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Keihin FCR
emulsion tube

by F Pro

Factory Pro's HDJ emulsion tubes for mx type, original equipment FCR carbs.
Aftermarket horizontal  FCR carbs

also avail
Downdraft  FCR carbs
Replaces the original  FCR emulsion tube. Makes more power and improves throttle response.

On a test yz250f, we gained 5% to 7% hp at peak and better part throttle.

The FCR secret.

FCR emu tubes

28, 31, 33, 35, 37,39,41mm

pn: CRZ-EMU-125k
  / 036

for orig equipment horizontal mx type Keihin FCR carbs
also for  aftermarket horizontal t FCR carbs.

$79.95 each

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Ducati  748r/rs and 996sps " no miss" chip

 Ducati eprom - Avail. again




Superflare  Billet Velocity Stacks

Vintage Supersport Carb kits

ECU Pro Power flashing

Thx, Marc & Team Factory Pro