Config. 10 Carburetor Recalibration Kits

AKA "Supersport Recalibration Kit"

"The kit with the blue instruction sheet"


  • Factory Pro Config. 10 Carb Recalibration Kits
    • Slide drilling not required.
    • Great Performance - proven best driveability since 1988!
    • Largest Application List
    • Easy To Install - no slide drilling!
    • Easy To Tune - precise fuel delivery curve design makes it easiest to tune AND the most likely to be correctly tuned the first time!

crb-#10-pichard.jpg (30323 bytes)

    • Factory Designed - US made!
    • CelMat30 - New, smoother, brighter needle alloy material - Far superior to stainless steel, aluminum or gray coated aluminum!
    • Genuine Mikuni, Keihin, or our own Factory 393K Series jets.  No "weird" jet number scales......
    • Slide springs and pilot jets are supplied, as required in kit design.
    • Irridite Plated Allen Screws - replace original phillips screws in float bowl or carb top as specified.
    • Sturdy, reusable high impact plastic case.
    • Straightforward instructions.
    • Simply the Best TOLL FREE Tech Support in the industry. 1-800-869-0497