Yamaha's R1's are some of the sweetest handing, best looking literbikes ever made.

I managed a Yamaha dealership years ago and it's been great to see Yamaha hit the nail on the head, with the one of the most awesome looking, sweetest handling sportbikes made. Am I biased, maybe a little bit.

Unleash your bike's power and control

Pro Power Flash


It runs with more power down in lower gears. I will let u know how top end does. I have not got it in the upper gears yet.
Max C.
June 2016
Proven Power

Factory Pro Power Flash
(for non CA bikes)

04-06 R1 specific

Change rev limiter. (13,750 is stock)
Remove / modify speed limiters. (f present)
Modify ignition timing (our own electronic TRE) based on Factory Pro AMA tuning experience.
Modify Secondary Throttle set up - retain good lowend and better mid.

Much better low and mid w our Trackday flash.

Trackday Flash
reg $425

 Special $375
mail in to Factory Pro - call 415 883-5620

Get your trackday flash and custom trackday tune at Wheelsmith in San Rafael CA.
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SUPERFLARE Billet Velocity Stacks


1. Choose your shipping method

800 869-0497


Excellent transaction, fast shipping a+ stacks are perfect with nice gains
2007 05 23




Billet Superflare V Stacks

Use with the stock airbox and any air filter.

Using the Realtime Power and Realtime 4 gas displaying EC997 dyne system,
we've painstakingly developed this EASILY installed induction system modification that
better power with stock cams than any other stacks on the market today -
and it's....
F-USA proven
True HP

No internal engine mods - no power "commander" - just good tuning procedures
to develop the products and an
EC997 dyne system that will allow optimal tuning for you!!!!


From Marc Salvisberg's Factory Pro - the same people who supplied Belgarda Yamaha -
the same people who produced the only aftermarket carbureted R6 stacks in the world,
the only people who made 98-01 R1 stacks at all and the only people who made cost
effective cbr600rr, 929 and 954 injection molded stacks, too......
Did I mention Roadracing World's STOCK engine 114.7 djhp zx6 - on pump premium fuel?

Beautiful Billet inlet trumpets with more power and that BEAUTIFUL,
joyful intake sound........ and did I mention 4-5 upper midrange TRUE hp????

Did I mention to you that your R1 will absolutely SNARL at high rpm with these stacks???
Did I mention that it's easier to pull away from a stop?
Did I mention more lowend power?

Red (best!) Factory Pro V Stax BMC RACE filter Yosh slipon
 (very good!)
Factory Pro V Stax stock air filter Yosh slipon
(close to stock power)
competitor aftermarket plastic V Stax stock air filter Yosh slipon


 base with stock stacks stock air filter Yosh slipon

Velocity Stack Feedback
December 13, 2006
Dear Factory Pro,
I would like to congratulate you on your excellent work.

My name is Stavros and I own the Yamaha official dealership in a Greek town, Xanthi.

I would like to ask you if the Vstacks with part number RA-VEL-Y77-8989, are compatible with the new Yamaha FZ1 model 2006. (YES, Marc) I would also like to know when are going to be ready for sale the new VStacks for the YZF-R6 model 2006.

I prepared a YZF-R1 2005 for circuit use only and the modifications I made on it were, full titanium Termignoni exhaust, gasket head by Y.E.C., STD Vstacks and a power commander USBIII. I dynoed the R1 and the hp diagram was not satisfactory at all, too many "ups and downs", not linear. After that I changed the STD Vstacks with yours and the difference was PHENOMENAL.
The entire hp diagram was completely linear and I gained
6hp at the top end of the R1.

I once again I would like to thank you for the excellent job.

With Regards Stavros Andreadis, Greece.

My website is: www.yamaha-andreadis.gr
My telephone number is: 00302541027762
My fax number is: 00302541073192

May 12, 2006
From: "Jeff " <jbradxxxxd@enterprise-solutions.ca>
To: "'Marc Salvisberg'" <marc@factorypro.com>
Subject: RE: Question for item #4632876540 - Velocity Stacks, 6 pc. Yamaha R1,04-06 - not graves
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 13:08:14 -0400
HI Marc,
Install was easy as 123, took 30 min tops. Remapped immediately for full Termignoni system with graves stacks (there isn't a map I could find for factory pro stacks on dynojet's website lol!) and stock or aftermarket air filter. (I'm running BMC high flow race filter) Any chance you have a map for my particular setup?

