Engine dynamometer tuning facts

Some companies tell you to buy their fuel injection "box" and tell you that all you need to do is go to their website and download the "perfect map", made for your exhaust system and life will be peachy.....

Factory Pro is not one of them.
Proper tuning is proper tuning.
Sloppy tuning is, well, "non-optimal".

The rest of us have already figured out that each bike is potentially "an individual" and a map that worked well on one r6 with a HappyDromo exhaust system - may of may not work well on another R6 with the same exhaust system. What's that mean you you?
Well, it means that even though we made a map for "Jeff's" FZ-1 and it was perfect (according to Jeff), it was too rich at cruise for another guy's FZ-1 (according to the other guy who tried Jeff's bike's map).
Each bike is an individual.

Those "canned maps" were usually only blanket "tuned to some Air Fuel Ratio" (AFR) - and not tuned to the AFR at each rpm and throttle position that the engine actually ran the smoothest at OR made best power - they were only tuned to dealership level, lowest common denominator, "tuned to an AFR" scheme - which is usually better than "untuned", but you'll rarely, if ever, get smoothest running at cruise, silkiest part throttle at high rpm or best mileage with simplistic "AFR" tuning goals.

EC997 Dyne Systems:
When it comes down to getting absolutely the most performance from an engine, many items should be adjusted - and Factory Pro's EC997 Low Inertia dynos, with their adaptive Load Control and Multi-gas EGA's are the most direct path to optimal performance and Tuning to Best Power and Engine Smoothness.

All engine dyno tests are conducted using the EC997 System and under Load for 5-7 seconds at a time (preventing engine overheating) - and not a silly "4th gear whack" on a 900lb roller.
The common dealership dyno's ~900 lb drive roller is equivalent to about a 400 - 450lb bike and rider combination and utterly disregards real world wind drag loading - so - those dealership level dynos are great if you want to tune your bike for best running without a rider, in 4th gear, downhill, drafting a semi, as long as you only wanted to be kinda close to right, by only tuning to some "magic" AFR.

Instead of a simple O2 sensor giving "AFR" values that may of may not be correct - or even what the engine wants, the EC997 systems feature Reatime HP readout and a multi-gas analyzer that provides multiple hints and clues about what the tuner might do to richen, lean or advance or retard ignition timing.

Advanced tuning for race  and trackday bikes could include, at additional cost, adjusting cam timing for best powerband, custom velocity stack work to dial in the perfect stack lengths, fuel comparisons.

In the end - the EC997 is the path to:
Best Power under load (like the real world)
Silkiest on/off and nicest "just crack the throttle open a teeny bit" as in "exiting a corner".
Smoother at part throttle cruise (get rid of the in-town "burbles" in 2nd gear)
Better mileage at cruise ("AFR tuning" can do a poor job of cruise mapping)


We charge more than the dealership dyno guys - but we have almost 40 years worth of tuning, engine building, racing experience to draw from.
Typical tuning costs for a Teka 4 or Power Commander, for example, is $275 to $375 and that covers all dyno testing, many map changes, a copy of the dyno graphs.

If you are wondering about the price and want to understand the difference between good, clean and efficient tuning, you should call - the shop is 415 472 4962 or, if it's complicated, to talk to Marc, the number is 415 491 5920.

Frankly, I can't see paying close to the same amount of money for a dealership level dyno's "tune to an air fuel ratio" marketing scheme and leave power, smoothness and mileage, not as good as it could be.

We've done testing / tuning / product  for:
4&6 Cycle Racing (they have an EC997)
Attack Racing (R6's, R1 Formula Extreme)
Belgarda Yamaha  (99-01 R6)
Michael Barnes (if you need a rider who can ride "anything" wickedly quickly....)
Trey Batey (gsxr)
Blackfoot Racing (gsxr1000, gsxr600 (Bazzaz (actually an EFI Technologies) ecu)
Dave Deveau (winner 1989 AMA 600SS,cbr600, Kat600, gsxr750)
Evens Brassfield (vn1500, Cruiser magazine)
Jason DiSalvo (250gp)
Colin Edwards (Honda cbr600, record 5 amateur AMA National Daytona Championships)
Eric Elvin (the only rider who made 2 AMA holeshots and stopped 2 races, too)
Vick Fasola (a great tuner)
Jimmie Felice (zx6rr with the secret needles at Mid Ohio - or "How we learned to stop listening to people about how "MJN" needles worked and figured it out ourselves")
John Fryer (AFM #1)
Matt Green (AFM Ducati winner)
Jamie Hacking (Kinkos Kaw zx6r)
Jeff Hagen (R1)
Lennie Hale (AFM R6)
Shawn Higbee (HD mostly)
Jake Holden (gsxr750)
Mark Junge (many Suzuki, has his own EC997)
Can't say........
Mert Lawill (HD Streettracker project)
Tony Lupo (yzf750, gsxr750)
John Jacobi (Suzukis)
Robert Jensen (World Suzuki Cup Champion, Yam, Suzuki, has his own EC997)
Bruce Lind (tz250)
Geoff May (Suzuki 1000)
Mark McDaniel (cbr600, gsxr600, gsxr750)
Dean Mizdal (gsxr750 and some endurance bike with FCR's at Mid Ohio w/ 14mm float height)
Jimmy Moore (gsxr750)
Rich Oliver (tz250)
Larry Pegram (Ducati)
Ian Pero (World Suzuki Cup winner 87, gsxr 750 and 1000)
Doug Polin (Suzuki 750)
Jason Pridmore (Kinkos Yamaha and Kawasaki)
Jim Randolph (gsxr600, gsxr750)
Steve Rapp (Corona gsxr1000 F Xtreme)
Ricci Motorsports (has their own EC997)
Sadowski's, Dave and son (Suzuki's)
Safety First Racing
Marc Salvisberg (Infineon lap record holder, 81)
Mike Smith (gsxr's)
E Sorbo (tz250)
|Chuck Sorensen (factory rs250)
Jeff Tigert (cbr600rr)
Simon Turner (rs250 and tz250)
Vance and Hines (gave them yzf750 tuning specs and parts for Tom Kipp, at Yamaha's request)
Corey West (tz250)
Jim Williams Racing (fzr400 WERA Endurance winner,~89)
Joe Brett Williams (RC30)
Tom Wilson (yzf600, yzf750 WERA A Superstock winner)
Aaron Yates (HD 883 and Suzuki 750)
Yoshimura (carb kits in the early 90's)

I did the list off the top of my head - so if I missed you, email me - Thanks - Marc

Feedback  (email here to add yours)

retuned KRT "kit" ECU, pipe, stacks and EC997 tuning

March 26, 2009, Eric Frech wrote:

Hi Marc,


My bike is now crazy fast!  I’m going to have to drop a couple of teeth off the back sprocket; it pulls so hard off of the turns that it’s hitting the rev limiter before I get to the next turn.  It’s more like riding my GSX-R1000; the thing is spinning the tire and doing wheelies all over the place.  Probably the best thing, though, is the throttle response; it’s so much smoother coming off idle and rolling on out of the turns.  I know that’s all about the mapping.



















Absolutely NO carb parts sold in California.

New and improved
Suzuki Teka SFI 2
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Finally - Quick, easy, cost effective Suzuki tuning with no expensive "add-on boxes"
Suzuki cruisers and sportbikes

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