Yamaha Raptor
yfm660r 01-05


Carb Kit

CRB-4Y66-1.0  $89.95
yfm660r  01-05

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FIX that 4700 to 5200 rpm stumble

Factory Pro's nearly 30 years of tuning competition and street carbureted vehicles makes their carburetor kits the logical choice to beef up the already radical Raptor for every weekend warrior out there. 
Factory Pro decided to enter the Quad market and bring that same carburetor tuning technology to the offroad market. 

FIXES that 4700 - 5200 rpm surge problems that stock and dynojet carb kits have.

An EC997 dyno - not a dynojet or Superflow - helped figure that out - So - If you want to actually fix things - use an EC997 Quaddyne dyno.
If you don't care about optimal tuning - don't......

Kits are attractively packaged with short simple instructions for installation and for tuning. If you can clean a set of carbs - you can install this kit. Given a couple of hours, with Factory Pro's attention to design detail, will allow you to dial in your carbs for your new exhaust system!

Extract the most from your Raptor!


Config 30 carb kit with filters
Kit contains High pleat count, correctly spaced Factory Pro BMC air filter set.
BMC Air Filter Systems feature European craftsmanship. Lightweight and elegantly designed, they are easily washable and last years.
Shift Kits

SHFT-STAR-Y45   $129.95

yfm660r Raptor 01-05
yfm700r Raptor 06-12 only

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Well I finally got to ride it this weekend with the new shift star, and wow what a difference it makes. I refuse to believe that some time on a grinder with the stock star could make shifting as nice as this piece. I couldn't miss shift if I tried with this thing. It hit every gear every time. and it did it retarded fast, I would say that in one day alone my shifts got 25% faster, and I know that I could get even more efficient. This shift star also got rid of some of the clunky feeling of the stock shifter. The stock one used to feel like it would catch and then clunk into gear, this one just slips right in, I would say that it is worth the investment 100%!!

F-Pro EVO Shift Star

Makes shifting more positive.  The Shift Star has uniquely shaped peaks and valleys for the quickest shifting.

Suggest installing a new stock Yamaha shift spring when installing new Arm and Star.

It's the F-Pro engine builders secret.

yfz450 04-09
SHFT-EVO-Y45- star only    $149.95
(Evo Shift STAR only)

replaces 4EW-18185-00 star

fits all
yfm7r 06-12

yfm660r 01-05
yfz450 "S"  04-09
yz450f 03-05 *
wr450f 03-06 *
yz426f 00-02 *
wr426f 01-02 *
yz400f 98-99 *

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Stage 2

Evo shift star

Factory Pro designed Shift Star for error free shifting - Virtually eliminates Missed Shifts and false neutrals and internal damage to dogs and forks caused by missed shifts. 

use after Stage 1 kit

detent_arm_5LP_Raptor.jpg (14700 bytes)


yfm660r Raptor 01-05 only
not 700

(add $20 for hybrid ceramic microbearing)

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F-Pro Microbearing Detent Arm

Makes shifting more positive.  The Microbearing Detent Arm removes friction for the quickest shifting.

Suggest installing a new stock Yamaha shift spring when installing new Arm and Star.

It's the Pro engine builders secret.

True Rear Wheel Horsepower tm   Factory EC997a Eddy Current Dynamometer