After installing, I went out for a quick jaunt down the street to see how she behaved, it'd be hard to notice an extra couple of ponies when there's so much grunt already, but what I did notice was how smooth the power-band rolls on now. It used to be pretty docile until about 8-9000 rpm then hold the **** on because it all came on at once. Now it rolls on much sooner and so much smoother, to much more predictable and controllable. J

Since I've installed this, I have some interested friends who want to know more. Do you by chance have a setup for a 2005 GSXR 1000? (YES, Marc)
Look forward to hearing back from you soon Marc.

Cheers,  Jeff


August 27, 2005

Well worth the money! Beautiful craftsmanship, perfect fit. Fast shipping! !A++


August 6, 2005

I've recently added a set of your Factory Pro Velocity Stacks to my 04 r1 and wow. Following the advice of your website, I also added a BMC race filter.
I'm not sure what the outcome is on the dyno because I'm waiting to get a exhaust first. But as of right now, my bikes power kicks in with more power at a much
lower rpm and continues almost to the redline. It wheelies in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and gets very light on the front end in 4th. On the (dynojet) dyno my bike put out consistent
150's, I can't wait to have it redone. Also with the information on your website, I have been introduced to a different type of dyno machine. No more Dynojet for me.
There is a shop in my city (Richmond, VA) that has a dyno machine w/ an eddy brake. I will keep you posted with the results. I might just get it dynoed to see
if the power I feel is real or is it all in my mind.

thanks for the info - Redline

Over The Limit MC  -  Richmond, VA


Independent testing confirms R1 Factory Pro test results
Motolab - Redwood City's #1 Factory Pro Tuning Center - Redwood City, CA -
(650) 363-0535
Test results - click here


We have seen the best power increases from bikes tuned on EC997 dynos, as used by Factory Pro Tuning Centers and F-USA. The Centers can
custom tune your R1's pc3 to "Best Power" settings - guaranteeing best fuel delivery rate as opposed to dealership level dynos that tune to an "a/f ratio".
Not required for these stacks - but, for any optimal tuning, with any products, "Best Power" tuning beats "a/f ratio" every time.
Factory Pro Tuning Center locations

Factory Pro stacks RED
 BLUE baseline: Stock stacks

Compare to dj dyno designed stacks: (Pay less and get less.)

We have more lowend AND topend and with a bit of proper fuel tweaking - you can make 8000 rpm 2-3
True HP better than stock - for 2 to 6 True HP better power through most of the powerband instead of
"here and there" improvements!

 The choice is yours .

 (ours aren't heat sensitive, plastic or warped, either :-)

The slight dip at 8000 is because it's 5.6% CO, instead of 3.5% to 4% CO. Definitely tuneable for "no dip" -
The fact that the bike makes good power at low CO% means that it is a very efficient running engine.

That's the result of one easy accessory (our R1 V Stacks)  and final tuning at a
Factory Pro Tuning Center.

Test results: Production FPT Y77 v stacks and STOCK exhaust - even more topend on a second bike.

This is with stock exhaust and NO power commander - ALL tuning done with the stock ecm using Yamaha supplied
tuning procedures and using a
Realtime- High speed EC997 Factory Pro Dyne system with realtime
professional level digital 4 Gas Exhaust Gas Analyzer.

(NOT possible with common dealership level technology of "M 250" "A/F Ratio" tuning.)

141+ True HP with stock exhaust system.
(and 160 to 170 djhp, depending on which dj dyno you use!)

All HP figures are calibrated and SAE corrected
TRUE, loaded Brake HP
Our HP figures are NOT dealership level 250 dyno inertia hp.
 Add 18% to 23% to get dj or superflow "numbers" as in "average" 158djhp to 168 superflow hp........
The above listed "RA-VEL-Y77-8989" is designed for use with stock camshafts -
Aftermarket cams will require lobe center adjustments/tuning and perhaps the below Tuner's Kit to figure out the optimum intake track length - Belgarda Yamaha used our R6 V Stack Tuner's kit in their super quick carbureted R6's and they had 20mm to 45mm in steps of 5mm to work with...
It's not suggested use dealership level dynos to do involved work -
Best to find an EC997 dyno near you.


Factory Pro Engine Covers w/ Integrated Frame Sliders (Factory Pro patented)

And here are the pictures that a good salesperson
wouldn't show you....

