950 Adventurer, 02-06

KTM Dakar
950 Supermoto SM, 05-08
950 Super Enduro R, 06-10 
*same carbs as Adv 950*
(thanks Scott at Mt Holly KTM for the update)


Shifting - Shift Kit -  Shift Spring - stop missed shifts and false neutrals


Pro Shift Kit


Hybrid Ceramic microbearing arm and F-Pro Shift Spring (does not include clutch cover gasket)

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Virtually eliminate missed shifts and false neutrals. Quicker shifts.

The 690 has lazy shift action. Not what you want when Super Motard racing or jumping those doubles or splitting that lane.

Factory Pro's opinion is that if you nudge the bike out of one gear, it ought to go into the next gear.

 The stock shifting, on the KTM 950, can be sketchy under even recreational use.
Some individual bikes, more than others, have a propensity for false neutrals and missed shifts in critical situations.

Changing the oil can make, maybe a 10% difference and perhaps moving the lever up or down can make a 10% difference - and this shift kit is a stunning 100% difference.
In other words, use any old oil and have your lever set almost anywhere realistic and it will still shift well.

Virtually eliminate missed shifts and false neutrals.
Installation: About 1-2 hours - no case splitting required. The clutch basket  has to be removed to install the arm and spring.

Available with Steel or
Hybrid Ceramic Microbearing

Close to San Francisco? We can install.

Call for service appointment.
415 472-4962

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800 869-0497


F-Pro Shift Spring

950 / 990 KTM - all years


1-2 hours to install

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950 / 990 Installation Instructions
Time: 1-2 hours - need 32mm and 46mm socket and impact wrench ...................

 46mm / 3/4" / 6 point socket      $24.95
Note: it's 3/4" drive.
950 / 990 KTM crankshaft nut socket

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 32mm / 1/2" / deep / 6 point socket      $29.95
950 / 990 KTM clutch nut socket
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A new bike "snicks" between each gear, sweetly.
The stock shift spring wears out, gets soft and ends up delivering poor action, indistinct shifts and occasional unexpected false neutrals. The flaccid shifting 950 syndrome.

The F-Pro spring
Virtually eliminate missed shifts and false neutrals.

This bike has kind of lazy shift action. Not what you want when Super Motard racing or jumping those doubles or splitting that lane.

A customer told me that "Yeah, it doesn't shift nicely, I just boot it when it's important that  I don't miss a shift.".

Our opinion is that if you nudge the bike out of one gear, it ought to go into the next gear.

 The stock shifting, on some bikes, can be sketchy under even recreational use.
Some individual bikes, more than others, have a propensity for false neutrals and missed shifts in critical situations.

Changing the oil can make, maybe a 10% difference and perhaps moving the lever up or down can make a 10% difference - and this shift spring kit is something like an 80% difference.
In other words, use any old oil and have your lever set almost anywhere realistic and it will probably still shift well.

Factory Pro can massage your shift mechanism back into a "sick, snick, snick"  shifting transmission.

Virtually eliminate missed shifts and false neutrals.
Installation: About 1-2 hours - requires clutch basket removal and replacement. Perfect time to install? When your water pump seal goes bad......

Close to San Francisco? We can install - Then we can take pictures for an installation sheet

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clutch cover gasket
pn: 60030025000
950 / 990 KTM - all years


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Carburetor Tuning Kits / Carb Kit / jet jetting kit

CRB-KT09-1.1-ti    $99.95
Adventure, SM and Super Enduro R

Will have 165, 168, 170, 172, 175, 178 main jets as options. Includes the 45 pilots that you will need if your float height is right for your bike.
The Factory pro kit was the first kit that worked well. Without  witchcraft. Either keep the hoses stock or vent them directly into the airbox (where they should be) - Really - there's nothing odd about the way the carbs work - but people sure make them mysterious.
It took years for "them" to realize that float height made a difference. And we knew that on "day one". $100 for the  complete 950 kit.

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The World's Most Cost Effective, Recommended jet kit for the 950.

A true, drop-in kit with nice Titanium needle set and stainless steel allen screws.  Boosts power a bit at top when the best main is installed, or 2-3 true hp everywhere, improves throttle response and wheelie ability. Definitely pulls harder and nicely fills in the well known "softness" at low rpm and cruise -

Our kits contain the ability to tune  with a large range of main jets from #158 to #182.

This kit was tested with stock exhaust (better throttle response even with the nice, quiet stock exhaust) and Akrapovic exhaust, both with and without the Akra "restrictor" -

No slide drilling.

It seems that some original bikes may have come with differing main jets sizes - For example - our "stock" bike "came with" 158fr/162rr main jets,  though, reports from the field say that most bikes have 155fr/160rr main jets when stock.
The SM model is coming with the same jetting as the late Adventure (July 2006)

If you have any additional bits of information, tips or tricks about the 950, email us at the address to the right -

Each bike is different and will require slightly different settings to be optimal. Nobody can ace jetting from 1000 miles away.

Most DB Killers lose a lot of power.

Movie and sound

Tools : diagnostic and setting

TL-float height gauge

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The only way to accurately measure float heights. Works on nearly every carburetor.
Click here for float height adjustment procedures.

Education Hints:
(rewrite Aug 2, 2005, Marc Salvisberg)

Our 950 kit was designed with unmodified air vents and will, more than likely, "drop-in" and work well for the greatest majority of bikes at suggested settings at sea level to about 2000 ft. Above 2000 ft, reduce mains one size, lean out the float height 1/2mm and use stock size pilots to start.

Rule of thumb: for every 1500ft elevation, drop the main jet 1 size and fuel screw a bit.

Now...... aside from the fact that our 950 kit, at suggested starting settings,  was designed to run with stock air tube venting...........


In general with carbs and airboxes.......

