Raptor 350 #4030m Extended Fuel Screw

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YFM350 Raptor extended Fuel Screw

#4030m "Long Boy" Extended Fuel Screw
Replaces yamaha #
with a new brass extended fuel screw, new plated spring, new plated washer and new Viton o-ring

Having a hard time adjusting your fuel screw?
Don't have a multi-bend-twisty screwdriver in your pocket to find that "all important for cruise"  Fuel Screw adjustment?

Factory Pro's extended 4030m"Long Boy" Fuel Screw allows the rider to reach in and quickly adjust the fuel screw setting for best cruise and idle quality and temporary adjustments for altitude changes.

Includes new:
#4030m Long Boy pilot fuel screw, new o ring, new washer and new spring

 only $23.99

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