Bought aftermarket R1 engine covers before you saw the Factory Pro covers? Shucks!
$50 tradein on non-slider equipped covers in good condition towards the price of the Factory Pro Integrated Slider Cover set at regular $189.95 price.
click here to email for info

R1 Factory Pro Billet Engine Cover set
w/ Integrated Sliders
(pat #6,637,737)

Factory Pro includes the patented, integrated, easily replaceable
 "frame slider" into the strongest part of the bike - the engine crankcases,
for the best protection.

RH side helps add additional protection to the vulnerable clutch throwout
 mechanism that tends to gets hit in a slow "low side" - even with upper frame
sliders installed.

Add more protection to your bike - safety first!

Beautiful, too!

Compare to other manufacturers' billet covers,
these units feature additional AMA, F-USA and WERA Pro proven,
patented "slider" protection .


(RH gasket not included, LH side has reusable o-ring)

International buyers will be billed $44 additional for shipping

Yes - they are more expensive than Graves, but these include lower
frame sliders for more protection.
Install notes, click here

tr_logo_white.gif (14715 bytes)


Call 800 869-0497 to order!

(Note: inexpensive plastic stack on right)    :-)  
The Factory Pro Billet V Stacks simply flow more air and have exquisite intake charge timing!




filter 1 - 04 16 04 filter 1 - 04 16 04 filter 2 - 04 20 04

Replacement Air filters with rubber frames - "performance" air filters from franchised dealers:
Potential problem: Be sure to check! This air filter seems to be made out of a semi-flexible rubber-like substance that is prone to cracking
at the edges. If you have one, make sure you inspect it regularly - as this one was cracked in a few places when new. Customer returned it to
franchised dealer. The second replacement filter was also cracked into the flat panel area of the filter - past the vertical flange.
If the cracks extend past the outer vertical portion, like this one, it's possible to allow unfiltered air to bypass the filter.
The solution to that problem would have been to use a more costly, stronger, injection molded plastic, (like stock Japanese filter and BMC filter)
instead of cheaper, cold pourable rubber.
If they make it more flexible - it will rip and if made stiffer - it will crack - The BMC filter is a high quality, injection molded plastic and is the
preferred filter to use.
email: Marc
revised: August 9, 2004
original: July 16, 2004

Have Factory Pro products? Have a pic? Want to submit a good picture for this page?
Pics with Factory stickers go on top!!!
email here!

Leroy Maclou
Perth, Western Australia

Souhaib B's Factory Pro V Stacks equipped R1
December 2005


Billet Cover Installation right side
(lh cover just comes off with torx screws and is replaced)

The right side cover and slider, installed.
What it looks like when the cover is removed.

Note that there is a small pin missing - It was where my finger is - It's still in the cover you just took off.

(ok - you probably won't notice that the pin's missing, only that that long black thing slipped down from "somewhere")

The pin is the lower locator for the front cam chain guide. The guide will slip down an inch or so when you take off the cover (and pin) - nothing weird happens - the cam chain doesn't jump time or derail itself.
(unless  you  neglect to put the pin back and start the engine.....errr... "try" to start the engine)

Just take the pin out of the cover and line up the black "5VY" guide's hole with the engine case's guide hole and slip the pin through the cam chain guide and into it's case hole.

FYI - Figure that every time you install the pin and the cover, then pull the cover back off, the pin will stay sucked into the cover's blind hole and you'll have to take it back out and put it back into the cam chain guide and engine.
That usually happens when you are trying to line up a loose gasket.
Hint: glue the gasket to the cover with a little bit of light sealant.

All that being said:

It's a 30 minute job -

(you knew that this was coming)

If you do not reinstall the cam chain guide pin or pins, you WILL destroy your engine.

That being said, if you have ANY questions, any confusion, any grey fog of insecurity - STOP.
Everything. Now.

Pick up the phone and call us 415 883-5620
or at least call a qualified Yamaha engine builder.




Here's what happens when people can't post (like the R1 forum)..... and threads wander into vagaries and conjecture...... and limited in input.

Here's the link to a thread.....


And here's the responses to some of the statements and questions.....

The Storm: Just got my new Factory Pro v stacks in today with the new BMC Filter
and holy cow look at the size diff!

(now, skip to the bottom and see the last Blue quote, first!)