Failure to maintain identical airbox/float bowl pressure can cause the bike to be pickier to a lesser or greater extent about crosswinds, air filter cleanliness and altitude changes. (The 950's not very fussy except at part throttle, though).

If the carb vents are inside the airbox, "downstream" of the air filter, as the air filter gets clogged (extremely dirty condition), the float bowl and carb bore pressure differential pressures remain relatively equal and the fuel metering remains relatively constant (magic balance act).
If the carb vents are outside the airbox, the float bowl pressure remains at ambient, outside pressure. As the air filter gets VERY dirty, the carb bore pressure drops and the lower pressure (vacuum) "sucks" more fuel up into the carb bore, making it richer - It's like putting your hand over part of the carb throat.
2 things - It's theoretically better to keep the air pressures the same and you probably will look at your air filter often enough to not get VERY clogged.

Now - in the real world, where KTM already DID route the vent tubes externally and all the original jetting was based on that routing, is there a burning NEED to route the vents internally?
No - not really -
It's a small advantage for a couple above mentioned reasons, when one looks at it from a "perfect" point of view -

When looking at it from a practical point of view, you'll have to change many carb settings to attain perfect jetting when you change hose routing. The differences in optimal jetting are different enough to get people to change pilot jets, float heights (you know what float height affects in jetting?) and mains, maybe even main air jets.

That's not even counting the fact that I can have 2 identical bikes here - one that takes /2 needle position to run best in the midrange and another that takes /4!

So - if it was mine (and I LIKE tinkering), I'd do "hose internal" and wheedle and deedle my heart out, tuning -

If you called up and asked what to do?
I'd keep the vent hoses vented externally. Get rid of the air injection and charcoal canister for offroad use and RIDE! 





Factory Pro 950 Adventurer Products available at:
(added as dealer comments submitted)

Just installed the KTM 950 jetting kit and it works perfectly.  Thank you very much, your work is spot on as always. 
Paul Perkins
European Accessories
331 W. Cambridge Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85003
(P)602.277.3727   (F)602.277.3268
(2004, May 12)

Adventure Machines
1157 West Smith Road
Bellingham, WA 98226

Factory Pro KTM products in Germany
Pfaelzer Str. 77
46145 Oberhausen


  Green: Akrapovic exhaust and stock jetting

 Blue: Akrapovic exhaust with quiet core and Factory Pro jet kit

 Red: Akrapovic exhaust with NO quiet core and Factory Pro jet kit

This is TRUE HP scale!
For dynojet HP: Multiply True x 1.15 to 1.20
for superflow: Multiply True x 1.20 to 1.25
For fuchs: Multiply True x Oh heck! - YOU try to figure it out!

Next time buy an EC997 Eddy Current dyno from us and avoid the conflict.


These dyno companies are fluffing the hp number up higher than the True HP numbers and are vying for the distinction of exaggerating the most so that inexperienced dyno purchasers will buy their dynos instead of just displaying the amount of power delivered to the rear wheel...
(In our own opinion - and our opinion is based on other dyno company facts - You may ask... "Hi Marc - How do you REALLY feel??"  :-)
read page 2 and 3

True HP Scale: The Universal HP Scale



This first email is from a bike at 6000 ft elevation

2007 July 12

I have read with interest (?) the various Adv Rider threads on jetting the 950. I have continued to work with your needles in my 2006 Supermoto. I am pretty happy with performance based on only my seat of the pants dyno. I have worked through 12 different settings generally trying to follow your step by step instructions. I must admit that, even after 30+ years of fooling with mc carbs, I cannot be 100% sure if I am experiencing a lean or rich condition. I have fooled with side draft cv carbs quite a bit. I never found them to be so difficult to diagnose—whether on single cyl dirt bikes or 4 cyl street bikes. Is there something about the down drafts which makes them harder to “read”?
(Marc: I'd guess that it's the engine that makes the rich/lean diagnosis tough, more than the carb)

I run the following and would appreciate any comments you might have:


Mains 160/155 ( I have been up to 180/175 and back down)

Pilots 45 (tried the 42’s and had major surge)

Needles FP#2 with small shim under/thick on top of clip (tried #3)

Fuel screws .75/.5 turns out (biggest difference in eliminating surge)

I run Akro slip ons with quiet inserts IN, “Sommers door” mod, snorkel in, stock paper air filter and no prefilter. I live and ride mostly at
6,000-7,000 feet but have ridden the bike extensively at sea level, with the above set up, in relatively cool (50 deg. F) weather.

The bike pulls very cleanly from low rpm, idles great, 40+ mpg and generally is a joy to ride. I am concerned that I am so far off your recommendations as to main jet and fuel screws. Any thoughts?
(Marc: You did a great job.)

Thanks in advance for your help!

George Smith

From: "nsnowlin" <nsnowlin@sbcglobal.net>
To: "Marc Salvisberg" <factory2@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: Re: KTM 950 Adventurer Tuning
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 16:38:15 -0500

You can tell them that YOUR kit works everywhere.  I just returned from Colorado with the 950, where I managed to crash on all sorts of rock ledges.  It always started and ran perfectly.  On top of Mosquito pass (13,100 feet) it ran as well as it did at 850 feet at home., EXCEPT, I should have put 42 pilots in rather than the 45s for that altitude, but it still ran cleanly.  That bike is a great big dirt bike and I was doing stuff on it that I normally would only do on my 450 EXC.  It did it and crashes only left me with minor cosmetic damage.  Try that on any other street bike!
----- Original Message ----- From: "Marc Salvisberg"
To: "nsnowlin"
Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2004 9:03 AM
Subject: Re: KTM 950 Adventurer Tuning

BTW - We are just now selling kits to large German KTM specialist company (I just saw in our ordering queue)

General Technical Support


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