Robert Jensen, 2006 - on the way to another win!
Robert uses his own
Factory Pro EC997 Dyne System with Hi Speed 4 gas EGA to develop maximum power and best smoothness -
That's what it takes to be the #1 privateer.

 Suzuki gsxr750


The FP Billet SUPERFLARE stacks ROCK!

The Shift STAR kit makes shifting silk SWEET!

The FP ECU Flash SMOKES a PC Ignition Module.

The TEKA SFI Fuel Injection tool will custom adjust your FI. 

Jim Vest builder

Factory Pro's
Teka SFI
Suzuki FI programming tool

Factory Pro's
Billet SUPERFLARE Stacks
Even more upper midrange power
Factory Pro's
Ignition Advance Kit
100% reliable advance method..
BMC filters
Factory Pro's
wicked good shifting!


Unleash your bike's power and control

Factory Pro
Pro Power Flash

415 472 4962

Regular "Delimit" Flash
Remove high rpm power restriction that this Suzuki has.
Control Secondaries!! They close up 10% at high rpm.
Change rev limiter.
Modify ignition timing
$200 - $375

We have all learned that each bike, even with the same aftermarket parts, requires different mapping than it's identical twin bike. That's why when someone  "downloads the perfect map" off of some website for a pc or Bazzaz, that it only has a 10% chance of being perfect "on YOUR bike".
With 35+ years of tuning experience, Factory Pro knows that the key to silky smooth and strong  running is individualized, perfect tuning on each bike - That's why we do tuning for people all over the west coast and Nevada.
Get your reflash and custom tune at Wheelsmith in San Rafael CA. No CA streetbikes.
(415) 472-4962

Billet Superflare Velocity Stacks (patented FP quick change design)

(not final spec stacks - wrong picture)

gsxr750 Factory Pro
Billet Superflare Velocity Stacks

The combination of specific lengths, shapes and cross sectional values is what makes it all work. We tested from 25mm to 80mm lengths on the 08-10 750 in pairs in 5 and 10mm increments on an EC997 dyno. The interesting thing is that even a 10mm change in length on just 2 of the stacks ruined the perfectly smooth shape of the curve - and helped no single part of the rpm band.
I used to think, from what I had read about "velocity stacks", that one could grab a flow bench and a calculator and whip out a perfect set of stacks.
 I was wrong to think that - now we know.

But that's all good. I know that you simply have to try to make Best Power. It's the same with "tuning to an af ratio". We tried that and it usually failed in real world proof -  we tune to Best Power now. 

Billet Superflare tm Velocity Stacks
(patent issued 10/2007 quick change mount system)

If one dyno tunes to Best Power, results may be a bit better. If dyno tuned "to an AF ratio" instead of Best Power, your will get less of a power improvement.

The power range, as is becoming a trademark of Factory Pro's EC997 dyno R&D based procedures, features a much stronger upper midrange. At 6,000, 7,000, 8,000, (same hp at 9,000) 10,000, 11,000 and 12,000 rpms, we gained  2 - 3 - 4 True HP.
c9,000 rpm, where it's the same).

As is becoming more and more commonly known, this power may or may not show up on a common dealership level dyno - even though the rider feels it and you can see it on a proper load dyno, like the EC997 dyno. It's not a stack problem, it's a dealership level dyno accuracy problem. It's the reason why F-USA / ASRA uses the EC997 dyno to measure True HP and no longer uses a dealership level dyno for race power testing. The EC997 dyno is the same dyno that National #1 Vesrah Racing, Suzuki NZ, Robert Jensen and AMA race winning Jordan Racing (until 2012) uses.

Hey - Notice how many successful privateer teams use an EC997 dyno?

The new quickchange patented Factory Pro Billet stacks will launch your new Suz into "Best in Class" True HP range - even with a stock exhaust!! Hmmm.... Well, since Suzuki is the only one making a high hp 750.... let's just say that you will have  a much quicker Suzuki 750! 

pn:  VEL-S51-4040
V stack set / 08-09-10 gsxr750


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No fuel injection adjustments were done in these 750 tests.