LDHR1:torque my friend torque..
unseen response: Different bike models respond to different velocity stack lengths and shapes. In "general" shorter = higher rpm power focus and longer = lower rpm power.
In the 04-06 R1 (and the 02-03 R1's, too), any shorter stacks made less power everywhere - and the longer we made the stacks, the more power the engine made, everywhere - until we got too close to the top of the airbox. I backed off 5mm and that made best upper mid and top and low. Shortening the stacks only made less power in the upper mid and helped nothing more at any rpm.

Wheatman: Graves make better power in the midrange...
unseen response: And you know that... because you did a comparison test? I DID do a comparison test. That statement certainly doesn't jive with anything I've ever done or anything that I've ever heard from a user who rode his bike and had the 2.

JG1: I'm so confused with the whole Graves vs. Factory Pro thing. I have the Graves, FWIW
unseen response: Getting information from the internet where only some people can post anything they feel like for any reason they want, will do that.

Wheatman: Ram air on the 04/05 R1 seems to starve #2/3 cylinders of air so the Graves design equals the air flow.
Unseen response: And that statement came from what test? As it doesn't seem to be replicated in the real world testing. Actually - the air properties inside the airbox is rather chaotic - BUT - the air pressure is essentially equal at any point in time throughout the airbox - The airflow's certainly not flow directed at a pair of cylinders. Otherwise Yamaha would have fixed it.

D207G: Factory helped Graves design their stacks. I had the Graves on my 2002 R1, but am going to try the Factory set for the '04.
unseen response: Thanks for the credit, but not quite true. If I was paid to develop something for an outside company, I would do my best to do a good job for them or not take the job. Because we've been tuning AND designing dyne systems AND building reasonably competitive AMA Supersport bikes (one AMA 600cc Supersport win!).... We do development for other companies, including some exhaust companies, camshaft manufacturers, cylinder head gurus - and if I had decided to do a particular job, it would have to be a job that we were also not making or planning to make ourselves. With stacks, we started out making the velocity stacks for Belgarda Yamaha's World 600 Supersport program. They were similar to Yamaha's stacks (that's what they wanted), but instead of making only 1 length of 35mm, we made 20mm to 45mm in steps of 5mm for them. They had the fastest carbureted R6's in the world at the time. The only similarity of any of our stacks to the Graves stacks were the 03-04 R6 stacks - and there was only 1 way to make them in one piece. We subsequently made the proper 2 piece Superflares, which work better than the one piece stacks (theirs and ours).

 LESTAT77: Anyone have a true comparison on the two. I'm in the same situation. Which one to get.
unseen response: Ahhh!!! Voice of reason!

(referring to the EC997 dyno charts posted at factorypro.com using a Yoshimura slipon) "That dyno unfortunately doesn't help at all. You cannot compare a standard bike to a bike with exhaust AND stacks, to tell anything on the effect of the stacks themselves. We need a dyno showing the difference "before/after"
Unseen response: It shows a typical USA R1. The BASE test was with stock header pipe with slipon, stock stacks and stock air filter - and not an aftermarket full system that may or may not have + or - effects on the stock powerband. If there was a large difference in improvements with a stock exhaust and I saw it at one time or another, I'd print it. Using a completely stock exhaust, and the FP stacks, according to other people who have tested the Factory Pro R1 stacks seems to indicate a rather huge improvement at 7000 rpm, but it's so huge, that I won't print it. I'll let someone else print it.

 Lestat77:You have two different designs. I think the Factory pro stacks would help a lot more with midrange and you would lose a lot more with the top end. The graves you will gain some mid range, but only lose a little in the top end. Guess, it depends on what your really looking for.
From what I understand velocity stacks don't produce more HP but move the power band in the RPM range. Shorter stacks are better for top end power and longer stacks are better for midrange/low end. Yamaha actually increased the midrange on their 05 R6's by making the middle stacks longer. Just like the Graves set up, but they made up for the top end loss by making the throttle bodies bigger. Still would be nice to see a back to back comparison on the dyno.
Unseen response: RE the R1 stacks: logical idea, but neither the FP stacks, nor the Graves stacks should lose power when it's measured under load on a dyno or when riding. As far as stacks go, yes, you can make more power. It's not always the airflow, it's the ability of the stack to create a timed or tuned resonance of air pressure that cleverly overfills the combustion chamber to above atmospheric pressure across a desired rpm band (like a supercharger does across the rpm band), but obviously, if there's "above atmospheric pressure" in the cylinder, it's going to flow back out the intake port. The trick is to make the stack exactly the right length and inner diameter so that it makes the pressure boost at exactly the point in time that the intake valves closes. Instant extra compression! Yes, for those who extrapolate from that, you can change the cam's intake valve closing point to match the existing stacks better, too.

