPS Fuel Maps for better race power
  • adjust Ignition Maps for more race torque
  • Secondary Throttle Plate (STP) Opening Maps
  • Fuel Trim Maps for racing
  • Adjust RPM Limiter
  • Disable Top Speed Limiter if present (n/a on a 300! :-)
  • Disable Stock O2 Sensor for racing
  • MS0 map  light gr / bk ungrounded
  • MS1 map  light gr / bk ground

Phenomenal? - Delimit your trackday or race bike.

Remove high rpm power restrictions
Change rev limiter
Modify STP, ignition timing and fuel tables

"Phenomenal"? That may be pretty impossible to do on a 400 with an ecu reflash!
But when you are talking small displacement bikes, a 2 to 4 hp increase in part throttle, midrange or peak power might easily be 5% to 10% better than a  stock or inelegantly reflashed ecu.

Some things are not possible to tune on a dyno and require track feedback to refine - that's why a simple "delimited" ecu reflash doesn't provide that last 10% of power or silky driveability that a track refined ecu reflash provides.

With 35+ years of tuning experience, Factory Pro knows the key to silky smooth and strong  running - That's why we do tuning for people all over. Except CA streetbikes.




I wanted to let you know that I took 3 championships in 2017: Nv 250 SBK, Lightweight Twins, and World SuperSport 300.  Also, I finished 2nd in 350 SuperStock and 3rd in Formula III.  In the total novice points race, I was 7th overall (out of about 100+).  

I also wanted to say thank you again for the support this year, and I am looking forward to next season. 

I will be in touch,

Derek Powell - ex300

Positive feedback rating

from Austin Guinn 2 class championships 2014 AFM
F-Pro Shift Kit, QS shifter tuning, Reflash ECU, removed power robbing Autotune system, retune Power Commander to match ECU

Marc Salvisberg knows his stuff.
He made my stock ninja 300 into a two class championship winning machine. After Marc tuned it I never finished less than third place.
Positive feedback rating

December 2016

Hi Marc,
Hope all is well. We had a very successful season on the LW300s. Won the TrackAddix season Championship, our bikes went 1-2-3. Also swept the podiums 1-2-3 at Road America and Daytona in LWTB, and LWGP. Nice work on the ecu flash, it is an important part of the build.

My best,
Randy Sullinger

 ex300  mail in ECU

Delimit - generic    $200

remove speed limit if present -
change rev limit -
 STP secondaries set to 100% on both acc and decel -

Race ECU reflash - semi custom - mail in ecu

Subtle modification of STP acc and STP decel tables
 subtle ignition table mods
unify fuel and ignition tables
raise rev limit a bit
elim O2 sensor light for race use

Race Winner -   mega wins - buncha riders - lotsa  tracks -  championships

not CA street legal

(April 2015: ex300 reflash ecu guy says his bike is was better. More mid-range. better on off throttle. He says thanks !  ref: Paul F.)


reg price $425

(415) 883-5620
mail in

Reflash and TUNE to Best Power - custom tune on ec997 dyno
(not power losing autotune to an AFR)

Subtle modification of STP acc and STP decel tables
 subtle ignition table mods
unify fuel and ignition tables
raise rev limit a bit
elim O2 sensor light for race use

Custom Tune FUEL maps to your race bike
 with your Power Commander + race only reflash.

not CA street legal

$750 tuning labor


 (800) 869-0497
m-f, 9-4 pacific time

Help Stop Missed Shifts  and prevent False Neutrals in hard use -  Factory Pro STAR Kit


(sample pic only - not of Ninja 400 star)




replaces the stock 13145-0570 STAR
1. Choose your shipping method

"EVO" Shift Star

Use the EVO Shift Star and "Long Arm" Shift spring and hybrid Throwout bearing for best results.


Tested at VIR _ April 2018

Ashton Yates

F-Pro Long Arm Shift Spring

pn: z95-k097-0590


replaces 92145--1814 stock spring
1. Choose your shipping method

"Long Arm"  Shift Spring

Used by the best.

Virtually eliminate missed shifts.

What do you do when you need something a bit different than run of t he mill?

We did something different. - The  "Long Arm" Shift Spring.

Used by cream of the crop USA engine builders.

Based on our 350 Race Winner -  a lotta bikes  -  a lotta riders  -  a lotta tracks   -  a lotta wins -  a lotta  championships

Improve lazy shifting - virtually eliminate missed shifts - virtually eliminate false neutrals -  help prevent gearbox damage caused by missed shifts.