RED is Stacks, comp exhaust  and K&N >>>

Factory Pro Velocity stacks comp EXH system + K&N stock bike
stock stacks comp EXH system + K&N stock bike
stock stacks stock exhaust stock bike

Marc Salvisberg 415 491 5920


All HP is True HP Scale
To get dynojet HP, multiply True HP x about 1.15%
so, 117.7 True HP x 1.15 = ~134.
Now... a caveat-  that HP conversion works, but many dj dynos allow undocumented / unrecorded wheel slippage and they aren't all
calibrated the same - so, the 15% inflation factor is a rough approximation of what am "average reading" dj dyno if the rear tire isn't slipping - and it often does on high hp bikes.
Hybrid Ceramic Wheel Bearings


2 bearing kit

front wheel only

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Hybrid Ceramic Wheel  Bearings

2 front wheel bearings

Tough 52100 steel races, rubber seals and lightweight, almost  friction free, silicon nitride ceramic balls.

Bearings are pregreased and ready to use.
Bearings have rubber seals that are easy to remove if desired.
Shift kits - Miss fewer shifts

Shift Spring


pn: z95-S70/S01H00-0590


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Ceramic Pro Shift Kit

pn: SHFT-PRO-06G-ceramic

Hybrid Ceramic Microbearing Shift Detent Arm and F-Pro Shift Spring


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Stage 1 Mod
(do first)

Ceramic Pro shift Kit

Microbearing Detent Arm w hybrid ceramic bearing and F-Pro Shift Spring kit.

This F-Pro steel race, ceramic ball microbearing detent arm reduces even more shift drum rotational friction than the steel bearing version - resulting in quicker shifts and  fewer missed shifts.

Miss fewer shifts, shift even quicker and help prevent shift fork damage caused by missed shifts.

Suggest both the spring and the Microbearing detent arm as Stage 1 mod

The star, arm and spring are located behind the clutch basket. 1-2 hours to install.

Shift STAR

Daniel Garza wrote:

DAM!!!!!  my hats off to the people who did the R&D on the star! Man it shifts awesome.  Billy said my stock piece was already loose so it worked out great.  he says hi back at you.  anyways great product
thanx  -  danny
Stage 2 Mod
(do after arm and spring)

Evo Shift STAR
Specifically, the late style gsxr shift action is very flat feeling and gives very little tactile feedback as to confidence that it's really in gear or not. I hate it when you shift and you can hear the shift mechanism sort of  lazily "kathwaka" into it's "maybe" final gear location. I like a confident, proper "snick"!
They had it so close to "almost good"  in 99 - I'm not sure why they changed it for the "non-better".... Oh well - After redesigning and testing and redesigning and testing, and redesigning and testing...... I now see how easy it is to get it wrong, though.
We have a new detent "star" with a copyrighted profile (yep, the "science failed, so, it's artwork - so it's copyrighted) that includes a peculiar combination of compound arcs and radii that produces a shift action that makes it almost impossible to miss a shift ("almost" is the key word here!), especially 2nd gear in upshifts and all the downshifts - At least, if you miss 2nd, now, you will be REALLY surprised - cause it's now such a rare occurrence.
Downshifting confidence is 100% easier and better - just as important as not missing upshifts.
Beautifully machined on multi Axis CNC machinery, machined from solid Cro Mo steel bar stock, heat treated, Gold Zinc plated, a complex radii, beautiful part.

The star, arm and spring are located behind the clutch basket. 1-2 hours to install.


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Yoshimura EMS Pro ECU
Yoshimura branded Denso software, it's a slightly more complex Denso ecu tuning package than the Kawasaki and Honda Denso kit ecu tuning softwares (which are very similar), but, oddly, still with serial port hardware. Using a USB to serial adapter can be sketchy.
Interface, like the Kaw and Honda versions, is odd and initially somewhat confusing, even if you read the large, but, sparse(!) manual.
I'd still recommend it the Suzuki kit stuff, because if it's like any other Denso ecu, it will probably be stone reliable, unlike add-on fuel injection boxes (especially when using TWO double trouble add-on boxes, like the pc3 and an Ign module).
No problem tuning the EMS Pro to Best Power with the
EC997 dyno system. EC997 locations - click here.
No problem using a Teka SFI injection adjusting tool with a pc3, either.

Dyne System
We use the EC997 Low Inertia Eddy Current dyne system, exclusively. It's fast and accurate load and rpm control allows much better accuracy and allows us to incrementally tune to finer degrees than common dealership level dynos. A lot of small increments add up to a significant chunk of power!
To see a good dyno (Factory Pro EC997....) do a power check at a 14k to single digit rpm precision click here  Try that with a dealership level dyno........

