Ken Augustine

Ken Augustine

Ken Augustine
Cam Degreeing Pressing Jig


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Precision 32 tooth cam sprocket Cam Degreeing pressing jig

Yamaha "yz", rmx, Kaw kx, Suzuki rmz and  Honda crf

If you do a lot of Yamaha or other 32 tooth cam sprocket single cylinder yz "f" series yz250f, yz450f, yzf250 and yzf450 4 stroke engines, you know it gets tiresome eyeballing magic marker and scribe lines and using your 3 hands trying to line up to try to get "some" cam timing number after you've pressed the cam sprocket on and installed it into the engine and seeing how you did.

Imagine guessing and pressing on the cam sprocket, installing the cam into the engine, measuring the cam timing, testing the power results, then changing the cam timing exactly +2 degrees, testing, then changing it another +2 degrees (to +4 degrees), testing, determining that you preferred +2 - and being able to get right back to +2.  A genuine pain without this precision tool.

Allows repeatable cam timing changes

If you have a cam that you use often, you can install the can sprocket in exactly the same place every time. Excellent if you are a cam grinder or a volume engine builder or just can't tolerate "guessing".

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