Note: Make sure to adjust Quickshifter kill duration shorter  to match quicker shifting- or you will still miss shifts.

note: the stock 92145-0794 detent arm already has a microbearing and is pretty good

Positive feedback rating
300 info from Austin Guinn 2 class championships 2014 AFM
F-Pro Shift Kit, QS shifter tuning, Modify ECU, retune Power Commander

Marc Salvisberg knows his stuff.
He made my stock ninja 300 into a two class championship winning machine. After Marc tuned it I never finished less than third place.

Positive feedback rating
From: Archit Kumar [mailto:axxxxxxxxxr@gmail.com]

Sent: Monday, October 27, 2014 04:52 AM     To: marc@factorypro.com
Subject: Re: Ninja 300 detent arm kit

hey man,
installed the 300 detent arm and spring today.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for coming up with this amazing little mod.
it has made a world of a difference and your tip on the clutch also is working amazingly.. no more slippage, miss shift or false neutral..this has been one of the best mods ever.
thank you once again

Positive feedback rating

slightly stronger shift spring
 Quicker action.
Super compact, permanent, better than "factory",  No loosening.

"Virtually Eliminate missed shifts"

Each missed shift stresses the gear engagement dogs and slots, bends shift forks and otherwise causes extreme shock loading to the entire drivetrain. And hurts lap times.

This kit includes the  new F-Pro Shift Spring.
 Does not include clutch cover gasket. 

1-2 hours to install. Requires that the clutch cover and
clutch basket be removed and replaced. No case splitting required.

300 pics courtesy of Juan Gooch.

Clutch Throwout Bearing
8 ABEC-7 Skateboard Bearings:Nylon Cage:Open: Bearings And ...

Low Friction

Mini Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

Fits water pump  or
and Clutch Throwout Bearing

$24.95ea for 1 bearing

pn: BE-HYCER-K0067
1. Choose your shipping method

Hybrid Ceramic Throwout Bearing

Decrease Friction.

Unwanted friction is the enemy of  good and quick shifting.

Unwanted friction  is the friend of missed shifts and ghost neutrals between gears.

Less drag when the clutch lever is pulled in.
Hybrid Ceramic Wheel Bearings

(compare at $325 to $400)

5 bearing kit

font and rear wheel + sprocket carrier

pn: BE-HYCER-K40
1. Choose your shipping method

Hybrid Ceramic Wheel  Bearings

5 bearing set

2 front wheel bearings
2 rear wheel bearings
1 sprocket carrier bearing

Tough steel races and almost  friction free ceramic balls.

Bearings are pregreased and ready to use.
Bearings have rubber seals that are easy to remove if desired.


Test ex250:  +1.5  /  5% at +100 mph
Oil Additive

$30 / 4 oz bottle

Anti Friction
4 oz treats 3 to 5 qts synthetic oil

1. Choose your shipping method
As I recall -

After running Number 8 in over 100 AMA and WERA bikes, we gained from 2% to 3% power,

The least gain I saw was 1% (JR's super loose built engine) and the most I ever saw was 4% (on a super tight street  built engine).

The other 98 bikes picked up 2% to 3% power - with most 2% and  2.5%

Lasts 2 and up to 3 oil changes (tapering off in effect).


Tuning Methodology

If you want best power, Autotuning is common, but isn't the best tuning method.

Why autotuning is not the first choice of tuning methods.

In the EC997 dyno chart to the right, the Blue line is power when "autotuned to an Air Fuel Ratio".

The Red line is retuned on an ec997 dyno, tuned to best power, 1.4 True hp /  4% better power at 11,000 rpm and more lowend.

Some areas of autotuned fuel tuning were at +50% fuel and the engine really wanted to be
-10% fuel. A 60% error in tuning!

Autotune: Not the first choice of tuning methods.
In 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010 or 2017.

RED = Tuned to best power
BLUE = autotuned to an AFR

The dip at 9000 is not carburetion or ignition timing, it's caused by a conflict in cam timing, crossflow, intake tract or exhaust dimensions.


Absolutely NO carb parts sold in California.

New and improved Suzuki Teka SFI  2

with new TPS display and "MMT" Memory Module Tuner

Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
Suzuki cruisers and sportbikes

Please click here for more info

Contact Factory Pro
M-F, 9am - 5pm, Pacific time, -7 or -8 GMT

800 869-0497
 USA and Canada

415 883-5620

parts information

EC997 dynamometer information

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Novato, CA

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The extension of the laboratory for engines of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology was completed in about 1935. Its architect was Rudolf Otto Salvisberg (1882-1940). He had a successful career in Berlin but returned to Switzerland after the advent of the Nazis. His architectural style was somewhat similar to that of Erich Mendelsohn. The staircase of the laboratory is in normal use but well preserved.
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