Kim Nakashima's 06 750 at 10pm
Kim Nakashima     April 19, 2006

Tuned with Suzuki Denso Kit ECU (Yoshimura EMS Pro)
TiForce exhaust (only has one short muffler)
"Built" engine.
~131 True HP (as compared to ~120 to 124 on an AMAish 05 750)

Comments: I love this bike! It's as smooth as a Yamaha, clean, strong and handles beautifully!  Oh... and the TiForce is LOUD! Make sure you get this pipe if you want to scare women, small children, cats and dogs. Good power, though.
Gary Combs      April 19, 2006

Tuned with Suzuki Denso Kit ECU (Yoshimura EMS Pro)
TiForce exhaust (only has one short muffler)
April 19, 2006
~130 True HP (as compared to ~120 to 124 on an 2005 750)

Comments: Same as the above one. Marc


Power Commander Ignition Module Notes

In my experience, the $350 Power Commander Ignition module "says" +/- "10", but it really only seems to change the ignition timing about +/-2 degrees (as of at least 10/2007).  This was backed up by a DJ importer's experience.
According to a customer, dj told him  that ignition timing, doesn't affect power very much.
That's just "eye rollingly" WRONG.
Factory Pro has over 30 years of research and development in high accuracy tuning in general and 20 years in producing Ignition Advancers (which REALLY DO change the ignition timing!)  and we've been producing dynamometers that read to .1 and .2 HP increments.

Testing on real load dyno, under realistic load, multiple DJ Ignition Modules on 600's and 1000's show that DJ +10  to DJ -10 "DJ degrees" equals less than a 1% to 2% HP spread!.
Now, come on! :-)  How could you change ignition timing a supposed "TWENTY DEGREES" and only affect the HP by 1% to 2%????

You can't change the ignition timing 20 degrees and only affect the power by a couple percent -  That's an obvious fact.
If you had "Best Power" ignition timing set and you retard or advance the timing a REAL 10 degrees, the bike world hardly run, losing around 10% - 20% True HP  if you retarded it.
if you advanced it a real 10 degrees, you'd lose a bunch of power, too and also, likely, give it fits of detonation.

Now - I'm still perplexed about the guy who posted that he gained 7 HP on his dynojet dyno with a "+5" setting on his DJ Ign Module!  - (I'll reserve comments, for once).....5 DJ degrees / ~1 REAL degree = 5 hp??? <roll eyes emoticon>) and also perplexed about the ignition map that I got from a DJ sponsored Yamaha Race team that showed +1 and +2 and -1's in their "official" R6 map! Lessee? They changed the ignition timing a miniscule  real .2 degrees and they could see that hp change????? Fantasy.........
The R6? It actually wanted more than 10 "dynojet degrees" at almost every part throttle position for Best Power settings and all of the full throttle settings ended up at +5 to +10 "dynojet degrees". Compare that to the zero settings at full throttle that were supplied and the +1, +2 an +3 "dj degree" settings that were supplied.

A significant ignition timing change that power can be measured would MAYBE be a real 1 degree - but you can only measure the HP change if the fuel mixture is absolutely PERFECT for Best power (NOT to misleading dealership level "AFR tuning") already -

 Normally, a REAL 2 degrees ignition timing change will change the power (on a Perfectly fueled engine) by about 1%.

(example 100 True HP > 101 True HP if a "good direction change" OR 99 True HP if it was "the wrong direction change").

So - the only reason to run a DJ Ignition Module is to use a DJ Quickshifter (until the TEKA 4 QS upgrade is released)
 the DJ Ignition function is, otherwise, essentially $350 useless cost.

When tuning on and EC997 dyno, (which has the capability of measuring .1 to .2 HP changes), essentially, there are only a couple of DJ Ign Module settings:
+ or - 5 Dynojet degrees or
+ or 1 10 Dynojet degrees
Don't expect huge HP changes - as, as described above, you'll see 1 or 2 hp at best.

So - what does that tell you?
That you need to do testing on a high quality dyne system, like the
Factory Pro EC997 .
Then, you too, can learn all these "unpopular" facts!
Like inertia HP isn't real HP in the real world, dj hp numbers are bogus, tuning to an AFR for best performance is a myth....
Join Xxxxxx Racing and Vesrah Racing and Suzuki NZ -

(I'm sure that the guy who got "7 DJHP" with a real 1 degree (aka: 5 Dynojet degrees)  isn't my buddy right about now, though....)

Best regards - Marc

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Absolutely NO carb parts sold in California.

New and improved Suzuki Teka SFI  2

with new TPS display and "MMT" Memory Module Tuner

Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
Suzuki cruisers and sportbikes

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