Wrong car.

We were at Mid Ohio racetrack - Rented a red Jeep Cherokee. During Friday practice, a Pro Thunder racer, Jim Whitaker, and his wife came up and asked if they could borrow the car to go into town to have the racebike's alternator rewound.
I said "Sure, it's a red Cherokee - it's in the parking lot 2 or 3 aisles to the left," and tossed him the keys.
A few hours later he and his wife show back up, looking like they had done something wrong.

"I should have known something was wrong when I had to wiggle the key to open the door lock."
"Well, we found the red Cherokee, put the key in it and had to wiggle it around a little."
"Then, we were driving into town and noticed that you are pretty sloppy, mail and baby stuff in the car, but wait, you don't live around here."
"Then, being nosy, we looked at the mail and noted that the mail was not yours and you don't have a baby. Crap! It's the wrong car!"
"We are driving a stolen car."
"We got the alternator rebuilt and, luckily, we made it back to the track without getting pulled over."

I said "Wow! That's funny - What a coincidence! Who would have thought that there'd be another red Cherokee that had almost the same key in almost the same location at the same racetrack!"
"That" he says, "and wait until he finds his Cherokee 1/4 mile from where he parked it and a $20 bill for gas wedged into the steering wheel because now he's on Empty."