These are the "behind the scenes" pictures, in the Wheelsmith tuning shop.
2010 Triumph Twin "Flattarcker
Ottem, by Hattar Motorsports, tuned July, 2010

Megacycle cams
Ceriani look alike forks
Dual Mikuni HSR 42 carbs
Dual reverse cone megaphone exhaust

Custom monoshock frame
adjastable triple clamps
lightweight wire wheels
Berringer brakes

New 2010 Team Hanson CB350 Roadracer, developed July 2010
Built by Terry Naughton
owner: Newall

Custom frame
Custom dual reverse cone megaphone exhaust
Handmade alloy fuel tank
4 leading shoe front brake
Custom laced wheels
1/2 inverted shocks
Scitzu tachometer
12,000 rpm redline
custom pistons
custom head, cams and valve train
Dual modified Mikuni carbs with "one off" velocity stacks



Mert Lawwill
Limited Production
HD Streetracker
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Lawwill Designs
USA and worldwide 415 435-0782