Factory Pro's


High Dispersement Jet emulsion tube

for oem off road 39mm and 41mm FCR carbs (and the crf150r, too)

Keihin FCR
emulsion tube

by F Pro

Factory Pro's HDJ emulsion tubes for mx type, original equipment FCR carbs. Not for aftermarket FCR carbs.
Replaces the original  FCR emulsion tube. Makes more power and improves throttle response.

On a test yz250f, we gained 5% to 7% hp at peak.

The FCR secret.

fits Yam, Hon, Suz, Kaw, KTM and others with 49.5mm stock tubes.

oem and F-Pro FCR HDJ emu tubes
 are 49.5mm long

pn: CRZ-EMU-125k

for orig equipment mx type Keihin FCR carbs.
Not for aftermarket FCR carbs.

$79.95 each

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Needle Jet

Fuel Dispersement at part throttle / mid rpm.
(pattern and quality)

HDJ High Dispersal Jet

emutube2.gif (588470 bytes)

emuhidisp.gif (281690 bytes)
Stock needle jet allows fuel to exit in large drops that burn incompletely in the combustion chamber - decreasing power and response. Factory Pro high dispersement jet system.
Maximum power, better response and cleaner running occurs when fuel is sprayed into the engine in a more burnable, atomized mist.