snoopface: d207, where did you get this BS from. sounds like a typical factory mark story.
(this was regarding us designing stacks for Graves from up above)
unseen response: Ouch!!  Zing!  :-) Since we had nothing to do with designing Grave's stacks.... Hmmm..... Lets' do some analysis here..... Is this a common feeling you have about others. How long have you felt this way. If we did it, then we did it. If we didn't do it, well, then we didn't do it. Don't feel much like saying we did it if we didn't. I don't do everything perfectly, but what I've done... I've done - and if I print it, I'm pretty darned sure about it. If you get results different from what I got, then there's a reason for the difference. You may not LIKE the reason why your results might be "different" from my results, but 37+ years of doing this with many different engines, quite a few different dynos, being a relatively quick, top 3 club roadracer, being down the street from cam designers, cylinder head gurus, top ranked AMA teams, ran our own AMA Supersport team (one win!) says that just maybe, I might know what I'm talking about.
An open mind is a terrible thing to waste! 

Juerg: This is interesting, at is would contradict the popular theory that the dip is caused by an intended closing of the exup valve, to meet noise emission requirements.
(that's in regard to Sportrider's dyno test of the stacks - using, in my observation, poor test procedures, that showed a huge midrange increase in power, that we never got when we tested using more controlled test procedures.)
The longer tubes seem to prevent a resonance problem on the intake side.
(not from my testing!)
It also is interesting because there is no gain (contrary to what factorypro is pretending on their graph) in peak performance.
(yes, using poor test loading, they got a huge midrange improvement and poor topend improvement and that's different from what we got or what people who use the FP stacks when riding experience. I should send my cousin Bruno over from Bern. He's fairly experienced! :-)

I now am curious to see a similar comparison using Graves stacks
(Factory Pro TRIED to get Sportrider to compare the stock, Graves and Factory Pro stacks and post the results. Ask Andy at Sportrider. I'd imagine that the Graves stacks would show less midrange improvement and probably no loss of topend using equally poor dyno test procedures. Of course, from rider feedback and our EC997,loaded power tests, I don't really agree with the Sportrider Superflow dyno testing anyway, so it's all pretty moot. Actually, Sportrider's dyno hp numbers don't relate much to anybody else's dyno hp numbers.

Juerg: True! Almost every change will have some impact, those systems have to be seen as a whole. Nice curve anyway! Comparing with Sport rider however, my guess is that you are rather seeing the impact of the air filter and not the stacks.
Unseen response: Hmm...... First, you wanted a test with the stock exhaust and only changing the stacks - Now, you want a test with all the parts? I change the air filter to a BMC RACE and get 1ish hp improvement after the FP stack dyno test (it's on our site) and somehow you don't believe that, but you believe some well meaning magazine journalist who's "whacking the throttle on in 4th gear on a dyno test with hardly any load" dyno chart? And your guess is that it's the air filter? If anybody reads that, they will figure that installing a BMC RACE filter will add 4-5 hp? I say that the BMC's worth 1, maybe 2, depending on wandering dealership level dyno test procedures.

And the Last post from the original poster??

The Storm:
I have Finally had a chance to ride the bike after the stacks and air filter and the bike pulls like mad earlier than before and never lets up!!
The biggest difference I've felt is that you don't get that big hit on the power it's just a lot more smooth on the delivery NOT LESS just earlier and SMOOTHER!!!


Well, there you go. A smattering of good questions, a lot of well meaning internet banter, some internet suppositions, a bit of internet amateur to professional animosity, internet rumor and internet bad info...
My summation?
The Storm rode his bike and it works better - just like we said it would and an EC997 dyno showed (but unlike what a dynojet clone dyno said)
The lowend and midrange are improved. (as predicted and we expected)

It's smoother. (that's what happens when all 4 cylinders pull evenly)
It doesn't drop off in power. (once again, proving Sportrider's R1 dyno test procedures were funky) 



Here's the

Z1 CycleTech | Performance Parts and Accessories for the Hard-core: street and race
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800 869-0497
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415 883-5620

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Factory Pro
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If it's
4pm at Factory Pro it's 9am in eastern Australia.

parts information

EC997 dynamometer information

Product Support /Tech SECTION
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