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Pilot Jets

The affect of pj size change on idle and cruise operation


Greg Johnson wrote:
> I have installed one of your 1.0 jet kits on my R6 and I am coming to the final parts of tuning it.

> It runs well and passes most of the tests as provided on your tuning guide. It does, however, appear to be lean low down, as there is a "hole" when cracking the throttle wide open at below 2500rpm and at high rpm/part throttle, it shows some surging. I have though set the fuel screws, so that it idles correctly and returns to the correct rpm, when the idle is set below 1000rpm and the throttle is blipped.

> To fix the lean patch, is it better to go the next step up in pilot jets, rather than adjust the fuel screw?
> Will upsizing the pilot jet, require re-adjustment of the fuel screw and thus negating some of or all of the gains made by the larger pilot jet?

> Thanks,
> Greg J


Greg - Good diagnosis on the pilot jet size -

As far as the pilot... Look at it this way...

There are 4 outlet holes for the pilot mixture. ~3-4 at the butterfly and one "downstream" of that (for 75% of the idle mixture).

1 hole is controlled by the mixture screw and with the other 3 or 4, max flow is limited by the size of the pilot jet.

At idle, 1 hole (metered by the fuel screw) and 1 un metered hole are open.

At cruise, when the "butterfly" is just "cracked", all 3-4 unmetered holes + the 1 metered one are uncovered -


At cruise, you get those 3 unmetered holes + the metered hole... So, at least 75% of the fuel delivered at cruise is limited by the size of the pilot jet.

At idle, you get 100% of the trimmed 1  hole + a butterfly valve-trimmed amount of the other 3-4 metered holes.

Rule of thumb....
If you go 1 size larger or smaller on the size of the pilot jet, you will change the fuel screw ~1.5x richer or leaner to retain the original idle mixture -

You have a #40 pilot jet installed (with the proper main, needle height and fuel  level already done)  and to get best idle, you are 4.0 turns out (from lightly bottomed out).
Cruise seems lean....

So, I'd expect that I could richen the cruise with 1 size larger (42) pilot jet (size of pj is 75% of cruise mixture) and the "trim" the fuel screw "in" for best mixture for best idle (size of pilot is 25% of idle mixture).

To go back to ~ the same idle mixture, after going from 40 pj/4.0x to the 42........ try 2.5x

40 pj / 4.0x = our reference idle mixture
42 pj / 2.5x = ~ same idle mixture
38 pj /5.5x = ~ same idle mixture (this is a "stretch - after 4.5x, not much changes)

(Using another "rule of thumb", if you have the correct pilot jet, the fuel screw will end up at between 1.5x and 3.0x when set for best idle.)